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2011 Proceedings – Washington, DC

2011 Conference

Proceedings of the 29th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

July 24 – 28, 2011 — Washington, DC

PROGRAM CHAIRS: James M. Lyneis, George P. Richardson

CONFERENCE CHAIRS: Richard Phares, Imrana A. Umar


HOSTED BY: Booz Allen Hamilton, Powersim Solutions

CONFERENCE PARTNERS: The Boeing Company, PA Consulting Group

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Patricia L. Mabry (Chair),
Mariana Dahan, Vedat G. Diker, Leonardo Garrido, Shivraj Kanungo, Louis D. Mauro,
Hazhir Rahmandad, William Ryder, Geoffery W. Seaver, Warren W. Tignor, Sharon S. Welch


Full Proceedings Online ISBN 978-1-935056-08-09
a list of papers organized alphabetically by author with links to each paper in Adobe Acrobat format. (also links to abstracts, supporting materials, and weblinks.) Updated October 2, 2007.

Full Proceedings CD ISBN 978-1-935056-08-09
instructions on how to create a CD of the full conference proceedings.

Full Proceedings Print Set
a bound print set, including full papers, is available for a fee from Curran Associates. If you wish to purchase the full printed set please visit their bookstore at proceedings.


Abstract Proceedings ISBN 978-1-935056-07-02
the color version of the printed abstract proceedings in a single Adobe Acrobat file. (Includes committees, volunteers, sponsors, abstracts, author index and more.)

Sessions by Thread
a list of papers organized by subject area with links to each abstract, paper and supporting material.

Ph.D. Colloquium
a link to the web site maintained by the Student Chapter – some PhD Colloquium papers are included at this site.

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