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Re: Forum design

Postby Bill Braun » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:19 am

[quote="Robert Eberlein"]
In firefox there is an RSS icon in the upper right corner - click on that to subscribe. With IE there is an RSS icon on the toolbar. IE sometimes gives a spurious error message but seems to work anyway. For other RSS readers I really don't know.[/quote]

The following appears to be working for Thunderbird:

1. Follow the instructions above.
2. Open the Properties for the feed (I use Firefox)
3. Copy the contents of "Feed Location"
4. Go to Thunderbird, click on "RSS Feeds" (in the folders panel)
5. Click on Manage Subscriptions
6. On the dialogue box that appears, click "Add"
7. Paste the contents from Feed Location (see #3)
8. Click OK

Bill Braun
Bill Braun
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Re: Forum design

Postby Jack Harich » Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:14 am

Solve the open communications problem that has long plagued the Society, and many other problems will solve them self, like the WikiSD. A good, evolving Wiki is a symptom of a group that is communicating, and hence collaborating, productively.

Just my 2 cents….

And of course, congratulations and thanks Bob! Creation of this forum is a seminal event in the long road to maturity of SD.
Jack Harich
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Re: Forum design

Postby Ralf Lippold » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:01 pm

Hi Gene,

That question No. 3 really is my "hot button": there is no single answer to that from my side as I mingle around in several groups that tackle the issue (mainly systems thinking/ system dynamics (unspoken out)).

These are: (focusing on the connection of system dynamics relevant to the business context (in the broadest sense); initiator was the SIG Business Roundtable in Nijmegen 2006 and the fact that my former employer in person of the plant manager at BWM Leipzig has been using ST/SD in practical usage in the the plant - yet not too many people got the connection between theory and practice and I was constantly in the problem solving mode in a complex and evolving environment) (focusing on the issues that Toyota has brought into the discussion, and they are pretty much system dynamics orientated, yet not much talked about; Kaizen (continious improvement) = exponentiell growth pattern of productivity) (community of SoL members, not so much in SD but rather in the systems thinking field which is prior and necessary - in my eyes - to understand what SD is all about and capable of) (Theory U for major changes - broadened use of system dynamics (with prior systems thinking), would make really sense here)

[quote="Gene Bellinger"]Stephen,
3. What is currently considered to be the # 1 forum for connecting individuals outside the community with the potential value of systems thinking and system dynamics?

There were zero responses to this question, which seems quite telling.

1. I think WikiSD can be a very valuable vehicle in response to question 3. Maybe not "the answer" but at least an answer.
2. I've requested a link be placed on the SD Org web site pointing to WikiSD.
3. I've started putting links on the appropriate articles in Wikipedia pointing to it.
4. Haveing never edited a Wiki before I spent a couple hours and seem to have gotten the hang of it. For me it's moslty about recycling formatting from some other page that looks like what I want to create.
5. I've decided to stop working on the web site I thought I wanted to create (which was an amazingly tough decision) and concentrate on WikiSD, and I'm out soliciting a merry band of rebels to work on it with me. Rather than over-study the sitatuion it's my intention to "just get on with it," and see where it leads.
6. I've spent a few hours cleaning house in WikiSD and am about to start recycling some of my existing content in the direction of WikiSD.

I tend to be the kind of person who, faced with a lack of guidance, interprets it as freedom. As Peter Schwartz said in "The Art of the Long View"; "The future is not filled with the answers to our hopes and dreams, the future is filled with something even more wonderful, suprises." I am most interested to see where this path will lead, and what suprises lie in store along the way.

be well,
Ralf Lippold
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