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Seminar Sponsorship


The Society Seminar Series consists of periodic online meetings on topics of interest to the systems thinking and System Dynamics communities.  These virtual activities cover a wide range of topics that cross many domains while bringing together academics, practitioners, and students together for learning and lively discussion. Our seminars aim to promote and improve skills to effectively apply systems thinking and dynamic computer simulation to private and public sector challenges.

These online events have been very well received with upwards of 150 in attendance. Seminars are free for members and have highly increased membership value, generated additional revenues to support our mission, and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn together outside of the annual conference.

By sponsoring a Seminar you get the chance to be featured and highlighted during the seminar. We’ll be able to make the seminar free for everyone and increase the audience. If you’re a software company, you’ll be able to showcase your product.


Feel free to add any amount
Please include the organization or individual's name you'd like to appear on the announcement regarding the seminar sponsorship.
This link may be included, along with the logo if applicable, when we announce your sponsorship on social media and via email
Please email your Logo to to be displayed on the seminar invitation and announcements
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Seminar Sponsors receive the following benefits:
  • Logo on Seminar invitation (digital)
  • Moderator will recognize and thank the sponsor during the Seminar
  • Announcement of Seminar on Social Media mentioning the sponsorship
  • Announcement of Seminar via Email mentioning the sponsorship
  • Seminar will be free to the public, leading to a larger audience
  • Opportunity for sponsor to include a brief message to the audience (e.g. slide on seminar deck during introduction*) *subject to approval

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