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Access the Conference Website. The conference website is now open and there are a few actions that you can take now to ensure a smooth start to the conference:

  • Test your sign-in information, alert us of issues
  • Set up your conference profile
  • Set up your time zone to shift from Chicago time
  • Sign up for Workshops and Dialogue sections directly from the conference schedule


Best Poster.

You can nominate candidates for the People’s Choice Poster Award! Cast your vote for your favorite poster. 

Publishing Assistance Workshop. 

New this year: the first half of the workshop is open to all Conference attendees!

A panel of experts with impressive publication records including John Sterman, Hazhir Rahmandad, Rogelio Oliva, and Ed Anderson will offer tips to help you publish your work.

Join to get guidance on developing manuscripts using systems thinking and modeling for submission to top academic journals.

Thursday, July 29 | 8 pm

Modeling Assistance Workshop. 

You can still sign up for one-on-one coaching on System Dynamics modeling with experts. This workshop can help you with a model you’re conceptualizing, studying, or developing. Sign up now

Talent Show. 

System Dynamicists got talent!

Send us a video (up to 5min) of you or a group performing art. It can be a song, poem, joke, dance, painting, martial arts demo, one-act play, or another creative offering for this informal event. Small groups encouraged. Invite your spouse, children, and friends to join! Send your video here

Friday, July 30 10 pm

MIT Blackjack Team.

Henry Houh will share his experiences as a member of the MIT Blackjack Team who performed in the movie “21”. He will also share some card counting tips. Join us for this fun social event!

Friday, July 30 | 3 pm

The Banquet. 

The banquet will take place on Tuesday and will feature an interactive magician. 

Tuesday, July 27 | 10 pm

Plenary Lineup. Exciting sessions on New Ways to Use Simulation and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Kate Raworth, the author of Doughnut Economics, will speak on economics in the 21st century, and Donald Martin from Google will explore how System Dynamics can help to reduce bias in AI and machine learning. Plan to participate in up to 12 plenaries

Parallel, Poster, Work-In-Progress (WIP), and Feedback Sessions. With 128 Parallel, 30 Posters, 95 WIP, and 26 Feedback papers you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn. The best part? They cover a wide range of time zones! 

Meditation and Laughter Yoga. Start with a mindfulness workshop and set your intention for the day. Refresh with a burst of laughter at midway.  

Workshops. In the present moment, upskilling has never been more important. Join hands-on workshops that will help you develop valuable skills. Check our list of 25 workshops! Make sure to sign up from the conference schedule.

Model Expo. The two Model Expo sessions will give you the opportunity to peek behind the slides you may have seen during a presentation and look at the models in more depth! To present your model sign up here

Sponsor Expo. Our sponsors not only contribute to expanding the field but also pave the way for practitioners. Join a Sponsor Exhibition session to learn more about the latest trends in software and research.

Dialog Sessions. A new addition to the Conference that will allow attendees to come together to discuss high-interest topics presented at the Conference, including emerging social threats, empowering people through modeling, and evolving methods.

Networking. “The Loop” will be a 24-hour Zoom networking room open to all attendees. We will use chat and video calls for discussions. Share your ideas, meet your future project partner, and seek advice from people with great experience. Join here

Career Fair. Choose the best time for you to attend our career fair. This is a great opportunity to learn more about organizations using System Dynamics.
Sign up and send your Curriculum Vitae!

Roundtables. We’ll have open conversations on a wide range of topics, such as democratizing System Dynamics, volunteering, and mentorship. Join the roundtables you are interested in to share your ideas and contribute to the discussion.

Award Ceremony. Every year, we show appreciation for the people doing the best work in the field. The Award Ceremony will honor the winners, and we will also recognize our outstanding posters and volunteers! Learn more about the awards.

Promote the Conference! Use our official hashtag #ISDC2021 and promote the Conference. Your support helps us give more visibility to the field. Sign up for a free presenter flyer here

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and YouTube