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1983 Proceedings – Chestnut Hill, MA USA

The First International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1983 – Chestnut Hill, MA USA

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by John D. Morecroft, David F. Andersen and John D. Sterman were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings.

Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Appiah, R. K. with R.G. Coyle   A Modern Control Engineering Approach to System Dynamics

Bonnell,William S.   The Evolution of a Model: Computational Aid, Policy Making, Planning and Scheduling

Braden, Charles H.   Exemplary System Dynamics—Input-Output Analysis Model

Braunschweig, Bertrand   A Technico-economical Simulation Model Focusing on Enhanced Recovery in Oil Fields

Bush, James W. with Alan M. Schneider, Thomas L. Wachtel and John E. Brimm   Fluid Therapy in Acute Large

Area Burns: A System Dynamics Analysis

Chen, Fiona Feng   A New Kind of Sensitivity Testing in System Dynamics Modeling for Sensitive Results from Aggregation Assumptions

Chouraqui, Eugéne   Formal Expression of the Evolution of Knowledge

Choucri, N. with M. Karsky   The World Oil Market: Two Models with Similar Policy Oriented Results

Clark, Rolf with Samuel B. Graves and Kathleen Sheehan   Extended Planning in the Navy and the Resource Dynamics Project

Clark, Thomas D. with Edward L. Whitenberg and Alan H. Woodruff   Defense Weapons Acquisition: A Systems Study

Corliss , John M.     Model Documentation: Hinderance or Help

Coyle, R. G. with R. K. Appiah   The Use of Optimisation Methods for Policy Design in a System Dynamics Model

Coyle, R. G. with J. C. Rego   Scenario and Policy Evaluation in Electrical Supply Decisions, the Argentine Case

Day, Richard H.   Dynamical Systems Theory and Complicated Economic Behavior

De Greene, Kenyon B.   Equilibrium, Critical Points, and Structural Stability and Change in System Dynamics and Systems Science

Drew, Donald R.   A System Dynamics Model for Managing Aircraft Survivability

Eberlein, Robert L. with Qifan Wang   Validation of Oscillatory Behavior Modes Using Spectral Analysis

F jellså, Olav   Dynamics of Growth in Solar Markets

Ford, Andrew with Jeffrey Amlin and George Backus   A Practical Approach to Sensitivity Testing of System Dynamics Models

Forrester, Nathan B.   Eigenvalue Analysis of Dominant Feedback Loops

Fritz , Richard G.  A Structural Linguistics Approach to Method in System Dynamic Modeling

Gaynor, Alan K. with Karl H. Clauset   Implementing Effective School Improvement Policies: A System Dynamics Policy Analysis

Goluke, Ulrich   A Model of Hydrological and Biological Interactions in a Water Course

Goodman, Michael R. with Gary B. Hirsch, Ben R. Forsyth and William H. Luginbuhl   Assessing the Economic Impact of Medical Interventions: What is the Price of Success?

Gottschalk, Petter   Systems Dynamics Applied to Railroad Planning

Gould, Janet M. with David P. Kreutzer   Interactive Computer Graphic Technologies for Representing System Dynamics Model Structure and Behavior: New Tools for Marketing and Teaching System Dynamics

Graham, Alan K. with David P. Kreutzer   Strategies for Converting to New Technologies: Computer Graphics in the Color Printing Industry

Graham, Alan K. with Alexander L. Pugh   Behavior Analysis Software for Large DYNAMO Models

Guenneguez, Lysiane with Louis Breton   A Methodology to Built System Dynamics about Agricultural and Lumberig Products Markets

Gupta, Naresh K. with K. K. Garga   Dynamics of Consumer Demand in India

Hall, Roger I.   The Natural Logic of Management Policy Making: Its Implications for the Survival of an Organization

Hines, James H.   The Business Cycle and Money, An Analysis of the Inventory Investment Hypothesis

Holmes, R. K. with E. F. Wolstenholme   The Design of Colliery Information and Control Systems

Holmes, R. K.   Rabies-A Suitable Case for Treatment

Homer, Jack B.   Partial-Model Testing as a Validation Tool for System Dynamics

Jacobsen , Chanoch   Sociology and System Dynamics

Kelly, Krista C. with Merle McKenzie   Data Management for System Dynamics Modeling

Kelly, Thomas G.   Looking at ‘Human Factors’ in the Automation of Job Service Offices – A System Dynamics Approach

Keloharju, Raimo   On the Rules of the Game in System Dynamics

Kinek, Patrick A. with Anil B. Jambekar   Modeling Small Surface Coal Operator to Study the Effect of Government’s Permitting and Bonding Review Process

King, P. D. A. with R. G. Coyle and E. F. Wolstenholme   A General Feedback Model of Business Performance

Krallmann, Hermann   Enlarging the Paradigm: Historical View from 1973 until 1983

Kumar, Rakesh with Olaf Kleine   System Dynamics Model of Material Flow: Case of a Steel Plant

Kumar, Rakesh   System Dynamics Model of Indian Economy for Studying Behavior of Inflation

Levine, Ralph L.   The Paradigms of Psychology and System Dynamics

Lin, C. Y.   Validation Testing: A Case Study

Lopez, David A.   Using System Dynamics to Model a University Library System

Lyneis, James M.with Dominic Geraghty   Regulatory Policy and the Performance of Electric Utilities: a System Dynamics Analysis

Maier, Helmut   Results and Experience with a Model of Adjustment of Student Enrollment at the Berlin School of Economics with Medium-term Consequences for Room Planning

Mass, Nathaniel J.   Monetary Policy: A Comparative Study of Economic Forecasting Methodologies

McIvor, I. D. with E. Probert   The Role of Interactive Colour Graphics in Boosting User Understanding and Confidence

McKenzie,Merle   System Dynamics Modeling for Long Range Strategic Planning

Mihram, G. Arthur   Reflecting Decision-Making in Models of Dynamic Systems

Mitchiner , John L.   The Effect of Government Policy on Alternate Energy Technology Market Penetration

Moffatt, Ian   A Political-Economic Model of Urban Growth in Britain, 1801-2001

Moffatt, Ian   Some Methodological and Epistemological Problems Involved in System Dynamics Modelling

Mohapatra, Pratap K. J. with Sushil K. Sharma   Synthetic Design of Policy Decisions in System Dynamics Models-A Modal Control Theoretic Approach

Morecroft, John D. W.   Rationality and Structure in Behavioral Models of Business Systems

Morecroft, John D. with W. Tarek K. Abdel-Hamid   A Generic System Dynamics Model of Software Project Management

Morecroft, John D. W. with Geoffrey P. Mott and Zafer J. Achi   Modeling a Professional Service Firm

Mosekilde, Erik with Steen Rasmussen and Torben Smith Sørensen   Self-Organization and Stochastic Re-Causalization in System Dynamics Models

Moxnes, Erling   The Dutch Disease: Causes, Consequences and Cures

Ovide-Etienne, Marcel   System Dynamics and Industrial Channels Analysis Example: French Timber Channel

Pumain, Denise with Bertrand Roehner, Lena Sanders and Thérèse Saint-Julien   Are French Metropolitan Areas Evolving as Self-Organizing Systems?

Rahn, R. J.   Some Dynamic Effects of the Aggregation of Generic Model Systems- The Master Equation Approach

Ramaprasad, Arkalgud   A Typology of Adaptive Organizational Changes

Richmond, Barry M.   Enlarge the Paradigm? Yes!

Rogge, Lee with Stephen G. Boyce   Economic Analysis with System Dynamics: A Forestry Example

Rubinstein, R.   Antithetic Random Variables, for the Simulation of Complex Stochastic Systems

Ryan, James E.   The Representation of Values in System Dynamics Models of Organizational Performance

Saeed, Khalid   Economic Growth and Political Instability in the Developing Countries: A Systems View

Saeed, Khalid with M. A. Satter and Gajendra Singh   Rice Crop Production Policies and Food Supply in Bangladesh

Sancar, Fahriye H.   System Dynamics as a Heuristic for Systems Design

Shreckengost, Raymond C. with Sheryl P. Shreckengost   An Introduction to System Dynamics in a Non-Traditional Graduate Program

Sedehi, Habib with Paola Valli and Paolo Verrecchia   Dynamic Models for Planning Tourist Complexes

Senge, Peter M.   System Dynamics: A Possible Artifact for the Systems Age

Shorb, Alan Mck   System Dynamics by Visicalc: Simulation Models Using the New Spreadsheet Programs

Simonsen, Carl   An Application of SD to Military Combat Modelling

Sterman, John D.   Appropriate Summary Statistics for Evaluating the Historical Fit of System Dynamics Models

Sterman, John D.     A Simple Model of the Economic Long Wave

Thompson, Ray with R. C. Shreckengost   Using System Dynamics to Improve the Management of Working Capital in a Small Business

Torrealdea, F.with J. M. Graña   Some Ideas for a History Dynamics Model

Van Buren, Gregory with David H. Goodstein   Development of a Casual User Interface for Simulation Models

Vasarhelyi , Miklos   Counterintuitive Economic Consequences of Accounting Policies: A Dynamic Analysis

Wang, Qifan with John D. Sterman   A Disaggregate Population Model of China

Weil, Henry Birdseye   What is an Adequate Model?

White , Norman F.   System Models in the Health Sciences

Wolstenholme Eric F.   Development of System Dynamics into a More Complete Methodology for Practical Systemic Enquiry

Wood, William T.   Modeling Stochastic Processes with System Dynamics

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