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Statement from System Dynamics Society

Statement from System Dynamics Society

by | Apr 7, 2022 | News

Our hearts go out to those who are suffering because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There are many Ukrainian practitioners of System Dynamics, and we hope they will be able to continue work in the field. To help with this, the System Dynamics Society is waiving conference fees for all those from Ukraine who are able to attend this year’s conference either in person, or virtually. We are also waiving Society membership fees. We have asked the Program Chairs for this year’s conference and the System Dynamics Review Editor to highlight the work of Ukrainians. For those who seek financial support for research projects and other activities in System Dynamics we are prioritizing applications by Ukrainians to the Strengthening the Field Fund.

The Society will also cease association with all organizations and activities supporting or facilitating Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ensure there are no connections on our website or other publications.

The scale of loss in this conflict is enormous, and much of it is irreversible. While the System Dynamics Society can only play a very small part in helping, we want our colleagues from Ukraine to know that we stand with them.


  1. Waive 2022 conference fees for anyone from Ukraine (virtual or in-person).

  2. Waive Society membership fees for anyone from Ukraine through the end of 2023.

  3. Encourage Ukrainian Society members to work with the STFF to create appropriate proposals.

  4. Encourage journal editor and conference Program Chairs to highlight contributions by Ukrainians.

  5. Stop association with all organizations and activities supporting or facilitating Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ensure there are no connections on our website or other publications.

The statement and accompanying actions were approved by the Policy Council of the System Dynamics Society on April 6th, 2022.

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Raquel Froese Buzogany
Raquel Froese Buzogany

Director of Knowledge at System Dynamics Society

3 thoughts on “Statement from System Dynamics Society

  1. I think it would be a good idea to give the Ukrainian SD members 10 minutes before the first plenary to talk about the success they have had over the past 8-10 years using SD to better understand their economy and improve their policy decisions. This would be a way to recognize their achievement and indicate our support for them during this very difficult time.

  2. I think this is an interesting and worthwhile statement from the society with actions that show support for our Ukrainian colleagues.

    It does raise a couple of questions, however. Firstly, although the overwhelming majority of the horrific damage has been directed at Ukrainian nationals, there are hundreds of thousands of Russian nationals who have fled Russia, and more who have been imprisoned, or killed, for bravely opposing “Putin’s war”. According to Garry Kasparov well over a million have left Russia in the past few years to get away from Putin.

    Secondly, although the invasion of Ukraine certainly seems an exceptional case, there are, have been, and will be other similar situations (Palestine, Syria, US invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan) come to mind). Is this decision by the SD society an isolated one, or is a new diplomatic committee needed to formulate these policies.

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