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1991 Proceedings – Bangkok, Thailand

The 9th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1991 – Bangkok, Thailand

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Khalid Saeed, David Andersen and Jose Muchuca were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference.

Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author.

Available papers are Acrobat (.

pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

  PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Ali, K. Shoukath with Ramaswamy N   Setting Inventory Levels for a Centrally Located Blood Bank of a Metropolis – A Simulation Approach
Amsyari, Fuad et al   Dynamic Modeling for Development of Java Island Ecosystem (An Approach to Development of Archipelagic Nations)
Aresgianto, Widjajono Partowidagdo   Policy Analysis of Petroleum Industry in Indonesia
Arsegianto, Ram M. Shrestha   Development of Petrochemical industry in Indonesia: A Policy Experimentation
Bin, Xie Hong with Li Zhou Wei   Study on S. D. Model on the Capacity of City Population
Bora, M.C.   Performance of Indian Tea Industry over the Last Decade — Actual and Predicted
Bowen, Michael G. with Michael J. Radzicki    A Return to the Dynamics of Escalation and Withdrawal Behavior
Butler, John E.    The Generation and Diffusion of Managerial Innovations: A System Dynamics Model
Byrne, Matthew with Andrew Davis    STELLA Modelling Process for Manpower Strategy
Câmara, Antonio S.    Formulation of System Dynamics Models
Cecchini, Arnaldo with Alberto Recla   Un Gala di Venezia: A Gaming Simulation on the “Expectations” of the Venetian Inhabitants
Chan, Nguyen   Support Method for Optimal Control of Linear Dynamical System
Chang, Chui-Lung with Stephen Ogunlana and Khalid Saeed    Construction Project Management: A System Dynamics Approach
Chao, Zhang with Lui Chong-Ming    System Dynamics Model of an Urban Water Resources Use and IT’s Application
Chatsirisakul, Prasong with Khalid Saeed    Dynamics of Implementation of Quality Control, Circles: The Case of a Steel Plant.
Chiang, Rueih-Shiarng with Shaw-Er Wang Chiang    A System Dynamics Approach To Analyze The Relationship Between Transportation and Regional Development In Taiwan
Corben, D. A. with E.F.Wolstenholme   STELLA, STELLA Stack and Hypermedia in Information System Design and Assessment
Dangerfield, Brian   The Proper Role for System Dynamics Models in the Process of Policy Making in Business and Government.
De Tombe, Dorien J.   Using the System Dynamics method for defining the AIDS problem
Drew, Donald R.    Transportation Impact Methodology for Measuring Users and Non-Users Benefits
Duncan, Richard C.    The Life-Expectancy of Industrial Civilization
Dyner, Issac with Diana Muñoz and Alba M. Quintero    Complexities in Periurban Dynamics
Ergin, Aysen with Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner    Computer Simulation Model for Optimum Seaport Planning
Fang, Fu-Kang with Li Ke-Qiang    Approach on Educational Economics by Using the Non-equilibrium System Theory
Frechette,Henry with Frank Spital   A Model of Organizational Change
Govindarajan, M. with N. Ramaswamy    Diffusion Analysis in Marketing
Guo, Qincai    Macroeconomic Multifunction Equilibrium Growth Model of Wuhan
Güven, Sibel   A General Equilibrium Analysis of Income Distribution and Development Policy
Hao-Jun, Liu with Li Xiao-Hua, Cao Pei-Dong and Yuan Qi    Development of Large Enterprise Finance Dynamics Model with the Workbench
Huusko, Antti with Boris Segerståhl    A Heuristic Resource Allocation Algorithm for System with Uncertainty in Request Timing; a Backtracking Strategy
Han, Jiuqiang with Sun Guoji and Wu Biao    System Dynamics Simulation Language — DYNAMOC
Jia, Ren’ang   Graph Theory Analitics of SD Flow Diagram
Kameyama, Saburo with Takahiro Kojima, Akira Uchino and Kinya Machida    The Feedback Characteristics of Accounting Dynamics
Koul, Saroj with Prem Vrat A System Dynamics Based Model for Evaluating the Performance of an Engineering Firm
Larsen, Erik Reimer with John D.W. Morecroft and John Murphy   Helping Management Teams to Model: A Project in the Consumer Electronics Industry
Lei, Mingkai   How to Increase Activity of Factory
Li, Zhoug-lian with Li Jingshan    Forecasts of National Finance Income and Amount of Currency Circulation of China
Liguo, Cheng with Zhang Youmin, Yuan Zhengru and Yu Youshan    Urban Underground Space Development and Civil Defence Construction —– a Special Problem’s S.D. Model
Lu,Yue with Xinhua Fu    Economical Quality Analysis for Industrial Enterprises
Lu, Jiang with Di Zengru    The Quantitative Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Population
Macedo, Julio with Rafael Ruiz Usano    Designing Prototypes of JIT Systems Using System Dynamics Principles
Machuca, José A.D. When Creating and Using Games, Are We Neglecting the Essential of System Dynamics?
Markarian, Mihran with Roman Koziol   System Dynamics: Taming Expert Systems in the Business World
Mashayekhi, Ali Naghi    Dynamics of Development Cost Structure
Milling, Peter M.    Learning and Understanding Innovation Dynamics: A Gaming Approach
Mora, J.C.   Simple Quantum Chaotic Model for Fluctuating Dissipative Systems
Morita, Michiya with Nobuhide Tanaka    A Quantitative Analysis of Information Generation Properties of Structurally Different Networks
Munitic, Ante    System Dynamics Computer Simulation Model of Croatia
Narayana, M.V.S.L. with Sushil    DYSBASE: DYnamic Simulation with DataBASE (A Software for System Dynamics Modelling)
Nielsen, Anne Bjerring with Heidi C.K. Stranddorf and Erik Mosekilde    Complex Dynamics Hyperchaos and Coupling in a Microbiological Model
Parayno, Phares P. with Khalid Saeed    The Dynamics of Indebtedness in the Developing Countries: The Case of the Philippines
Paul, H.    An Alternative Method for Policy Synthesis of a Production-Inventory System via Model Control
Pei, Weimin, Li Yangsheng   A System Dynamics Model for Economic Development of Old Industrial Cities
Popov, Yu. S.    Macrosystem Approach for Modelling of Regional Dynamics
Pujantiyo, Bambang Slamet with Yoshio Hanzawa and Atsushi Fukuda    The Impact of Transportation Projects on Jabotabek, Indonesia
Qi, Yuan    A Simulation Software Development Workbench to Dynamics System
Radzicki, Michael J.    Dynamic Process, Tempestuous Relationship, and System Dynamics
Rego, Juan C.    Growing with Debt: Strategies for Argentina
Roberts, Carole with Brian Dangerfield   System Dynamics and Statistics: Recovering the Aids Incubation Time Distribution from Right-Censored Data
Ryzhernkov, Alexander V.    Industrial Performance and a Market Structure ( A Review of a Gaming Experiment)
Sabegh, Jalal Sajedi with Sushil K. Sharma    A System Dynamics Model of a Public Sector in India
Saeed, Khalid    Towards a Functional Form of Capitalism
Sharif, Nawaz with K. Ramanathan    Measured Contribution of Technology for Policy Analysis
Shimada, Toshiro    System Dynamics Teaching at a Japanese University
Siddiqi, Toufiq A. with Phares Parayno and Hartmut Bossel    Applying Systems Dynamics to Climate Change Issues
Singhasaneh, Pitan with John E. Lukens, Apisit Eiumnoh and Harvey Demaine    Integration of Raster-Based GIS and System Dynamics and Its Application
Suksawang, Orasa   A System Dynamics Approach to Teaching of Settlement Geography
Tao, Bai   Design and Application of Emulation Model in Big City’s Economic Structure
Terlou, Ben with Etzel van Kuijk and Jac A.M. Vennix    A System Dynamics Model of the Efficiency of Primary Education in Latin America
Thirumurthy, A. M.   Urban Dynamics of a Developing Country
Tousséa-Oulaï,Alphonse    Supply and Demand of Computer Personnel in Africa Developing Countries— A System Dynamics Model —
Toyoda, Yoshiaki with Shizuo Mawatari    Mathematical Formulations of System Principles in System Dynamics
Usano, Rafael Ruiz with Adolfo Crespo Marquez   Computing the Optimal Production Rates in a Complex Production System
Vallipuram, Yamuna    Long Term Transmission of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic:A System Dynamics Approach
Vij, Anil K. with Prem Vrat and Sushil    Modelling Diffusion of Energy Technologies: A System Dynamics Approach
Wang, Hong-bin    An Application of System Dynamics Approach to the Development Goals and Policies of the Animal Husbandry
Wang, Qifan with Xu Bo    Analyzing the Mechanism of Joint-Venture and Township Enterprises in China
Wang, Qifan with Xinhua Fu and Yin Jin    Enforcing Research and Development: — The Important Way to Get Rid of the Current Predicaments for Chinese Enterpises
Wang, Yixiang    A Simulation Model of System Dynamics for Evaluating Dynamic Changes of Priority Sectors in Country Industry
Wei, Li Zhou with Zhou Yong    Study on the Model for Regional Programming
Xu, Qingrui with Jin Chen, Zhiping Wang and Zhengcheng Lee
   System Modelling on Analysis of Resource Allocation of Technological Innovation
Yamamura, Etsuo with A. M. Thirumurthy    Urban Systems Model with Refernce to Essential Environmental Facilities of Developing Country
Young, Showing H. with Kun -Tung Yu and Sy-Feng Wang   A Design of the Public Housing Policies through the Dynamics Analysis of the Intra-Urban Migration Structure
Zhen, Fang   Rural Energy Development of Strategic Research in Beijing Area


Bae, Kyuhan with Young-Myung Choi, Ku-Hyun Jung, Dalgon Lee and Kwang Seok Lee    Korea 2020: A Search for Balanced Future
Mohapatra, Pratap K.J. with Rahul Kumar Roy    System Dynamics Models for Markov Processes
Ooshika, Yuzuru with Nobuyuki Shimizu and Junko Ooshika Change of Japanese Dietary Life
Shiizuka, Hisao    BYNAMO: System Dynamics Simulator for Beginners and Educational Use
Shoushen, Xie with Xu Demin and Yang Bingzheng    Improvement of Badr’s Algorithm of Robust Control System
Vizayakumar, K. with Pratap K. J. Mohapatra    ENSIGAME: A Simulation Game for Environmental Policy Making

Yasuda, Yasoi   Simulation for a Deadly Blow to Tokyo by the Coming Next Large Earthquake
Jessen, Svein Arne    The Motivation of Project Managers. A Study of Variations in Project Managers’ Motivation and Demotivation by Triangulation of Methods.

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