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Jay Forrester Seminar Series #intheloop

Jay Forrester Seminar Series #intheloop

by | Aug 31, 2022 | In The Loop News, News

Jay Forrester Seminar Series
Mini-Courses to Develop System Dynamics Skills

The Jay Forrester Seminar Series consists of lectures and discussions conducted by the founder of the field with his Ph.D. students in the fall of 1999 at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The series was recorded by Susan Forrester and the Society used to handle this resource in a DVD. 

For the past year, a group of volunteers has been working on this valuable material. They completely revamped the series into a more accessible, on-demand, online course. 

A total of 11 courses will be available throughout the next months. Three of them have been released already!  Select from rich and engaging mini-courses with discussion questions to interact with other students, quizzes to test your knowledge, and readings to dive deeper. The first mini-course is free for everyone!

Mini-Courses are FREE for Society members | $25 for non-members. 
Unlock All Benefits

From Our Community

Recording: Measuring and Modeling the Mental Wealth of Nations – Watch

Recording: The U.S. Climate Bill — A Systems View with Global En-ROADS Scenarios – Watch

Reading: A New Data Driven-Model Could Provide a Powerful Policy Planning Tool to Combat the Nation’s Opioid Crisis – Read

Call-for-Papers: Systems-Level Public Health Interventions – Submit

Newsletter: DESTA completed 4 years in April! – Read


Book: Understanding the Dynamics of Nuclear Power and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions: A System Dynamics Approach – Buy on Amazon

Summer School: Thinking and Modeling Systems-Oriented Solutions for Sustainability – Sign Up

Course: A Cross-Disciplinary Exploration of the Root Causes And Solutions to the Climate Crisis – Sign Up


System Dynamics Review
Behavioral Responses to Risk Promote Vaccinating High-contact Individuals First – read

Quantifying the COVID-19 Endgame: Is a New Normal Within Reach? – read

Knowledge Management as a Domain, System Dynamics as a Methodology – read

Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Individual Workplace Well-Being Captured into a Literature- and Stakeholders-Based Causal Loop Diagram – read

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