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1990 Proceedings – Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts USA

The 8th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1990 – Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts USA

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by David F. Andersen, George P. Richardson and John D. Sterman were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings.

Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author.

Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

  PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Abbas, Khaled A.  A Road Provision Model Using System Dynamics
Abbas, Khaled A.   The Use of System Dynamics in Modeling Transportation System with Respect to New Cities in Egypt
Andersen, David F. Andersen with IK Jae Chung, George P.

Richardson, and Thomas R. Stewart   
Issues in Designing Interactive Game Based on System Dynamics Model
Augustine, Fred K. Jr. with Thomas D. Clark, Jr.   The Use of System Dynamics to Measure the Value of Information in the Business Firm
Bach, N.L., with K. Saeed and J.E. Lukens   Dynamics of Food Policy in a Centrally-Planned Economy: The Case of Vietnam
Bala, B.K., with M.A Satter and Md. Golam Mohiuddin   Simulation of Food Grain Storage Management System In Bangladesh
Bernard, John D. with D. Henry Pate   Technical Education Modeling and Simulation
Bontkes, Tjark Struif    Simulation as a Tool for Planning of Rural Development Programmes: A Case in Southern Sudan
Bowen, Michael G.   Contrasting Perspectives on Rationality and the Analysis of Performance Outcomes
Braden, Charles H.   Exemplary Computer Model for a Natural History Museum
Breiter,Andres E   Dynamics of Company Excellence Through Motivation of Employees
Bronkhorst, E.M.with T. Wiersma and G.J. Truin   Using Complex System Dynamics Models; an Example Concerning the Dutch Dental Health Care System
Brown, Gordon S.   Improving Education In Public Schools: Innovative Teachers to the Rescue
Camara, Antonio with Paula Antunes, Julia Seixas and Lia Vasconcelos Anarquia-Interfacing Hypermedia and System Dynamics for Urban Management
Camara, Antonio with Francisco Ferreira and Maria Julia Seixas   Exploring “Ideas”, A Multidimensional Dynamic Simulation Approach
Clark, Rolf Clark   The Cost of Instability in Defense Spending
Clark, Thomas D. Jr. with Victoria L. Mitchell and Karen L.Williams   End User Computing Growth and Management in Organizations
Crawford, Catherine M.    A Model for Future HIV/AIDS Incidence in New York City
Darling, Thomas A. with George P. Richardson   A Behavioral Simulation Model Of Single And Iterative Negotiations
Davidsen, Pal I. with Margaretha Bjurklo and Hugo Wikstrom   Introducing System Dynamics in Schools – the Nordic Experience
Davidsen, Pal I. with Leif Jarle Asheim   A System Dynamics Approach to the Structure and the Economy of Fur Farming and Trade
Davulis, John P. with Ulrich Goluke   Building an Organizational Learning Environment
de Tombe, D.J.   Manager Training Environment For Setting Complex Problems
Di Stefano, Julia M.   Negotiating Reality: Using Language and Influence Diagrams To Articulate Knowledge
Dolny, Linda   Translating Systems Thinking for People in the World of Business
Donnadieu, Gerard with Michel Karsky   The Dynamics of Behavior and Motivation
.Dyner, I. with I.M. Giraldo, A. Moreno, D. Valencia and A. Lobo   Regional Energy Planning
Eberlein, Robert L. with David W. Peterson and William T. Wood   Causal Tracing: One Technical Solution to the Modeling Dilemma
Ehrenfeld, John R.   Developing a Communication-Oriented Ontology for Using Computer Modeling in Negotiation
Forrester, Jay W.   System Dynamics as a Foundation for Pre-College Education
Franco, Douglas   Policy Design in Oscillating Systems
Gavine, A. W. with E.F. Wolstenholme   An Appraisal of System Dynamics in Assessing the Impact of Computer Information Systems
Geogantzas, Nicholas C.   Cognitive Biases, Modeling and Performance: An Experimental Analysis
Goldstein, Jeffrey    A Nonequilibrium, Nonlinear Approach to Organizational Change
Goldstein,Jeffrey   Freud’s Theories in the Light of Far-from-Equilibrium Research
Govindarajan, M. with N. Ramaswamy   Discontinuous Innovation Diffusion Analysis
Hagenson,Norodd   System Dynamics Combined with Monte Carlo Simulation
Henderson, Simon M. with Eric F. Wolstenholme   The Application of a Dynamic Methodology to Assess the Benefit of a Battlefield Information System
Homer, Jack B.   Cocaine Use in America: The Evolution of a Dynamic Model
Jambekar, Anil B.   System Dynamics Mapping Applied to Influence Mental Models: A Case Study
Jiang, Xiaodong   Challenge and Opportunity: The View of Management on the Employment Problem of China
Karsky, Michel   The Development of System Dynamics in France
Kim, Daniel H.   Total Quality and System Dynamics: Complementary Approaches to Organizational Learning
Klaue, Thomas   Management Decision Support Simulations for Technology Investment Planning
Knol,, Onno M. with Geert O. Nijland, Marcel W.L. Bovy, Pieter Jan M.T. Stallen, Floor M. Brouwer and Paul J.J. Veenendaal   Modeling Complex Economic-Ecological Interactions in the Agricultural Sector in the Netherlands
Kristensen,Heidi with Lars Risbo, Erik Mosekilde and Jacob Engelbrecht   Complex Dynamics in Bacterium-Phage Interactions
Kuipers, Hans A. with Jac. A.M. Vennix and Sjoerd Kooiker   Organizing Home Care in the Future: Using System Dynamics to Assess Organizational Changes
Kumar, Rakesh   Simulation Experiments in Corporate Planning For a Steel Plant
Kuroda, Koji with T.H. Mark Tsaur   Urban Growth Modeling Under the Limitation of Transportation Facilities – Case of Bangkok
La Roche, U. with Georg Fischer    Simulation of Interactive Business Strategies and Operations
La Roche, U. with Georg Fischer    System Dynamics Analysis as a First Step to Implement Flexible Operation Manufacturing
Li, Zhouwei   On Reliability Improvement of S.D. Model
Li ,Wei Zhou with Zhou Yong    The Application of S.D. – I/O/O Model to the Improvement of Regional Industrial Structure and the Economic Development
Macedo, Julio   Designing a Manufacturing Function as a Competitive Weapon Using the Reference Approach
Machuca, Jose A. D. with Carlos Roman   Economic Policy and Monetary Policy: A System Dynamics Conceptualization
Mandal, Purnendu with Pratap K. J. Mohapatra, Ashok Jain and V.K.C. Sanghi   Dynamics of Flow of Scientist in Government Research Establishments
Mandinach, Ellen B. with Hugh F. Cline   Systems, Science, and Schools
Mashayekhi, Ali N.   System Dynamics in Strategic Planning
McCold, Paul E.   A Numerical Sensitivity Analysis of Process Delay in the Incarceration of Juvenile Offenders
Milling, Peter M. Milling   Time – A Key Factor in Corporate Strategy
Morecroft, John D.W. with Kees A J M van der Heijden   Modelling the Oil Producers: Capturing Oil Industry Knowledge in a Behavioural Simulation Model
Moxnes, Erling   System Dynamics and Decisions Under Uncertainty
Munitic, Ante with Tonko Bakovic, Dusan Ramicand Slavko Simundic   Computer Simulation of Shipbuilding Production Process Management
Naill,Roger with Sharon Belanger, Adam Klinger and Eric Petersen   An Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of U.S. Energy Policies to Mitigate Global Warming
Nyhart, J.D. with D.K. Samarasan   Generic Computer Tools as Aids in Negotiation: The Issue of User Adoption
Pei, Weimin with Liu Shu-an and Wang Dingwei   A Decision Support System for System Dynamics Modeling
Polowczyk, Jan   Microstructure and Macrobehavior of Centralized and Decentralized Systems
Powell, Stephen G.   An Evaluation of Behavioral Simulation Models of OPEC
Quaadgras, Anne   Building Large Dynamic Models for Fun and Profit
Raczynski, Stanislaw   Pasion: Object-Oriented Simulation on the PC
Rahn, R. Joel with Song Yuzhu  Effects of Stochasticity on an Aggregate Dynamic Model of Commodity Cycles
Ratanawijitrasin, Sauwakon with David F. Andersen, George P. Richardson and Irene Lurie    The Implementation of Welfare Reform Initiatives: A Preliminary System Dynamics Model
Richmond, Barry   Systems Thinking: A Critical Set of Critical Thinking Skills for the 90’s and Beyond
Ryzhenkov, Alexander V.   Teaching Experiments with a Simulation Model of Universal Commodity Production
Saeed, Khalid   Bringing Practicum to Theory-based Social Science Disciplines: An Illustration with a User-friendly Simulation Laboratory on Issues of Economic Development
Saeed, Khalid with Nguyen Luong Bach   Is Deterministic Chaos Only a Property of Models?
Samarasan, Dhanesh K.   Negotiation as Discovery and Design
Sanghi, V.K.C.   Comments on the Close Similarityy Between Indian Population Projections from the Constrained Coalition and Logistic Model and the Census, Government of India and U.N. Estimates
Sedehi, Habib with Alessandro Gambaro and Federico Lanza   A Dynamic Model to Evaluate Mixed Automobile Fuel Market in Italian Environment
Senge, Peter M. with John D. Sterman Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning: Acting Locally and Thinking Globally in the Organization of the Future
Sharma, S.K with P. K .J. Mohapatra and M. D. Tyagi   Synthetic Policy Design in System Dynamics Model: Some Observations
Shimada, Toshiro with Saburo Kameyama, Kinya Machida, Akira Uchino and Minoru Watanabe   Simulation Model of Japanese Welfare Annuity System
Simons, Kenneth L.   New Technologies in Simulation Games
Steinhurst, William with George Backus   Application of System Dynamics to an Integrated Economic and Environmental Policy Assessment
Su, Mao-Kang with Huan-Chen Wang   The Spread of ‘88 Shanghai Type-A Hepatitis: A System Dynamics Model And Analysis
Suksawang, Orasa   Children’s Creative Development Training Program
Suksawang, Orasa   Dynamics of Cooperative Development
Sushil with B. John   System Dynamics Modeling of Group Behavior: A Conceptual Framework
Swart, John with Peter Goodman and John W. Hearne   A Conservation Model for Black Rhino
Thomsen, Jesper Skovhus with Erik Mosekilde, Erik Reimer Larsen and John D. Sterman   Mode-Locking and Chaos in a Periodically Driven Model of the Economic Long Wave
Tinker, Robert F.   Teaching Theory Building Modeling: Instructional Materials and Software for Theory Building
Toro, M. with A. Ollero and J. Aracil  Interactive Multicriteria Optimization in System Dynamics Models
Vasquez, Margarita with Javier Aracil and Manuel Liz   Some Conceptual Problems in the System Dynamics Models Building Process
Vennix, Jac A. M. with Jan Gubbels, Luc D. Verburghand Doeke Post Eliciting Group Knowledge in a Computer-Based Learning Environment
Vennix, Jac A.M. with Willem J. Scheper    Modeling as Organizational Learning: an Empirical Perspective
Verburgh, Luc with Jan Gubbels, Doeke Post and Jac Vennix   Model-Based Analyses of the Dutch Health Care System
Wang, Dingwei with Pei Weiming   A Simulation Support System for Public Education Investment Strategy Analysis
Wang, Qifan with Huimin Fu and Ti Shi    Studying Decision Making of Enterprises Under New Circumstances
Wang, Qifan with Xiao Chen and Yu Lijuan   Studying the Impact of Science and Technology on the Economic Growth in a Central City
Wang, Qifan with Li juan Yu   Strategy Study on Entire Coordinated Development of China
Wang, Qifan with Yao Zhiping   The Study of Dynamical Systems’ Nonlinear Characteristic
Wang, Yanjia   A System Dynamics Model of Socio-Economic Development of Harbin in China
Watts, K.M. with E.F. Wolstenholme   The Application of a Dynamic Methodology to Assess the Benefit of a Logistics Information System in Defense
Wei, Hongsen    Introduction of System Dynamics in Urban (Regional) Coordinated Development Planning
Weil, Henry Birdseye with Rayford L. Etherton, Jr.    System Dynamics in Dispute Resolution
Winch, Graham W.   Consensus Building in the Planning Process
Wittenberg, Jason    On the Very Idea of a System Dynamics Model of Kuhnian Science
Wolstenholme, E.F. with A. Gavine, S. Henderson and K.M. Watts    The Design of a Dynamic Model Methodology for the Assessment of Computerized Information Systems
Wu, Jianguo with Yaman Barlas and John Vankat   Modelling Patchy Ecological Systems Using the System Dynamics Approach
Wuestman, Eric A.   Sowing Supply: Compensating Responses by Rural Coca Economics to Intervention in the Cocaine Market
Yan, Guangle   System Dynamic Research to China’s Inflation
Yang, Jen-Shou with Showing H. Young   A System Dynamic Approach to the Environmental Problems in Taiwan
Zhang, Xiaoyong with Yu Zhangand Guangbin Mong   System Dynamics Simulation for the Management of a College

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