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2020 Conference Sponsors

At the System Dynamics Society, we are so grateful for what our sponsors have helped us accomplish over the years. From underwriting conference attendance and membership for students to enabling the growth of a global community of scholars and practitioners who use System Dynamics and so much more – we are immensely thankful to our past, present, and future sponsors. Please join us in thanking our 2020 conference sponsors:

The following have sponsored 1 or more scholarships for the 2020 Virtual Conference.

  • DynamicVu
  • Mindseye Computing, LLC
  • True North Learning Partners LLC
  • ChangeAgent Inc
  • College of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University
  • Complexity Management Inc
  • CTN Management Development
  • David Matchar
  • System Leadership Institute
  • Patricia Craig
  • Gene Bellinger
  • David Lounsbury
  • Ellen Wolfe
  • Yaman Barlas
  • Other Anonymous Sponsors

The following have provided donations that contribute to additional conference and summer school scholarships:

Pascal Gambardella, Travis Franck, Wayne Wakeland, Vadim Nunez Pawlowsky, Allen Keesee, Benjamin Chang-Kwon Chung. Charles Nicholson, David Andersen, Eliot Rich, Gary Hirsch, George Richardson, Jorge Sousa, Michelle Krecz-Gondor, Richard Dudley, Susan Harris, William Ryder, Al Thibeault, Astrid Guehnemann, Ilir Rodiqi, Katherine Curran, Lars Weber,Liliana Robu, Luc Van Den Durpel, Pradeesh Kumar, Kunnitharayil Viswanathan, Raafat Zaini, Regan Mrak, Tracy Benson, Valerio Cappuccio, Charles Jones, David Willmes, Don Frazier, Jae Eon Yu, Jeroen Struben, Matthew Bigman, Mattie Lindsey, Peter Mani, Sharon Els, William Grace, Daisy Karaiosifouglou, Erin Stringfellow, Gilbert Lovinsky, Marissa Lerner, Nikola Pucarevic, Martha Toy, Alexander Schmid, Andy Buergin, Chulsu Jo, Eduardo Munive, Erica Rieder, Giulia De Bernardi, Isabel Bignon ,John Dobrydney, John Sheehan, Massih Hamidi, Maulshree Sinha, Rachel Freeman, Rich Walker, Seymour Hersh, Brian Rahmer, Carmen Y.J. Lee, Douglas Taylor, Eryn Wright, Ivan Perl, Miriam Spano, Richard McDowall, Stefano Armenia, Tari Bowling

If you have further questions or require support with sponsorship or donations, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rebecca Niles.