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Name National Health System Reform Strategy
Modelers Bobby MilsteinJack HomerGary Hirsch
Client/Participant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Client Type Government

The Issue You Tackled

Proposals to improve the US health system are commonly supported by models that have only a few variables and overlook certain processes that may delay, dilute, or defeat intervention effects.

What You Actually Did

An evidence-based dynamic simulation model with a broad national scope was developed and used to analyze various policy proposals.

The Results

The results suggest that expanding insurance coverage and improving health care quality would likely improve health status but would also raise costs and worsen health inequity, whereas a strategy that also strengthens primary care capacity and emphasizes health protection would improve health status, reduce inequities, and lower costs. A software interface allows diverse stakeholders to interact with the model through a policy simulation game called HealthBound.

Related Publications

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Did You Know?

Article of the Year

The article “Why Behavioral And Environmental Interventions Are Needed To Improve Health At Lower Cost” published in Health Affairs was winner of the Public Health Services Research (PHSR) Article of the Year.

System Dynamics Admins
System Dynamics Admins