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Hands-on learning!

Conference registration is required to sign up. Workshops will be held online Tuesday, July 18, and hybrid Thursday, July 27. Check out the schedule for more details.


isee systems

Getting Started with Stella


Interface Design with Stella

Learning With Loops That Matter


Data Management and Calibration with Stella

Powersim Studio


Starting from Scratch: Better Model Construction

Feedback Rich Model Construction with Powersim Studio


Creating Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter

Ventana Systems

Getting Started with Vensim + New Features

Getting Started with Ventity: Model Reuse with Ad Hoc Data

Learn and Play

Teaching and Facilitating


Context Specific Modeling

Let's Play the Beer Game!

Let’s Play Fish Banks: A Sustainable Natural Resources Management Game

Building System Dynamics Models From the News

Hamlet Modeling in Classroom

En-ROADS Climate Workshop and Training - Exploring the New Structure on Land, Agriculture, Electrification, and Economic Damage

System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc)

Introduction to Virtual Experience (VEx) Design

Cause Less Harm: Methods for Planning & Designing GMB & CBSD Projects on Equity Issues

Systems Modeling and Design Thinking for Food, Energy and Water Security in Africa

Start Macro Modeling with a MacroLab Template