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Student-Organized Colloquium Volunteers

Volunteer Jobs

Title (# of people) – [Name of volunteer]

  • Pre-colloquium
    • Co-chair (2) who will attend in-person 
    • Social media manager (1)* [Monique]
    • Graphic designer (min. 1) 
    • Volunteer manager (1)*
    • Submission reviewers (as many as possible)
  • Day of Colloquium
    • Volunteer manager* 
    • Social media manager* 
    • Poster board set up assistants
    • Online Open Space table hosts
      In-person Open Space table hosts
    • In-person keynote moderator (1) | 
    • In-person plenary moderator (preferably 2) | 
    • Technical chairs for Zoom breakout room creation* Works before and during colloquium. Tentative Schedule of Events:
      • Intro 
      • Keynote Panel
      • Student Plenary
      • Angel Advising
      • Poster Session
      • Open Space
      • Poster Echo

Weekly Planning Meetings

Contact for the calendar invite.


SOC Submission Reviewer
  1.  Sign up on this google sheet to indicate which submissions you would like to review as soon as possible and notify the co-chairs (
  2.  Log in or register in the SDS webportal system. 
    1. Log into (or register as a new reviewer on) the Webportal. For more details, see the “Signing Up” and “Signing In” tabs on
    2. SOC Reviewers should choose “zero” when choosing the number of ISDC papers to review. That number is to sign up as a reviewer for the main International System Dynamics Conference. The SOC Submission Review is managed via a separate process using the google sheet.
      SOC Reviewer Instruction in Webportal
  3. An email notification will be sent specifying the submission that requires your review.
Open Space Table Host

Equipment Needed: Laptop. In-person table hosts, please also bring headphones (preferably with a mic).

SOC 2022 Table Host Training recording and slides with details on time and specific tasks and tips on getting the conversation going and keeping the conversation flowing 😉


Equipment Needed: Laptop


  • Join the Zoom room for session you are moderating
  • Manages questions in-person and online
Technical Chair

Equipment Needed: Laptop


  • Works with the Frankfurt team to monitor the Zoom room for issues
  • Aids the co-chairs with time management
  • Creates breakout rooms and randomize people to breakout rooms for Open Spaces
  • Helps people who cannot enter a Zoom breakout room (for the poster portion)
  • Keeps a record of the number of participants

The tech chair assigned to the Welcome and event after lunch will also need to make sure the room(s) are logged into Zoom.

Volunteer Manager

Equipment Needed: Laptop


  • Helps the co-chairs communicate with the other volunteers
  • Keeps a record of who volunteered, received training and can access Miro
  • Manages the Miro board used for the Open Spaces (co-chairs will assist)
  • Renames the online Table Hosts on Zoom to have “(Table Number) <Volunteer Name>”

The co-chairs work with the ISDC organizing team on logistics, catering, and the conference website.

The Colloquium organizers are responsible for soliciting contributions to the Student-Organized Colloquium, finding volunteers, managing volunteers, updating the Colloquium webpage, creating an event on the SDS site, assigning reviewers, selecting material for presentation, organizing sessions, handling on-site and virtual activities during the day of the Colloquium.

This is a brief overview of the steps that directly involve working with the Web Portal. In addition to this documentation, a useful resource is the Thread Chair instructions, since many activities overlap.

Looking at what is submitted
The User Menu for the Colloquium Chairs will include a link to the papers submitted for the Colloquium.

1st screenshot of instructions for Student-Organized Colloquium chairs to assign reviewers

Click on the “Special/Student-Organized Colloquium Papers” link to see a list of papers:
2nd screenshot of instructions for Student-Organized Colloquium chairs to assign reviewers
Click on any one of the paper numbers to see more detail about the paper. Click on the author names to see everything the author has submitted to the conference, including regular program, workshops, colloquium, and other.

Assigning Reviewers
The review assignment process for the Colloquium is manual. For each paper in the list of papers described above click on the “Assign Reviewer” button. This will open a review assignment window:

3rd screenshot of instructions for Student-Organized Colloquium chairs to assign reviewers

To assign the reviewer click type in their name (pasting a name will not work) or email. As you type, a list of available names will appear:

4th screenshot of instructions for Student-Organized Colloquium chairs to assign reviewers

Click on the name you want to use. Then click on “Submit” when you are done.

You can verify your selection by opening the window again. To remove a selection just erase it, then click on Submit.

When you assign reviewers, an email will be sent to them telling them they have a paper to review with a deadline 2 weeks from the current date. The paper to review will also show up in their menu when they enter the Web Portal.

Unassign reviewers by deleting their name from the box above. Unfortunately, they will not receive notification that they are unassigned.

Creating Sessions 

  1. Sign into Webportal
  2. Click on “Sessions Menu”
  3. Someone on the ISDC organizing team might have already created a skeleton session for the SOC. If not, create plenary and poster sessions. (Side note: Create the keynote and open spaces through the conference site Create sessions by category. Consider the presenter’s preferred time. Only 10 presenters per session.
  4. Add paper # to the text boxes on the left under “Primary Papers”