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1995 Proceedings – Tokyo, Japan

The 13th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1995 – Tokyo, Japan

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Toshiro Shimada and Khalid Saeed, were printed in hardcopy (Volume I: Plenary Program and Volume II: Parallel Program) and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings, including a link to the paper when available. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. To find a paper by an author who is not the first author, simply search on the author’s name. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

 To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

 For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society or send an email message to

PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Volume I: Plenary Programs

Acharya, Surya Raj with Khalid Saeed  A Search for an Operational Environmental Policy Based on the “Limits to Growth” Study

Barney, Gerald O. with Robert Eberlein, Weishuang Qu and P.D. Sharma   The Threshold 21: Sustainable Development Model

Choucri, Nazli with Rebecca Berry  Sustainability and lateral Issues: A Model

Fiddaman, Thomas  Formulation Experiments with a Simple Climate/ Economy Model

Ford, Andrew  System Dynamics and the Sustainable Development of the Electric Power Industry

Ginsberg, Ari with John Morecroft  Systems Thinking and the Case Method

Higa, Teruo  Soft Landing into the Twenty- First Century: The Requirements

Kim, Dong-Hwan with Jae-Ho Jun   Hierarchical Approach in System Dynamics Modeling

Kodama, Fumio  Techno-Paradigm Shift and its Research Methodology

Lane, David   The Folding Star: A Comparative Reframing and the Extension of Validity Concepts in System Dynamics

Milling, Peter M.  Managing and Understanding Technological Innovations

Morita, Michiya with Nobuhide Tanaka, Harunori Mori and Yutaka Takahashi  Communication Network Systems for Competitiveness: The Japanese World Class Manufacturing Case

Myrtveit, Magne  Models Crossing the Boundaries of Tools

Piattelli, M. with R.G. Coyle  On The Modeling of Sea Power: An Extension of the Polis Model in a Competitive Scenario

Radzicki, Michael J. with W. Scott Trees  A System Dynamics Approach to Sustainable Cities

Richardson, George P.   Chaos from Generic Structures: A Cautionary Tale

Richardson, George P.  Problems for the Future of System Dynamics

Saeed, Khalid  The Organization of Learning in System Dynamics Practice

Sterman, John with Nelson Repenning and Fred Kofman  Unanticipated Side Effects of Successful Quality Programs: Exploring a Paradox of Organizational Improvement

Winch, Graham W.  Understanding the Dynamics of Technology Switching in Seeking to Maintain International Competitiveness

Wolstenholme, Eric F.   Systems Thinking, System Dynamics

Zahn, Erich with Jurgen Greschner  Strategic Evalution of Flexible Assembly Systems-Combining Hard and Soft Decision Criteria

Volume II: Parallel Programs

Akkermans, Henk  Quantifying the Soft Issues: A Case Study in the Banking Industry

Aoki, Toshiaki with Hajime Inamura  An Urban Growth Modeling Based On Urban Attraction

Aslam, Javaid with Khalid Saeed  Electricity Conservation in Domestic Sector of Pakistan: A System Dynamics Approach

Bajpai, Anil K. with Phillip C.T. Wiley  Dynamic Model of Purchasing Quality

Banerjee, Souvik with Mohit Junja and Pratap K. J. Mohapatra  IGRASP-A System Dynamics Software Package With Automatic Code Generation Facility

Bianchi, Carmine  An Educational Dynamic Model for Net Working Capital Management in a Trading Wholesale Firm

Bianchi, Carmine with Habib Sedehi  Dynamic Modeling for “Products Portfolio” Management and New Products Launching

Brooke, Kathleen  The Momentum Of Success: The Role of Construction in the Thailand Economic Boom

Cavaleri, Steven with John Sterman  Towards Evaluation of Systems Thinking Interventions: A Case Study

Cavana, R.Y. with R.D. Hughes  Strategic Modeling for Competitive Advantage

Chen, Jin with Xu Qingrui and Shao Shaomin  A System Thinking Approach to Select Avenue of Science & Technology Development

Clark, Thomas D. with Hironori Kurono  A Conversion Table of DYNAMO into STELLA II

Das, Bhakta with Manas Bandyopadhyay and Pratap K. J. Mohapatra  System Dynamics Modeling of an Activated Sludge Plant

Di Stefano, Julia  From Control to Chaos: A System Dynamics model of Interpersonal Communication

Dowling, Anne M. with Roderick H. MacDonald and George P. Richardson   Simulation of Systems Archetypes

Egol, Morton  Information Age Accounting: Catalyst and Enable of the Self-Organizing Enterprise

Forest, Tom  Sustainable Civilization: Cohesion, Capacity and External Contacts

Ganter, Susan L. with James K. Doyle and Micheal J. Radzicki  Assessing System Dynamics Curricula: Past, Present and Future

Genta, Peter J. with Donald A. Seville  Economic Lift-Off, Boom and Bust: A System Dynamics View of the Bangkok, Thailand Economy 1980-1992

Georgantzas, Nicolas C. with James S. Fraser and Elvan Tugsuz  Bipartisan Process Improvement in Polymer Coating: Combining System Dynamics with Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Georgantzas, Nicolas C. with Sharon P. Smith and James S. Fraser  Allocation Dynamics of Resources Imperiled: AACSB, Students and Professors

Georgantzas, Nicolas C. with Andreas Schulte  Can Consummate Concentric, Conglomerate, Constrained And Contractual Creatures Create Value? An Intricate Shakespearean Impromptu on Romancing the Deal

Gill, Roderic  An Integrated Social Fabric Matrix /System Dynamics Approach to Policy Analysis

Gill, Roderic  Planning Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems: A System Dynamics Approach

Grobman, Martin U.   The Dynamics of Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry–Productivity of Traditional versus New Research Technologies

Han, Jiuqiang with Guoji Sun  System Dynamics Simulation Software–Dynamox

Heinbokel, John F. with P. Jeffery Potash, Martin Engelken and Robert Green  Programs To Support the Development of System Dynamics-Based Curricula

Jia, Ren’an  A Mathematical Definition System of System Dynamics

Kim, Dong-Hwan with Doa Kim  System Dynamics Model for A Mixed Strategy Game Between Police and Driver

Kim, Dong-Hwan  A New Approach for Finding Dominant Feedback Loops: Loop By Loop Simulation for Tracking Feedback Loop Gains

Mitsuo, Kishi with Hosoda Ryusuke, Yamada Tomoki and Funahashi Hiroki  Transport Forecasting Based on Artificial Life Concept

Kojima, Takahiro with Yutaka Takahashi, Kinya Machida and Teiichi Igarashi  System Dynamics Model of the Tokyo System

Lane, David  Diary of an Oil Market Model: How an Interactive System Dynamics Modeling Process Was Used with Shell Managers t o Resolve Conflict and Generate Insight

Langley, Paul A.   Building Cognitive Feedback into a Microworld Learning Environment: Results from a Pilot Experiment

Lux, Nan with Eric Choi  System Dynamics and The Internet

Maier, Frank H.  Understanding the Dynamics Created by Management Decisions- A Vensim-based Simulation Approach for Management Education

Maier, Frank H.  Innovation Diffusion Models for Decision Support in Strategic Management

Mandal, Purnendu  Missing Links in Quality Initiatives in Australian Manufacturing Industry-A System Dynamics Analysis

Marquez, Adolfo with Rafael Usano and Antonio Herguedas  Maintenance Models and System Dynamics

Melero, Rosa with Jose A.D. Machuca  A Model for Learning about the Agricultural Business System

Mohapatra, Pratap K.L.  Use of System Dynamics Diagrammatic Tools as Representation Schemes for Linear Programming Models

Mohapatra, Pratap K.L.  Development and Maintenance Dynamics of a Software Business Firm

Mojtahedzadeh, Mohammad T. with George P. Richardson   Confusion in the Polarity of Major Loops

Morgan, Tom with Bill Ammentorp   Human Service Systems: A Theoretical Perspective

Musaphir, Hamza with Ostap Hawaleshka  Understanding Strategy of a Manufacturing Based Learning Organization in Transition in the Twenty-First Century

Myrtveit, Magne   Feeding Your Models with Real Business Data

Ogunlana, Stephen with Jason Lim and Khalid Saeed  Civil Engineering Design Management Using a Dynamic Model

Ohta, Toshizumni with Antonio A. Montes and Tadashi Yamamoto   A Dynamic Comparison of Organizational Design Alternatives

Palfrey, Terence  Policy Design and the Problem of Fraud “Some Preliminary Ideas from Considering Fraud as a System Issue”

Piatteli, M. with Marta Cuneo, Nicola Bianchi and Nicola Triggiani  A General Model to Support Transport Planning

Pierce, Chris  Senior Management Standards, Management Development and Systems Thinking

Roca, Joan with Bill Ammentorp and Tom Morgan  The Global Electronic Community: Modeling the Sociology of Self-Organization

Ryzhenkov, Alexander  A Model of Capital Accumulation, Technological Progress and Long Waves

Saeed, Khalid  Growth of Construction Activity in Thailand: Views of the System from Three Vantage Points

Simon, Martin  System Dynamics in Engineering Education

Skelton, Sonia with Thomas Lynch, Craig F. Donaldson and M.H. Lyons  Modeling Product Life Cycles from Customer Organization

Stoyanova, P. with A.O. Moscardini, M. Elliott and R. Woodward  Order and Disorder in Creative Organizations

Suksawang, Orasa with Hari Srinivas  Limits to Urban Growth and Urbanization- A case study of Bangkok Problem

Takahagi, Eiichiro   Determination Methods of Rate Variable Using Fuzzy Theories

Tasrif, Muhammad  Developing Countries Dilemma: Labor Intensive Technology or Capital Intensive Technology?

Torres, M.D. with R. Lechon  A Dynamic Model of Labor Market

Usano, Rafael with Adolfo Marquez and Jose Torres  Advanced Manufacturing System Dynamics: the Lean Production Approach

Ushijima, Masaharu with Koichi Hori and Setsuo Ohsuga  Computer Aided Organizational Design

Vavik, Lars with Magne Myrtveit  Object based dynamic modeling

Wang, Qifan with Xianyong Wang  Organizational Flexibility and Learning Organization – Organization of CIMS Enterprise

Wang, Qifan with Jianzhong Yang  Modeling for Study of the Prospect if a Metropolis

Wang, Qifan with Bo Xu, Guoping Yang and Jianzhong Yang  Coordinated Development of Infrastructure in a Regional Economy

Wolstenholme, Eric F.  Decision Analysis Using Dynamic Simulation

Yamamura, Etsuo with Seiichi Kagaya  A System Dynamics Approach to Regional Impact of the Construction of a Submerged Floating Tunnel

Young, Jane A.O.  The Use of Metaphor within a Soft System Intervention, A Fairy Story as an ‘Alternative Rich Picture’

Young, Jane A.O.  Soft Landing into the 21st Century – Cultural Gap or Cultural Trap

Young, Showing H. with Sy-Feng Wang  Designing the Learning Environment of Learning Laboratory: Cognitive Strategy, Learning and Transfer

Young, Showing H. with Chia Chen  A Study of Business Competition from a System Dynamics Perspective

Young, Showing H. with Lih-Lian Hwang  A System Dynamic approach to the Hospital Nurse Turnover Problem in Taiwan

Yu, Jia-di with Xiu-jin Feng  Problems of Population Control in China

Yusuf, Ijaz with Khalid Saeed  A System Dynamics Approach to Analyze the Effect of High Set Up Time of Machines on Marketing Growth: The Case of Packages LTD. Pakistan

Zaraza, Ronald J.  The CC-STADUS Project: Developing and Nurturing a Cadre of Pre-College Teachers Using System Dynamics/Computer Modeling in the Classroom

Zeng, Decong with Changrong Zhong  A New Discourse on Technology Transfer