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Conflict, Defense, and Security SIG

Introduction to CDS

The Conflict, Defense, and Security (CDS) Special Interest Group (SIG) of the System Dynamics Society focuses on complex systems and messy problems relevant to conflict, defense, and security situations. The SIG has a broad interest in the range of contexts of these situations (financial, cyber, physical, etc.,) as well as broader aspects (population, logistics, economics, behavior, etc.)

A conflict is a situation in which two or more parties use methods, pursue objectives or adhere to values ​​that, in reality or in the perception of the parties, are incompatible and therefore collide (source: Wikipedia). In their view it is an unresolved contradiction.

Defense refers to an action that mitigates the effect of an attack.

Security consists of protecting someone or something against potential or plausible threats. Someone or something, threats and threat actors may have different forms or levels of abstraction.

Two very common dynamic structures in complex systems related to conflict, defense, and security are:

  • The interaction between two or more opposing groups (adversial dynamics)

  • The responsive actions towards occurred events while maintaining resilience

Conflict, Defense and Security Bibliography:

The CDS SIG maintains a library, organizes peer mentoring sessions, organizes SIG meetings. Since the CDS SIG activities are driven by its members we are open to proposals for other contributions. More details are explained below.

CDS SIG library

The CDS SIG maintains a library of information for its members.

a) Knowledge base for CDS SIG members
The library provides access to publicly available CDS-related literature (papers, publications, etc.), and lists open data sources, potentially relevant journals for publication and conferences of interest to the SIG.  This library is accessible via this link:

b) Add new literature to library:
New publicly available literature (papers, publications, etc.), open data sources and potential relevant journals for publication or conferences considered relevant for the SIG CDS community can be added to the library via this link:

Peer Mentoring Group

The CDS SIG meets every month via ZOOM for a peer mentoring group session.  Each month, one SIG member presents his/her/their research, idea, or other relevant topics and receives feedback from participants.  If you want to join these sessions, please contact us via


SIG activities and a current list of CDS SIG members are reported annually to the System Dynamics Society. To maintain its recognition by the Society as an established SIG, a minimum of six System Dynamics Society members must be registered as CDS SIG members on an ongoing basis.

The CDS SIG will communicate with the System Dynamics Society Policy Council through written reports submitted to the VP Membership.

Reporting of CDS SIG activities and events as well as other matters of interest to the SIG members will be provided through the mailing list of the SIG. There is a google group mailing list.

If you want to be added to this mailing list please contact us via 

The System Dynamics Society provides the online space for this site and provides technical support on an as-needed basis, but the maintenance of its content is the responsibility of the SIG members.

How to contact / contribute

The activities of the SIG are driven by its members. If you want to get in contact, have an idea for the SIG, or would like to join or make an intellectual contribution please reach out to us via

Conflict, Defense and Security Conference Thread Chairs

For the 2021 International System Dynamics Conference, Saeed P. Langarudi and Ignacio Martinez-Moyano are the Conflict, Defense and Security Thread Chairs.

SIG team:

Sander Zeijlemaker, President
Asmeret Naugle, Vice President
Anne M. Johnson, Peer Mentor Group Chair