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Outstanding Community Service Award

The Award

The System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award recognizes individuals that have, on a volunteer basis, made exceptional contributions to the Society over an extended period of time.

The Society has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service and Julie Pugh, who volunteered as the first Executive Director, has inspired this award. Even after establishing a central office with a paid professional staff in 1996, the growth and development of the Society has been heavily dependent on the work of volunteers. To acknowledge this work, emphasize its importance in achieving Society goals, and highlight efforts that can inspire others, this service award was established in 2009.

It is awarded as often as once per year during the annual conference.

The Prize

During the announcement a personalized plaque will be presented with a very brief recitation of achievement. The award will also be announced in a System Dynamics Newsletter after the conference. Award recipients will be listed on the Society website.

Outstanding Community Service Award Committee

Roberta Spencer (Chair)  2020-2024
Robert Eberlein  2021-2025

Birgit Kopainsky 2023-2026 partial term
Rebecca Niles 2023-2027
Jac Vennix 2019-2023 (Sara Metcalf 2024-2028)


The Community Services Award Committee will select individuals who have:

  • Made an unusually outstanding contribution to the Society in a way that benefits the development and advancement of system dynamics.

  • Exhibited the highest standards of service excellence, dedication, and accomplishment over a sustained period of time with:

    • an extended period of service, well beyond the normal term, and

    • a substantial amount of work performed above what would be considered normal for that role.

  • Taken initiative to move the Society forward.

  • Created positive results for Society members and the larger community of people interested in system dynamics.

  • Fostered a culture of service and responsibility and set a standard to inspire others.

In cases where the recipient is not attending the conference the presentation may be deferred to the following conference. In this case two awards may be presented at one conference. If the recipient is not able to attend either conference the award may be announced at one of the conferences and presented privately.

outstanding community service award winners