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China Chapter – About us – Renan Jia

贾仁安 Ren’an Jia


教授 Professor 


Institute of Systems Engineering, Nanchang University

电子邮件 Email:

电话 Phone: +86-13979190222

February 1942 – February 2022

Professor Renan Jia passed away on Feb 1, 2022, at the age of 80, in Beijing. The memorial service will be held tomorrow morning in Beijing.

Professor Jia taught at Jiangxi University and Nanchang University for many years. He was one of the pioneers in the field of System Dynamics in China and has published several SD books and numerous SD papers. As a key member of the China Chapter of the System Dynamics Society, Professor Jia attended the international conference of SDS many times and played an influential role in the development of SD in China. He has been extremely kind and supportive to young SD researchers. We send our deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and worldwide colleagues of Professor Renan Jia.

He will live on in our memories forever.



  1. Ying Qian

    I first met Prof. Jia on one SD conference many years ago, probably in Holland. He has been very kind and shared his work with me. I was hoping to meet him in the upcoming SD conference in China this Spring. It was very sudden and sad news. I will follow his steps and do solid research work.

  2. Haiyan Yan


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1968 学士 江西大学 数学 

Education Background

1968 Bachelor of Math, Jiangxi University







Director of the Institute of Systems Engineering, Nanchang University, doctoral supervisor, and deputy director of the System Dynamics Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Systems Engineering.

Former director of the Doctorate Program of Management Science and Engineering of Nanchang University, executive deputy director of Jiangxi System Engineering Society, executive director of China System Engineering Society, executive director of Management Science and Engineering Society.






Research Interests

System Dynamics

Ecological Agriculture System Engineering

Management Science and Engineering

SD/ST相关的国家及企业 Research Projects

《可持续发展问题的数学模型和仿真理论研究》 起止时间:20011月至200312月;

《中国农村缺能地区进一步提高生物质能源转换率的研究》负责人:贾仁安 起止时间:2000年月1日至200012月(专项)。

《中国农村缺能地区进一步提高生物质能源转换率的研究(二)》 负责人:贾仁安 起止时间:20011月至200212月(专项);

《井冈山域生态农业结构与管理反馈分析仿真理论应用研究》 负责人:贾仁安 起止时间:20041月至200612, NSFC:70361002

《江西农村规模养殖能源生态系统管理对策反馈仿真研究》负责人:贾仁安 起止时间:20081月至201012, NSFC:70761004


贾仁安2014年 获中国系统工程学会 第二届《系统科学与系统工程科学技术奖》 应用贡献奖

SD/ST 相关著作 Books