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WANT TO Apply Systems Thinking in Your Organization?

This page is for all who use or want to use models or maps developed by System Dynamics experts or hire people to create models or maps for you.

why system dynamics ?

Decision-making in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world is hard. System Dynamics helps you to develop a smart strategy by enabling you to identify, structure, and provide solutions to problems that need to take into account:

Holistic view

Short- vs Long-term effects


Chain of reactions

Uninteded consequences

Feedback effects

major forces that can affect key outcomes

Identify and quantify
consequences in the short- and long-term, years or decades into the future

pros and cons of various options

reactions of all affected parties, and the reactions to those reactions

unexpected consequences not previously considered or intended

reactions (good or bad) that build upon themselves in reinforcing effects (vicious and virtuous cycles) or balance out 

Find out more about What is System Dynamics

who ?

Companies, non-profit organizations, and state departments all over the world are using System Dynamics to increase profit, better serve communities, and implement long-lasting change

how ?

Rebecca Niles

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applications & cases

Climate Change and Energy

Climate Change and Energy Client National Commission on Energy Policy, Environmental Defense Fund, WAI Authors/Consultants Bassi AM, Yudken JS Four industries – iron and steel, aluminum, paper and pulp, and chemicals – account for nearly half of the energy consumed by...

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Spatial Planning in Indonesia

Spatial Planning in Indonesia Client Ministry of Human Settlements and Regional Infrastructures Development, Indonesia Authors/Consultants Radianti J, Tasrif M, Rostiana E In pioneering spatial planning management for metropolitan cities, the Ministry of Human...

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Monetary Policy in Colombia

Monetary Policy in Colombia Client Central Bank of Colombia Authors/Consultants Fernando Arenas and Franz Hamann The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Columbia) and the Central Bank of Colombia cooperated in an effort to recast the bank’s MTM (Mechanism of...

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National Airspace System

National Airspace System Client US Federal Aviation Administration Authors/Consultants Ventana Systems For the US Federal Aviation Administration, Ventana developed a comprehensive National Airspace System (NAS) Strategy Simulator. The simulator provides a framework...

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Medicare Payment Rate

Madicare Payment Rate Name How Medicare Payment Rate Reductions Will Affect Hospitals and Patients Modelers Jack Homer, Gary Hirsch Client/Participant Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of the Actuary (CMS/OACT) Client Type Government The Issue You...

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HealthBound Name National Health System Reform Strategy Modelers Bobby Milstein, Jack Homer, Gary Hirsch Client/Participant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Client Type Government The Issue You Tackled Proposals to improve the US health system are...

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Obesity Population Dynamics

Obesity Population Dynamics Client Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Authors/Consultants Homer J, Milstein B, Dietz W, Buchner D, Majestic E A system dynamics simulation model was developed for understanding trends in obesity in the United States.  Data...

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Hospital Surge Capacity Planning

Hospital Surge Capacity Planning Client Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), US Department of Health and Human Services Authors/Consultants Manley W, Homer J, Hoard M, Roy S, Furbee P, et al. A system dynamics model was developed to help hospitals...

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Antibiotic Resistance Dynamics

Antibiotic Resistance Dynamics Client Texas Department of Health Authors/Consultants Homer J, Ritchie-Dunham J, Rabbino H, Puente L, Jorgensen J, Hendricks K Many common bacterial pathogens have become increasingly resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them. The...

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