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Conference 2022

2022 International System Dynamics Conference

Frankfurt | July 18-22, 2022

Researchers at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in partnership with the German Chapter of the System Dynamics Society, universities and businesses established in Germany, are enthused to bringing the 40th International Conference of The System Dynamics Society to Frankfurt.

conference theme: diversity

The International System Dynamics Conference is an annual event where people from all over the world interested in the practice of System Dynamics and systems thinking gather. Now in its 39th year, the Conference appeals to audiences across industry and academia. These conferences introduce newcomers to the field, keep practitioners aware of current developments, and provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Participants come from business, universities, K-12 education, not-for-profits, government, consulting, the healthcare sector, and beyond.

The 2022 SD Conference theme is “Diversity” and we embrace this theme in all its dimensions. Diversity in teams encourages innovation and enhances decision-making and problem-solving. We thus expect (i) speakers from diverse backgrounds, (ii) submissions on topics such as gender, race or ethnicity, class, age and ability, etc., and (iii) submissions that demonstrate diverse ways of doing System Dynamics.

From the very beginning, System Dynamics has dared to be different. At the same time, there seems to be potential for a greater celebration of diversity. With the 2022 conference, we want to uncover this hidden potential. There are interesting questions to ask such as: How do race, class, gender, ethnicity, ability, etc. intersect and shape society? How do qualitative and quantitative modelling intersect and shape the ‘field’ of System Dynamics? How can System Dynamics work with and learn from related approaches? How can the experience of a diversity of practitioners be leveraged to increase the use of System Dynamics? How do we create and select teaching materials with a diverse gender, national and ethnic representation?

Diversity will be a special conference thread this year. Original submissions oriented to the conference theme may offer fresh perspectives on diversity with regards to the place of application, aspects of diversity in society, diverse ways of doing System Dynamics, and many more. Of course, we equally welcome original contributions to any of the other conference threads.

We envision ISDC 2022 to be an inclusive conference for everybody to enjoy.

the location

Frankfurt, located in the middle of Germany, with the biggest German airport nearby, constitutes an attractive option for this annual meeting. Holding the International System Dynamics Conference in this region presents an important opportunity for reinforcing and making grow, both in quality and impact, the use of System Dynamics at academic institutions and businesses in Germany. System Dynamics modeling in Germany is maturing but looking back at a long tradition. Already at the end of the 1960s, system dynamics started being used at Mannheim University, initiated by Gert v. Kortzfleisch. Peter Milling and Erich Zahn, two doctoral students of this university, joined the “limits to growth” group at MIT in the early 1970s. In 1989, the so far only International System Dynamics Conference in Germany was held in Stuttgart. Nowadays, there is an active German System Dynamics chapter (with more than 100 members) holding an annual conference. System Dynamics is taught at more than a dozen German universities, for instance, Frankfurt School and the University of Stuttgart.

Frankfurt is the most international city in Germany, the largest financial center in the European Union, the historical city of coronations, the city of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the cradle of the German democracy… In brief, the smallest metropolis in the world, in which there is a lot to discover.

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July, 18-22, 2022