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Society Members Invited to Vote

Please vote for the positions of Vice President Membership and Vice President Publications of the System Dynamics Society. Your vote is crucial in selecting the right individuals for these roles, individuals who will lead, represent, and make important decisions for our membership’s future.


How to Vote

–   Check your inbox (and/or spam folder) for an e-mail from OpaVote with subject “Vote! System Dynamics Society Ballot
–   Click on the voting button.
–   Follow the instructions to cast your vote for each position.

Voting Deadline

          Please cast your vote on or before Nov 1st, 2023. 


VICE PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP shall monitor membership and bring forward new initiatives to ensure that the Society provides the most appropriate and highest quality of service to its members; shall oversee member benefits including the journal, support for job seekers and job advertisers in System Dynamics; and shall oversee the recruitment and retention of members including participation by under-represented groups and cross fertilization with other societies.


Scott Rockart

I would like your vote for the VP of Membership role at the System Dynamics (SD) Society. I teach a course on SD for MBA and other graduate students at Duke University. I have devoted my career to the idea that knowledge of SD tools and approaches contributes to deeper understanding, more effective decision making, richer lives, fairer organizations, and a better world for all.

I have lived and worked in Czechoslovakia (at the time it separated), England, and the US. I have served on the faculty of private and public universities. These experiences highlight for me the strength that comes from global membership and varied backgrounds and perspectives. My own journey to SD started in consulting followed by MIT for my PhD. Consulting experience, and teaching in a business school, has made it clear to me the value of supporting work on public policy and in private enterprise.

I have served on the Policy Council and committees for the Society, on the Editorial Board of the System Dynamics Review, and as a Thread Chair for the annual conference every year for the past 18 years. I am humbled by the great contributions that so many people make annually to our Society, particularly to our new members. These efforts have created a strong inflow to our stock of members, making more valuable our efforts to retain members and increase engagement. As the VP of Membership, I would expand initiatives to support existing members, strengthening the Society as a platform that helps each of us increase our influence. This focus includes connecting our members more effectively to one another and to development opportunities, and expanding our efforts to build broader awareness and demand for the use of SD in public and private decision making.

Web page:

Inge Bleijenbergh

Inge Bleijenbergh is Professor Action Research, in particular on equality, diversity and inclusion at Radboud University in Nijmegen. She teaches in the European Master in System Dynamics since the start of the program in 2011. Her research involves participatory modeling (group model building), stock flow failure and dynamic structures underneath gender and diversity in organizations. She was awarded European Commission 7nd Framework research grants STAGES (2012-2015), EGERA (2014-2018) and Horizon 2020 grant GEARING Roles (2019-2022) to examine structural transformation processes on gender equality in academia. With colleagues of Tilburg University, she was awarded a Dutch GAK research grant (2021-2024) on using group model building to improve the quality of working conditions of East European labor migrants. She used group model building with stakeholders in research institutions in six European countries to develop knowledge on the dynamic processes underneath social inequality and published her work in a. o. System Dynamics Review and Systems Research and Behavioral Science. She was a member of the Policy Council of the System Dynamics Society, chairs the System Dynamics Diversity Committee (with Peter Hovmand), was thread chair of the diversity stream in the 2022 and 2023 ISD conferences and is a member of the Structural Racism interest group.

Professor Bleijenbergh is candidate for the position of Vice President Membership. She thinks members are the heart of the International System Dynamics Society. If she is elected to fulfil this office, she will strive for stimulating a diverse membership of the society in terms of gender, age, race, regional background and type of involvement with system dynamics (practice and academic based). She believes a diverse and broad-based international membership strengthens the sustainability and legitimacy of the society.

VICE PRESIDENT PUBLICATIONS shall be responsible for all matters including copyright pertaining to the publication of the Society journal and to the content and presentation of the Society’s web site; shall ensure that the Policy Council’s publications policies are reflected in the various journals, bulletins, web postings and other publications of the Society; shall represent the Society in contractual negotiations with editorial offices and printers; shall oversee the work of the Executive Editor designated in Policy 20; and shall have oversight of editorial policy of the Society’s website including archives. (See the full policies)


Nitin Joglekar

System dynamics research and practice are at a core of my work for the past 25 years. Please see my bio at: I believe that system dynamics as a field draws upon a broad base of disciplines. The rise in access to data, AI and analytics capabilities and new types of societal needs will auger well for the future of our field. We ought to focus on rigorous scientific approaches, while remaining diverse, fair and inclusive in our orientation.

I have had the privilege to serve as an editor at four journals: IEEE Transactions of Engineering Management, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Management Science, and Production and Operations Management (POM). I have also served as VP of Publications for POM. This work has given me hands on exposure to positioning managerial and academic journals. And, I have negotiated publication contracts with John Wiley Inc.

I am excited about the prospects for publication for our society as we seek to raise the impact of our flagship Journal: System Dynamics Review. If elected, I will work towards making the following as our collective priority:

  • Conduct a survey of our members about their publication needs.

  • Formalize policies based on the member needs and policy council input.

  • Negotiate contracts and formats (e.g., open access) with publishers such as John Wiley Inc.

  • Look into the prospects of bringing new media technologies into our publication process.

  • Make the process and outcomes transparent to the members through Editors’ panels at the annual meeting and web-based updates.

  • Last but not the least, be open to the interests of a diverse set of members (academia and industry; geographical coverage across five continents; doctoral students and emerging scholars etc.)

Robert Eberlein

I’m Bob Eberlein and I am running for Vice President Publications. I am a practitioner of system dynamics working at isee systems where I do consulting and manage Stella development. Previously I had worked on Vensim. I have also been actively involved in the System Dynamics Society for many years serving as Program Chair for the annual conference in 2003, 2013, and 2018 and as Vice President Electronic Presence, President, Vice President Meetings, and Secretary. Because of my many roles, both in my volunteer work with the Society and in my job, I have been able to see the breadth of activity of others in the field. I would like to see that range of interest reflected more completely in what the Society publishes. I currently serve on the Publications Committee which has, with some success, been striving to broaden published content, but there is still much to do. We are in the process of developing a new submission category for the System Dynamics Review called Papers of Practice. This is aimed at practitioners and educators who are using and teaching system dynamics every day but are not in a position to create traditional academically grounded articles. My primary motivation in running for Vice President Publications is to ensure that this work continues and comes to fruition. This will both make the System Dynamics Review more relevant to our community, and make it more attractive to publishers in what is a rapidly evolving publications landscape. For more information on me, or the new publications category, please visit or contact me by email at

If you have any questions about the voting process, please reach out to