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Standing Committees

Standing Committees (definition)

Title Ex Officio Members 2020 Appointed Members
Executive Committee Past President Martin Schaffernicht Shayne Gary
President Birgit Kopainsky Rafaat Zaini
President-Elect Paulo Goncalves  
Vice President Finance Eliot Rich  
Secretary Brad Morrison  


Title Appointed Members
Awards Committee Elke Husemann  2020-2022
Florian Kapmeier  2021-2023
David Lane  2019-2021
Erling Moxnes (Chair)  2019-2021
Hazhir Rahmandad 2019-2021


Title Ex Officio Members 2020 Appointed Members
Nominating Committee
August – July term
Past President (Chair) Martin Schaffernicht Asmeret Bier Naugle  8/20-7/23
President Birgit Kopainsky David Lane 8/19-7/22
President-Elect Paulo Goncalves Rogelio Oliva 8/18-7/21


Title Appointed Members
Organization and By-Laws Committee Robert Eberlein  2019-2021
Edward Anderson  2018-2020
Brad Morrison (Chair)  2020-2022


Title Ex Officio Members 2020 Appointed Members
Publications Committee VP Publications (Chair) Krys Stave Navid Ghaffarzadegan  2019-2021
George Backus  2018-2020
Sara Metcalf  2017-2019


Title Ex Officio Members Appointed Members
Society Program Oversight Committee (Six members) At least three former or current Program Chairs (*) Serving staggered terms

Ignacio Martínez-Moyano*  (Chair) 2019-2021


Len Maczynski*  2021-2023
Nici Zimmermann  2021-2023
Camilo Olaya*  2020-2022
Sara Metcalf*  2020-2022

Jürgen Strohhecker*  2019-2021


Title Ex Officio Members 2020 Appointed Members
Strategy Development Committee President (Chair) Birgit Kopainsky
Kim Warren  2018-2020
Past President Martin Schaffernicht
Travis Franck 2019-2021
President-Elect Paulo Goncalves
Munaf Amir 2020-2022
Next President-Elect TBD  


Title Ex Officio Members 2020 Appointed Members
Asia Pacific Coordinating Council (APCC)  President APCC Jenson Goh Tied to the term of each participating chapter president or representative.
Australasia Carl Smith
China Chapter Haiyan Yan
India Chapter Karan Khosla
Japan Chapter Yutaka Takahashi
Korea Chapter Chang-Kwon (Benjamin) Chung


Title Appointed Members
Stewardship Committee