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Roundtable: Getting System Dynamics Into Universities Programs

Roundtable: Getting System Dynamics Into Universities Programs

by | Nov 22, 2021

During the University roundtable, we explored the following question with input from all of the participants: what are the issues, opportunities, and obstacles to increasing System Dynamics penetration in universities worldwide?

This led to a very insightful, eye-opening discussion where students, professors, university administrators, practitioners, and other stakeholders shared their diverse perspectives on the topic. Participants voted on the responses that resonated most with them, and we clustered the responses into the following main categories: support for university administrators and stakeholders, teaching focus, curriculum and fit, marketing the field, teaching delivery, career pathways, partnerships, categorization and evaluation, and society membership.

At the end of the roundtable, we invited the participants to join the University Innovation Team to analyze the insights from the discussion, prioritize the strategies to implement, and support the advancement of these strategies. Our aim is to increase the adoption and implementation of System Dynamics and systems thinking in more universities worldwide and serve as a resource to help universities and faculty in this process.

Watch the recording below

Whoops, this recording is available for members only. If you have a membership, please log in. If not, you can definitely get access! Purchase a membership here. If you're not a member but have purchased a ticket to this webinar, please contact us at office@systemdynamics.

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