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1997 Proceedings – Istanbul, Turkey

The 15th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1997 – Istanbul, Turkey

Systems Approach to Learning and Education into the 21st Century

Host:  Department of Industrial Engineering 
Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Yaman Barlas, Vedat G. Diker and Seckin Polat were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings, including a link to the paper when available. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. To find a paper by an author who is not the first author, simply search on the author’s name. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Ahmed, Umar Imrana   A Process for Designing and Modeling with Components
Aksoy, Yasemin with Lisa Ferguson   Experiences with the Beer Game
Alpaslan, A. K. with M. Sayar, M. C. Demirel and A. R. Atilgan   Local Forecasting of Chaotic Time Series
Amend, James F.   Systems Thinking, Professional Education and Rational Translations in Curriculum
Andersen, David F. with Deborah Lines Andersen, Aldo Zagonel and George P. Richardson   An Approach to Teaching Systems Thinking for Public Sector Audiences
Andersen, Deborah L. with Micheal Radzicki, Robert L. Spencer and Scott Trees   The Dynamics of The Field of System Dynamics
Andria, Domingo   Dynamics Affecting Float Management: Governing the Firm’s Liquidity Position
Andria, Domingo with Jose Di Mase and Allessandro Lino  Stock Broker Trading: A System Dynamics  Based Learning Environment (SDBILE)
Arranz, M. R. with J. J. Garcillan, M.P. Perez, M. D. Soto   A Dynamical Study of Public University Education in Spain
Arranz, M. R. with J. J. Garcillan, M.P. Perez, M. D. Soto   An Analysis on Agricultural Income Exceptions
Atay, Fatichan M.   Stability, Feedback, and delays 
Atci, Baransel with Kadir Varoglu   Systems Thinking and an Application as Academic Curriculum of Systems Engineering: The Case of Turkish Military Academy (TMA)
Atci, Baransel with Guner Gursoy   Improving Decision Making Talent in a New Learning Environment with Interactive Simulation: A Case Study in Turkish Army Academy
Azevedo-Carns, Diana   Enhancing Generative Task Performance in Group Model-Building Efforts
Azevedo-Carns, Diana   The Potential of System Dynamics Modeling as a Cognitive Tool
Bajgoric, Nijaz   Virtual Classroom Support Systems: A Systemic View
Bala, B. K.   Computer Modelling of Energy and Environment: The Case of Bangladesh
Barlas, Yaman with Ekrem Dunman, Korkut Cirak and Gulcin Uzunosmanoglu   System Dynamics Approach to Problem Solving in an Insurance Company
Barlas, Yaman with Huseyin Topaloglu and Serkin Yýlankaya   A Behavior Validity Testing Sofware (BTS)
Barron, Antonio   Spanish Cable TV Market Diffusion Model: Profitability Analysis of Competitive Telecommunications Businesses
Bianchi, Carmine   Dynamic Modeling for Efficient Consumer Response
Bianchi, Carmine with Fabrizio Virdone  Re-engineering Manufacturing Processes in a Telecommunicatio Company. A System Dynamic Approach
Bianchi, Carmine with Mollona Edoardo A Behavioral Model Of Growth and Net Working Capital Management in a Small Enterprise
Bucker, Ralf with Andre Nietz   The German SD-Fourm On Internet
Campbell, Deborah with Adolfo Crespo-Marquez  Improving Business Performance By Releasing Human Potential
Collen, Arne with Cecilia Tagliaferri   Knowledge, Ethics, Quality, And Value In Human Organizations: A System Dynamics Approach
Crespo-Marquez, Adolfo with Rafael Ruiz-Usano, Gloria Elena Pena-Zapata and Javier Aracil    System Dynamics Production Models. A Qualitative Analysis
Dangerfield, Brian with Carole Roberts   The Aids Incubation Time Distribution: An Analysis Using Optimized System Dynamics Model
Davidsen, Pal with Michael Spector     Cognitive Complexity in System Dynamics Based Learning Environment
Davis, Andrew    The Role of SD in Changing The Performance Metrics In the Private Sector
De Kok with H. G. Wind, A. C. Coffa, W .L. T. van Densen and L. Pet-Soede  Fuzzy Logic as a Method for the Application of Qualitative Concepts in a Quantitative System Framework
Dill, Michael   Capital Investment Cycles: A System Dynamics Modeling Approach to Social Theory Development
DiStefano, Julia M.   Credibility, Communication, and Conundrums: Facing the Realities of The Scientific Endeavor and the Limits of Knowledge
Doyle, James K.   The Cognitive Psychology of Systems Thinking: An Agenda for Collaborative Research
Doyle, James K. with David N. Ford   Mental Models Concepts for System Dynamics Research
Duffin, Murray with Michel Karsky   Maximizing Service or Volume? A System Dynamics Approach
Duman, Ekrem with Emre Balýbek, Aykut Fýrat and Yaman Barlas    A Dynamic Feedback Model for Strategic Management of an Insurance Company
Dyner, Isaac with Ricardo Smith and Carlos Jamie Franco and Santiago Montoya   An SD Model to Support Strategic Bidding in the Columbian Electricity Market
Edwards, Derek J. with Allan D. Pengelly   Using System Dynamics to Explore and Derive Self-adaptive Techniques for Information Systems
Els, Sharon   Better Results Through Better Communication Techniques in Consulting
Ercyl, Yavuz with Ugur Zel and A. Kadit Varoglu   Team Based Constructive Learning Model
Erkut, Gulden   The Use of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in Urban Planning and Education
Ewaldt, Joern W. with Thomas Harring   Effects of “Leapfrogging Behavior” in Innovative Markets on the Profit Situation of the Company – A Theoretical and Empirical Simulation Analysis
Faber, Jan   System Dynamics: A Paradigm For Organizational Learning?
Ferguson Amores, Maria C. with Jose A. D. Machuca and Miguel A. D. Machuca   A Model for the Sector Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and Manzanilla de Sanlucar de Barrameda
Ferneau, Philip   Using Systems Thinking in the “Balanced Scorecard” Method Of Managing Corporate Performance
Fisher, Diana with Ron Zaraza   Seamless Integration of System Dynamics into High School Mathematics: Algebra, Calculus, Modeling Courses
Ford, Andrew   From the Snake River to the Idagon Management Flight Simulators and Water Resource Planning
Ford, David N. with John D. Sterman   Expert Knowledge Elicitation to Improve Mental and Formal Models
Forest, Tom L.  Byzantine, Bulgarian, and Ottoman: The Dynamics of Empire at the Crossroads of Asia and Europe
Forest, Tom L.  Sustaining Life: The Origin, Diversity and Extinction of Species
Gary, Shayne   Dynamics of Diversification: Developing and Testing Resource-based Theories of Diversification
Goldsmith, Hugh with Jon Warwick   Teaching Expectations Formation Processes Using System Dynamics
Grcic, Branko with Ante Munitic   Model of Dynamic Multicriterial Evaluation and Selection-Modes
Größler, Andreas   As Time Goes By- Self- Proceeding Management Simulations
Größler, Andreas   Giving the Black Box a Lid- Providing Transparency in Management Simulations
Grossmann, Martin   The Dynamics of Value Creation in Biopharmaceutical Research and Development
Gursel, A. Gizem with Yavuz Ercil   Non-Linear Approach To Learning Process In Organizations: Chaos Theory
Hahn, Heidi with Philip Kunsberg   Systems Thinking for Manufacturing; Distributed, Multi-Disciplinary Simulations For Graduate Education
Haslett, Tim   The Dynamics of Garbage Collection: A System Dynamics Case Study on Privatization

Heinbokel, John with Jeffery Potash   Developing System Dynamics Skills to Support A Content Based Curriculum
Honggang, Xu with Li Lanhai   The Influence of Rising Cost on the Failure of Chinese Agricultural Collective
Jambeker, Anil B.   Role of Systems Thinking in a Traditional Quality Management Course
Jensen, Kjeld with Ian Gallacher, Syed Hussian and John Mcleod    An Interactive Telecommunications Business Game for Strategic Exploration
Jordao, Luis with Pal Davidsen and Paula Antunes    Multimedia and SD Based Interactive Learning Environments: Increasing Perception of Casual and Structure/Behavior Relationships
Jordao, Luis with Paula Antunes, Rui Santos, Nuno Videira and Sandra Martinho   Hydrological and Ecological-Economic Simulation to Support Watershed Management: Linking SD and Geographical Information Systems
Joy, Timothy with Ron Zaraza   Fundamental Changes In How We Teach: A Narrative About Teaching System Dynamics And the Art of Learning
Kameyama, Saburo with Tomofumi Sumita and Takayuki Toyama   A Study of SD National Model Based on Revised SNA – Conceptual, Institutional and Operational
Karlsson, Reine with Bengt Steen   EPS as a Life Cycle Oriented System Assessment Tool to Facilitate Industrial Learning about Relations to the Environment
Kearney, John with Mark Heffernan and John McLuckie   Fleet Doctor to Airpower 2100 – From Tailored Solution to Learning Environment
Kennedy, Michael   Transforming Spreadsheets into System Dynamics Models: Some Empirical Findings
Kim, Bowon   Dynamic Effects of Autonomous and Induced Learning on Production Technology Development
Kim, Dong-Hwan   LEGO Approach in Teaching System Dynamics
Kim, Dong-Hwan with Jae- Ho Juhn   System Dynamics as a Modeling Platform For Multi-Agent Systems
Klein, Marin   Factors of Success of Technology-Orientated Competitive Strategies
Koenig, Ulli   Simulating Multidimensional Supply Chains-A Vensim based Model
Kubat, Cemalettin with Harun Taskin   Nonlinier Dynamic Behaviors of the Physical Processes: A Comparison Between Crisp and Fuzzy Models
Kurono, Hironori   A Prototype of Modeling as a Continuum of a Translation Process
Kurono, Hironori with Toshiro Shimada, Saburo Kameyama, Tomofumi Sumita and Shin Ichikawa   A Revised Edition of The Beer Game
Kurtz, Stephen     A System Dynamics Approach to Business Interruption Risk
Lanhai, Li with Amararatne Yakupitiyage   Food nutrient dynamics and regulation for fertilized pond aquaculture
Lopez-Ortega, Eugenio    A Dynamic Model for Regional Competitiveness Based on the Regional Innovation System
Machuca, Jose A. with Rafael del Pozo    The Beer Game, with the Possibility of the Use of EDI, Through the Internet
Mahon, Ian    Simulation of a System Collapse: The Case of Easter Island
Maier, Frank H.   Competitiveness in Manufacturing as Influenced by Technology – Some Insights from the Research Project:  World Class Manufacturing
Maksum, Ervan with Tusy Adibroto   Modelling Of System Dynamics On Upper Course of River in Java Island, Indonesia
Mashayekhi, Ali with Marcie Tyre    Dynamics Of Punctuated Organizational Change
Mehl-Madrona, Lewis    Computer Simulation of Patient Flow within an Emergency Department to Plan Room Numbers and Configuration to Optimize Patient waiting Time and Turnaround Time
Mehl-Madrona, Lewis   System Dynamics as an Interactive Patient Educational Tool for Preventing Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Infarction
Mena-Nieto, Angel with Adolfo Crespo-Marquez    The Bargaining Processes. Exploring the Complexity Using System Dynamics Modeling
Mildenberger, Udo    “Self-Organization” as an Engine of the Evolution of Interorganizational Networks
Millheim, Keith with Thomas Gabler    Developing a Meaningful Systems Investigative Capability- A Systems Dynamic Process
Milling, Peter M. with Frank H. Maier    On the Effectiveness of Corporate Gaming Environments and Management Simulators
Moizer, Jonathan    System Dynamics Modeling of Occupational Safety: More Suitable for Learning or Policy Making
Mollona, Edoardo    Local Rationality, Resource Accumulation Structures and Emergent Strategic Behavior in Explaining R&D Resource Building and Adaptation
Morecroft, John D. W.   The Rise and Fall of People Express: A Dynamic Resource-Based View
Morecroft John D. W. with Maurice Glucksamn and Edoardo Mollona    Leapfrogging the Compeitition: The Dynamics of Resource Metamorphosis
Morecroft, John D. W. with Panos Ninios and Hendrik Sabert   Cycle Management in Capital Intensive Industries
Morozowski, Maciano with Carlos Florentin    A System Dynamics Based Stategic Planning Model for Hydroelectric Systems
Morozowski, Maciano with Fabiola Silveira    A Simulation Approach To Financial Planning of Electric Utilities in Deregulated Business Environments
Morozowski, Maciano with Fabiola Silveira    Integrated Model for Energy System Planning: A System Dynamics Approach
Moscardini, A. O.   System Methodologies for Future Higher Education in the UK
Muniz, Fernando with Carlos Scheel and Antonio Gonzalez   The Dynamic Modeling as Organizational Change Process Validation Tool
Mutuc, Jose Edgar   Can Top Management Sustain Quality Programs?
Myrtveit, Magne with David Bridgeland   An Architecture for Hosting Management Flight Simulators on the World Wide Web
Nilsson, Bengt with Anders Sixtensson   Reinventing Process Improvement and Change Management Through Systems Thinking and System Dynamics
Ochiai, Shigemi   The Introduction of an Environmental Tax and Forecast Simulation of Change in Industrial Structure
Oliva, Rogelio with Scott Rockart    Dynamics of Multiple Improvement Efforts: The Program Life Cycle Model
Olofsson, Bengt with Dag Caldenfors and Anders Sixtensson    A System Dynamic Approach For Return On Investment Calculations
Packer, David W. with William Glass-Husain    Designing Interactive Multi-User Learning Laboratories
Pala, Ozge with Burak Guneralp and Onur Mergen    Modelling the AIDS Epidemic in the Developing Nations
Paterson, David    Preparedness and Mobilization- The Role of System Dynamics in Managements approach to Resource Allocation
Polat, Seckin   Simulation of Learning: Comparison of Double and Single Loop Learning
Potash, Jeffery P. with John F. Heinbokel    A Self-Paced Approach to Teaching System Dynamics
Qingrui, Xu with Guo Bin and Wang Yi and Lu Yan   EST Innovation Model and Interactive System in China: Waste Waster Reduction Technology as a Case Study
Qu, Weishuang with Gerald O. Barney   China Grain Model: A Tool For Education and Participatory Discussion
Rahman, Shams-ur   Variation Reduction in Product Quality and Organizational Performance: A System Dynamics Approach
Rai, V. K. with B. Mahanty   Multi-Agent Interaction in Software Projects A System Dynamic Approach
Ritchie-Dunham, James   Initiating Management Dialog with a Summary Presentation that Integrates Findings from Multiple SD Analytical Tools
Rodrigues, Alexandre    SYDPIM—A System Dynamics-based Project Management Integrated Methodology
Roos, Egbert   Group Model Building with a Client Using System Dynamics Modeling
Roy, Santanu   Issues Facing Soft Systems Modelling: Structural Modelling in Relation to System Dynamics
Ruiz-Usano, Rafael with Adolfo Crespo-Marquez and Jose Framinian-Torres   Modeling Manufacturing Systems. A Simulation Study
Sancar, Fahriye with Korkut Onaran   Modeling the Dynamics of Informalization in Land Use Controls; Using System Dynamics to Formulate Research Land Use Planning
Savicic, Vlajko with Michael Kennedy   The Transformation of a Power Plant Investment Appraisal Application from a Spreadsheet into a System Dynamics Model
Sedehi, Habib with Carmine Bianchi and Cecilia Tagliaferri   A”pilot” model to introduce System Dynamics in a pharmeceutical company
Schwaninger, Markus    The Dynamics of Environmental Responsibility in Management
Sitompul, Rislima F. with Muhammad Tasrif and Akhamd Taufik   The Transition Process in Modernization and Development Of A Traditional Society In Indonesia
Suksawang, Orasa   Systems Approach to Training Curriculum for Provincial Development Planning in Thailand
Sumita, Tomofumi   A Role of Human Resource in Intellectual Organization
Tignor, Warren W. The Role of Information Technology in a Learning Organization: Case Study and Casual Diagramming
Tu, Yi-Ming with Wang Wei-Young    System Dynamics Modeling Oriented Strategic Information System Planning
Tu, Yi-Ming with Chia-Pen Chen and Ya-Tsai Tseng   Study on Dynamic System Behavior and Comparison of Dominant Loop Analysis Approaches
Týtýz, Týnaz   Inflation, Chronic Inflation and Its Snowball Effect
Ulengin, Fusun with Y. Ilker Topcu and Vedat G. Diker    SUCH- A Dynamic Interactive Simulator for Introducing The Basic Concepts Of Supply Chain Management
Ullah, Qudat with Mohamed M. Seleh and Bahaa E. A. Mohamed   Fish Bank ILE: An Interactive Learning Laboratory to improve understanding of “ The Tragedy of the Commons”:A Common Behavior of Complex System Dynamics
Ulrich, Markus M.    Simulation/ Gaming for Learning about Sustainability and the Environment
Vaid, Rahul with Mukta Joshi   Object Oriented Systems approach to managing education in the 21st century
Varoðlu , Demet with Kadir Varogula    The Impact of The Fifth Discipline On Management Education
Vekstein, Daniel   Continuos Judgmental Models as Building Blocks for System Dynamic Models of Social Systems
Vennix, Jac A.M. with Cecile M. Thijssen and Etienne A.J.A. Rouwette   Group Model Building: A Decision Room Approach
Videira, Nuno with Fabian Szulanski, Paula Antunes, Rui Santos and Luis Jordao   Management of Protected Areas: A Collaborative System Dynamics Interactive Learning Environment
Walsh, James with Kathy Monks    Interunit Linkages and Interunit Learning: The Role of Strategic Human Resource Management in The Multinational Enterprise
Wang, Qifin with Xu Bo and Jia Jiangguo    A Quantitative Model for Infrastructure and Basic Industry and It’s Application to Shanghai Facing 21st Century
Wang, Qifan with Zhanqiang Chen and Minghai Zhou    Open Economy: The Disequilibrium Macro-Model of Exchange Rate and Its Stability
Williams, Ddembe with Michael Kennedy    A viewpoints conceptual framework for improving the organizational information requirements process: a System Dynamics perspective
Winch, Graham with John MacDonald and Steve Sturges    Frameworks and Tools for Computer-Aided Visioning
Wolstenholme, Eric    The Gap Between System Dynamics and Current Managment Practice – Some Messages to Help Reinforce The Value of a Systems Approach to 21st Century Management Practice
Yamaguchi, Kaoru   A System Dynamic Approach to A Chaotic Market Economy
Yang, Jenshou   Give me the right goals, I will be a good dynamic decision maker
Yetis, Nuket with Fevzi Tasci and Erol Inelmen   A Dynamic Simulation Model For Budgeting and Funds Management For Small Scale Firms  In Turkey
Yndestad, Harold   System Dynamics in the Fisheries of Northeast Arctic Cod
Young, Showing H. with Chia Ping Chen, Sy-Feng Wang and Chi Hung Chen   An experiment to Study the Relationship between Decision Scope and Uncontrollable Positive Feedback Loops
Yurtseven, M. Kudret with Nureddin Kirkavek, Haluk Balkan, Ferda C. Cetinkaya and Yavuz Gunalay    In Systems Engineering Management: Proposal for a New Program
Zagonel, Aldo with John Rohrbaugh, David F. Anderson, George Richardson and Tsuey Ping Lee   Group Model Building to Support Welfare Reform in Cortland County
Zaraza, Ron with Tim Joy and Scott Guthrie    The CC-Status Training Materials: A Program for Developing Models and Modelers for the Pre-College Environment
Zaraza, Ron with Diana Fisher    Introducing System Dynamics into the Traditional Secondary Curriculum: The CC-Stadus Project’s Search For Leverage Points

Last edited: LL July 2012