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1986 Proceedings – Seville, Spain

The 4th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1986 – Seville, Spain

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by J. Aracil, J. A. D. Machuca and M. Karsky were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Alonso, Juan C. with Javier A. Alonso and Manuel Quintanilla   Modeling the Common Crane (Grus grus) Population Wintering in Iberia
Andersen, David F. with Catherine Crawford, Sue R. Faerman and Erik Mosekilde   A Simulation Model of Occupational Injury and Illness Causation and Regulation
Andretta, M. with M. Lugaresi, P. Mazzanti and R. Serra   MAPS: an Expert Advisor for the Qualitative Analysis of Dynamical Systems
Antunes, Paula with António Camara   A New Approach to Environmental Impact Assessment
Arif, M. Tasrif with Khalid Saeed   Economic Growth and Development Policy in Oil Dependent Indonesia
Balbi, J.H with N. Balbi, G. Girolami, P. Orenga and G. Simonnot   Identification of Dynamic Systems
Barton, Patrick with Mike Bull   Planning Conservation Programs Decision Support with the Conservation Policy Analysis Model
Beijdorff, R. O.   CRISYS: A Model of the Criminal Justice System in the Netherlands
Beijdorff, R.O.   Development of a Policy-Supporting Simulation Model of the Records Management System of the Dutch Public Authorities
Breiter, Andres Esteban   Is Systems Dynamics Rate of Diffusion Slow?
Bueno, Jose María with José A. D. Machuca   The Role of the Women in Business Management
Büttner, Peter   Molecule and Generic Structure for Synergy
Cabrer Borras, Bernardino with Amparo Sancho Perez   Prospective Study of the Footwear Sector.
Câmara, A. with P. Antunes, M. Pinheiro and J. Seixas   Linguistic Dynamic Modelling Using Logic Programming
Chong-Hui, Fan with Zhang Yi-Min   The Time Delay and Oscillation of Economic System
Diehl, Ernst W.   A Multi-Sector Model of Inventory-Production Fluctuations: The Impact of Local Information on Global Performance
Eberlein, Robert L.   Full Feedback Parameter Estimation
Eberlein, Robert L.   Identifying and Displaying Important Feedback Paths
Eijdems, H.H.E.W. with D.J. Sweeny, B.J. Brouwer, W.R. Snel and J .M. den Breeje   Industrial Site Planning as a Tool to Control Regional Employment -A DYNAMO Model –
Fontela, Emilio with Antonio Pulido and Ana del Sur   The Causal Structure of the Wharton-UAM Model of the Spanish Economy
Forrester, Jay W.   Lessons from System Dynamics Modeling
Gaci, M. with A. Babaamer LSC: A Portable Continuous Simulation Software
Garcia, Moisés Garcia with Francisco Serrano Moracho   System Dynamics and Circulatory Analysis: Proposals for an Alliance
Gil, I. with M.I. Aguinagalde, M. Graña, J. Dolado and F.J. Torrealdea   Dynamical Interaction between Languages: Castilian and Basque a System Dynamics Model
Gómez-Cia, T. with Laura Roa Romero and Lazo Zbykowski   Dynamic Analysis of the Influence of Reanimation Treatment in Burned Patients
González Cristobal, Jose Carlos with Gregorio Fernández   EASDM: An Expert Aid for System Dynamics Modelling
Hall, Roger I. A System-Behavioral Methodology for Business Policy Research
Herremans, Albert with Philippe Wilmes   Evaluation of the Benefits from Using System Dynamics on Personal Computers for Corporate Financial Management
Homer, Jack with Richard John and William Cotreau   A Dynamic Model for Understanding Eating Disorders
Keloharju, R. with E. F. Wolstenholme A Case Study in System Dynamics Optimisation
Kleinhans, Andreas   A Behavior Analysis Expert System for System Dynamics Models
Kivijärvi, Hannu with Margareta Soismaa   An Investment and Pricing Problem: A System Dynamics Approach to the Differential Games
Krallmann, H. with B. Rieger   Development of a Common Communication and Control System for System Dynamics Type of Simulation Models
La Roche,U.   Competitors’ Reactions to Introduction of a New Product, A Selling Case
Merten, Peter P.   Know-how Transfer by Multinational Corporations to Developing Countries – A System Dynamics Model with Spiral Loops
Milling, Peter M. Decision Support for Marketing New Products
Mosekilde, Erik with Dan René Rasmussen, Henrik Jensen, Jeppe Sturis and Jørn Jespersen   Autonomeous Chaotic Behaviour in a Generic Resource Allocation Problem
Moxnes, Erling   Interfuel Substitution in Oecd-European Electricity Production
Narchal, R.M.   Study of Demand Behavior: A Modular Approach
Norris, James M. A System Dynamics Model of Sexual Harassment
O’Callaghan, Ramon   A System Dynamics Perspective on JIT-Kanban
Oostveen, J.P. with D.J. Sweeny, A. deWeyer, E.v.d. Leest   Does Stock Control Need Modelling or Simply Experience? System Dynamics of Hospital Linen
Oostveen, J.P. with D.J. Sweeny   Prospectives for Growth: A System Dynamics Study of the Roman Catholic Priest Population of the Netherlands
Pla-López, Rafael   Study by System Dynamics of the Problem of the Equalization of the Gain Rate
Radzicki, Michael J.   On Extending the Institutionalist Paradigm: The Appropriate Place for System Dynamics within the Economics Profession
Richardson, George P. with David F. Andersen and Robert E. Lamitie   Modeling School Finance Policy Using Simulation to Test A Priori Assumptions
Roa, Laura with A. Cantero, A Solis Galera and A.Franco   Computer Model of the Renal Filter Control System
Rodriguez Delgado, Rafael System Dynamics in a G.S.T. Framework
Saeed, Khalid   Limits to National Development:& Resources or Resource Allocation Processes?
Seppälä, Risto   A Policy Analysis Model and the Development of the Finnish Forest Sector
Shimada, Toshiro with I.Tokunaga, A.Otaki and T.Okubo   A Simulation Model of the Tokyo Metropolitan Region
Soto Torres, M. D. with R. Fernández Lechón   Employment Policy and Expectations
Steinberg, Marian N.   Using System Dynamics to Evaluate Policies for Managing New York’s Hard Clam Fishery: Some Unexpected Insights
Sterman, John D.   Testing Behavioral Simulation Models by Direct Experiment
Tabucanon, M.T. with K. Saeed and Q. Suhail   Modeling Fuel Pricing Policy and Consumption Patterns
Toro, Miguel with Javier Aracil   Chaotic Behavior in Predator-Prey-Food System Dynamics Models.
Torrealda, F.J. with J. Dolado, F. Ferreres and M. Graña   Multifacetted Modelling in System Dynamics
Toval A. with A. Requena, S. Martinez, J. Monreal   SDSE, System Dynamics Software in Education
Toval, A. with A. Requena, S. Martinez and J. Monreal   Murcia A/I, a Mixed System Dynamics and Linear Programming Model for Regional Investment Planning
Vapenikova, Olga   The Development of Dysmap2
Villazón, César   A Dynamic Model of Portfolio Selection:Analysis of Bifurcations
Vincente, Silvio Martínez with Alberto Requena and Ambrosio Toval   A Model of Doñana Rabbits
Wang, Qifan withYang Xinnong   A Study of System Dynamics from the View of System Theory
Wang, Qifan with Guangle Yan   Studying the Relationship among the Whole, Parts and Environment of a System Dynamic Model
Wang, Qifan with Xiaobo Zhang Studying Dynamic Effects of Industrial Capital Retrofit and Energy Price Adjustment on Energy Development in China
Wang, Qifan with Dong Jianglin   A Strategic Study on the Development of Electronic Industry in China
Wheeler, Frederick P.   Focusing on the Growth Rate of Technological Adoption
Wolstenholme, E. F. with A. S. Al-Alusi   A Case Study in Army Combat Modelling
Zhao, Chogjie with Chingrui Xu   Feedback and Delay in Planned Economy System

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