A framework for dataflow models

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Magne Myrtveit
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A framework for dataflow models

Post by Magne Myrtveit » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:47 pm

Dear all,

Defining a modelling language is a big task, which requires careful thinking at different levels of abstraction. We can easily end up in endless discussions about details, unless we make sure that we first have a shared view of the big picture.

My suggestion is to arrange our topics into an hierarchy, like this:
  1. Pragmatic level
  2. Conceptual level
  3. Syntactic and semantic levels
  4. Lexical level
This approach as worked quite well for me, when defining Dynaplan Smia.

As agreed with Bob (and Karim too), I have written up a summary of dataflowml, my framework for implementing Dynaplan Smia. Here is a link to the document: http://www.myrtveit.com/papers/A_framew ... models.pdf. It will give you an idea how I have worked with the different levels of the language definition, and it also contains many suggestions and recommendations that I think can be worth taking into account in our work.

I have included my definition of "core system dynamics", which is my first attempt to pick the concepts and features that I believe belong to the standard we are working on.

The document also contains a specification of an equations format (model listing), which seems to be missing in the current XMILE specification.

Comments and corrections are welcome. I hope you enjoy the reading.

Best regards,

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