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Systems Thinking in the Age of Digital Ecosystems

by | Feb 10, 2023

Discover how Systems Thinking can drive world-making innovations and support the evolution of traditional organizational structures and cultures in a rapidly changing business landscape. Navigate the impact of pandemics, environmental disasters, AI, and new technologies with a fresh perspective

Traditional organizational structures and cultures are challenged in today’s world where nothing about business is usual anymore. Pandemic outbreaks, human-made environmental disasters, as well as the growing importance of artificial intelligence and new technologies, are forcing a rethink about the “taken as granted” in management. How can Systems Thinking support the call for world-making innovations? 

Watch the recording below

About the Speaker

Michael von Kutzschenbach is inspired by the concept of sustainability as balancing corporate profits with environmental and social well-being. He believes that true sustainability can only be achieved through understanding different perspectives and working towards common goals. He aligns his daily actions with this approach, after studying Forest and Environmental Sciences, he received a Ph.D. researching informal networks, and currently works as a business mediator, lecturer, and project manager in various organizations in Germany, Norway, and Switzerland. His areas of research are the impacts of digitization on sustainable corporate management and sustainable entrepreneurship. 

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