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1989 Proceedings – Stuttgart, Germany

The 7th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1989 – Stuttgart, Germany

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Peter M. Milling and Erich O. K. Zahn were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

  PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Alwani, Mazen J.   The Planning and Controlling of Infantry and Artillery Joint Combat Operation
Aracil, Javier with Miguel Toro   Generic Qualitative Behavior of Elementary System Dynamics Structures
Bakken, Bent E.    Learning in Dynamic Simulation Games; Using Performance as a Measure
Barlas, Yaman    Tests of Model Behavior that Can Detect Structural Flaws: Demonstration with Simulation Experiments
Bianchi, Nicola    System Dynamics as a Tool for Historians: The Role of Software
Bodholdt, Brian with Bjarke B. Christensen, Jacob Engelbrecht, Erik Mosekilde and Jeppe Sturis   Modeling Control of DNA-Replication in Bacterial Cells
Brehmer, Berndt   Feedback Delays and Control in Complex Dynamic Systems
Breiter, Andres E.   A Successful Management Training Institution Must Interact Intensively with its Environment
Coyle, R. G.   System Dynamics and Defence Analysis
Diehl, Ernst W.   A Study on Human Control in Stock-Adjustment Tasks
DiStefano, Julia M.   A Metalanguage Communication, Confidence and CommitmentA New Perspective on Influence Diagrams
Drew, Donald R. with Antonio A. Trani and Lev A. Malakhoff    System Dynamics Modeling of Air Warfare
Dyner, Isaac with Luz Mery Berrio and Adriana Bolivar   Elements for Periurban Dynamics
Feldberg, Rasmus with Carsten Knudsen, Morten Hindsholm and Erik Mosekildev Non-Linear Dynamic Phenomena in Electron Transfer Devices
Forrester, Jay W.   The System Dynamics National Model: Macrobehavior from Microstructure
Foschiani, Stefan   Development and Use of System Dynamics Models as Tools for Strategic Planning of Flexible Assembly Systems
Goumas, Th. with Ar. Papasavvas and D. V. Papaconstantinou   Energy Supply Modelling: The Case of the Cyclades
Graham, Alan K. with Peter M. Senge and John D. Sterman   Computer-based Case Studies in Management Education and Research
Gupta, Govind    A System Dynamics Model for Automation
Hald, B.G. with C.N. Laugesen, C. Nielsen, E. Mosekilde, E. R. Larsen and J. Engelbrecht   Rössler Bands in Economic and Biological Systems
Hall, Roger I.     A Training Game and Behavioral Decision Making Research Tool: An Alternative Use of System Dynamics Simulation
Hommel, M.B. with C. McGowan   Creating System Dynamics Models Hierarchically Using SADT
Jacobsen, Chanoch with Yitzhak Samuel    Planned Organizational Change: Theory, Model, Data and Simulation
Kameyama, Saburo with Takahiro Kojima, Akira Uchino and Kinya Machida   Accounting Measurement and Methodological Characteristics of Accounting Dynamics
Kim, Daniel H.   Learning Laboratories: Designing a Reflective Learning Environment
Klaue, Thomas with Michael Veitinger   Flexible Manufacturing and it’s Benefits for the Financial Situation of an Enterprise -A System-Dynamics- Assessment on Investment Calculation-
Klieinhans, Andreas M.   Knowledge-Based Modelling
Kluwe, R. H. with C. Musiak and H. Haider   Modelling the Process of Complex System Control
LaRoche, U.   Modelling Business Strategies for Verification of Planning
Lehmann, Frank with Thomas Lehner and Jürgen Beckmann   A System-Dynamics Examination of the Effects of the Mahaweli-Project in Sri Lanka
Li, Zhou-wei with Zhou Yong   A S.D. Model for Rational Exploitation and Utilization of Water Resources in Arid and Semi-arid Areas
Lyneis, James M. with Maurice Gluckman   Marketing Analysis and Forecasting as a Strategic Business Tool
Macedo, Julio   Designing a Manufacturing Policy Using the Reference Approach and Alternative System Dynamics Support Methods
Mashayekhi, Ali N.   Water Resources Development Planning
Meadows, Dennis   Gaming to Implement System Dynamics Models
Merten, Peter P.   Loop-Based Strategic Decision Support Systems- Theory and Application
Morecroft, John D. W. with David C. Lane and Paul S.Viita    Modelling a Biotechnology Startup Firm
Műller-Merbach, Heiner   The Structured Systems Approach for the for the Design of Optimisation and Simulation Models
Naill, Roger F. with Sharon D. Belanger   A System Dynamics Model for National Energy Policy Planning
Pei, Weiman   Fuzzy Evaluation on the Validity of System Dynamics Models
Rahn, R. Joel   Aggregate Dynamics of a Population of Commodity Cycle Models
Rego, J. V.   Schedule Delays and New Financing for the Argentine Electricity Sector Growth
Richards, Edward T.   The Origins of Mass Warfare: A System Dynamics Approach
Richardson, George P. with Peter M. Senge   Corporate and Statewide Perspectives on the Liability Insurance Crisis
Richardson, George P. with Jac A.M. Vennix, David M. Anderson, John Rohrbaugh and W.A. Wallace   Eliciting Group Knowledge for Model-Building
Roche, Maurice  System Dynamics Applications in the Sector of Electricity
Ryzhenkov, A.V.   A Critique of Roemer’s Conception of Exploitation
Saeed, Khalid   A DYNEX-Based Learning Laboratory for Economic Development Planning
Saeed, Khalid   Government’s Ability to Manage Political Conflict over the Course of Economic Development
Sancar, F. H. with S. Allenstein   System Dynamics Simulation of Spatial Character,
Schmidt, Dieter   Computerbased Decision Support of the Strategic Planning and Strategic Management with System Dynamic Models Illustrated by the Example of the German Federal Railway
Senge, Peter M.    Organizational Learning: A New Challenge of System Dynamics
Sterman, John D.   Misperceptions of Feedback in Dynamic Decision Making
Vázquez, Margarita with Manuel Liz    System Formalitation and Models Building
Wang, Qifan with Bingyi Yang   A Study on the Coordinated Development of the R&D and Socio-Economy for a Typical Large City in China Using System Dynamics Approach
Wang, Qifan with Wang Ying    A System Dynamics Approach to the Function of the Economic Leverages in China’s Economy
Wang, Qifan with Hongshan Yang and Manling Yang   A Socio-Economy Development Strategy Study of a Typical Underdeveloped Coastal Open City
Wang, Qifan with Tingchun Huang, Huimin Fu and Jinqua Qui   A Study of Shanghai’s Industrial Structure
Wang, Qifan with Zhiping Yao and Guangle Yan   Chaos Study in System Dynamics
Weidlich, Wolfgang   Synergetics and Social Science
Weil, Henry Birdseye with Kenneth P. Veit   Corporate Strategic Thinking: The Role of System Dynamics
Winch, Graham W.   Tomorrow, Today: System Dynamics Models or Expert Systems?
Wolstenholme, Eric F. with Sattar A. Al-Alusi   Improving Insight and Understanding by Optimising System Dynamics
Yang,Ching T. with Ansheng Cao   A Study of Sensitive Test
Xu, Quingri with Keyie Jin   The Coordinative Development Between R&D and Tech-Acquisition in China
Xu, Qingri with Hanping Li   Dynamic Modelling and Policy Analysis on Technological Progress and the Change of Industrial Structure
Xu, Jie with Wan Xuemei and Yan Guangle    Quantitative Analysis of Inflation Issue in China
Xu, Qingrui with Zhu Keqin and Li Junjei   A System Dynamic Model and Policy Analysis for National Education and Economy Development
Yang,Ching T. with Ansheng Cao   A Study of Sensitive Test
Yang, Manlin   The Dynamic Relationship Between Transportation and Other Industries in China
Zhao, Wen-Huang with Wang Hong-Bin and Gu Lin-Ming    An Application of System Dynamics to the Research on the Strategy of Rural Development in Heilongjiang Province

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