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Apply Now to Enhance Your Career with a Master’s Degree in System Dynamics

Tuition-free (for EU/EEA/EFTA individuals) and available either online or in-person, the System Dynamics Master’s Program offered by the University of Bergen System Dynamics Group is a two-year interdisciplinary course that leads to an M.Phil in System Dynamics. It focuses on systems thinking, simulation modeling, and its applications in various fields such as social-ecological-technological systems, business, economics, sustainability, public health, psychology, and sociology. The course covers the foundations of dynamic social systems, model-based analysis, and independent modeling.

Graduates are in demand for careers in consulting, research, and organizations that require problem-solving skills.  The application deadline for EU/EEA/EFTA students is March 1st and for Nordic citizens is April 15th, 2024, see requirements and guidelines on the program’s website.

Master Degree in System Dynamics University of Bergen


Students go on to work in academia and research organizations, international organizations and agencies, NGOs, and consulting companies

Student Life

This is a full-time study that will require dedication and focus, but it also offers a vibrant student community with informal gatherings and new friends. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Understand inherent challenges in the dynamics of social systems; System Dynamics applications to problems in public and private sectors 

Masters Thesis

Your final semester is spent writing your master’s thesis. An independent scientific work that you write with the guidance and support of a supervisor.

Apply Today

Join the Master of Philosophy in System Dynamics program offered by the System Dynamics Group in Bergen, Europe. Enhance your career with a master’s degree in systems thinking, simulation modeling, and dynamic problem-solving skills.

Structure Overview

Semester One

Fundamentals of Dynamic Social Systems

Model-based Analysis and Policy Design

System Dynamics Modelling Process 

Semester Two

Policy Design and Implementation 

Model-based Socioeconomic Planning 

Client-Based Modelling 

Semester Three

Model-Based Interactive Learning Environments

Writing course and project description

Natural Resource Management

Semester Four

In your final semester, you’ll write your master’s thesis.

You are assigned a supervisor to guide you through the writing process.


Not sure if the master’s program is the right fit for you? On March 30th talk to us in this information meeting. Birgit Kopainsky will be ready to answer your questions about the program and application process!



What attendees say about the master’s program

System dynamics has served me as a solid starting point to approach topics in a transdisciplinary way.

Emil Zaharia-Kézdi
Data Systems Analyst, Millennium Institute

Out of over 1300 candidates who applied for the position at WHO, I believe my system dynamics training was an influential factor in my success.

Amanda Karapici
Researcher, WHO

It was amazing to come to this experience and be around so many people that I would never met before in my life.

Brett Jaeger
Mechanical Engineer

One of my sources of inspiration for entering this field is a quote from Donella Meadows: “The world is a complex, interconnected, finite, ecological – social – psychological – economic system. We treat it as if it were not, as if it were divisible, separable, simple, and infinite. Our persistent, intractable global problems arise directly from this mismatch.”

Mahla Rashidian

Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Water Research