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Ivan Taylor presents “SDS One-on-One Mentorship Program”

In this Collective Learning Meeting (CLM), WPI System Dynamics hosts Ivan Taylor ( who will present:

SDS One-on-One Mentorship Program

Short Description: Discuss the benefits of the SDS Mentorship program. How it works and how to join as a mentor or as a mentee.

Questions for the Audience: Would they find the one-on-one mentorship program usual to them in reaching their goals in SD?


We will record this presentation and post to the WPI System Dynamics Club YouTube Channel.

Call-in Details:

WPI System Dynamics Welcomes You (Back)!

In the first Collective Learning Meeting (CLM) of the 2021-2022 academic year, WPI System Dynamics will host a

Welcome (Back) Session

Short Description: In this discussion and networking session, we will have a round of introductions, discuss the purpose of the CLMs, reflect on the 2021 International System Dynamics Conference, and then open up the session to any topic.

We will not record this session.

Call-in details:

2021 International System Dynamics Conference

The International System Dynamics Conference is an annual event where people from all over the world interested in the practice of System Dynamics and systems thinking gather. Now in its 39th year, the Conference appeals to audiences across industry and academia. These conferences introduce newcomers to the field, keep practitioners aware of current developments, and provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Participants come from business, universities, K-12 education, not-for-profits, government, consulting, the healthcare sector, and beyond.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2021 ISDC has changed its format to be fully virtual. It will be accessible and inclusive for all participants around the world.

2021 Student-Organized Colloquium

The Student-Organized Colloquium is a free, one-day event organized by the Student Chapter of the System Dynamics Society held on the first day of the International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC). The Student-Organized Colloquium promotes dialogue among system dynamicists of varying fields, levels of training and backgrounds and creates spaces to have meaningful conversations about the topics that we all care about so that everyone can share and receive feedback to improve their work.

The format of the event consists mainly of breakout sessions in which doctoral, masters and undergraduate students, as well as practitioners, professionals and academics in any field who are new to System Dynamics (less experienced, mentees, juniors) can discuss their ideas and concerns, and get mentored by more experienced system dynamicists (mentors, seniors).

For more information, please visit the 2021 Student-Organized Colloquium Webpage.

Cissy Amparo Lavadenz-Vargas presents “Vermicomposting, an eco-san technology to close the loop in Sanitation for developing countries”

Join us online Friday, July 23rd Noon – 1PM ET (Boston time. Here is a time converter).

In the last Collective Learning Meeting (CLM) of the 2020-2021 academic year, WPI System Dynamics will host Cissy Amparo Lavadenz-Vargas ( who will present:

Vermicomposting, an eco-san technology to close the loop in Sanitation for developing countries

Short Description: Vermicomposting is a simple and accessible technology to treat organic waste, usually portrayed as clean technology. Nonetheless, the processes and relations that occur in the system are complex and not completely understood. Studies consider the variables are correlated, but the relations are not seen as a whole system. If all the variables are not controlled properly, vermicomposting produces GHG emissions diminishing its benefits. This research focuses on developing a model with system dynamics to elucidate the dynamics of vermicomposting and identify the main parameters to control or calculate GHG emissions.

Question for the Audience: When publishing a paper in the field of System Dynamics, what is the most recommendable approach CLDs or stock and flows? What are the key points when publishing an article in the area?

Biography: I am an Environmental Engineer, currently a Ph.D. student of Environmental Science and Engineering Major at USTB in Beijing, China. My current research focuses on the sustainability of Ecological Sanitation. I am new to the system Dynamics methodology, and I would like to get more insights from experts and practitioners of System Dynamics.

We will record this presentation.

If you are interested in presenting your work, please contact Christine Tang (

Call-in details:

2021 Summer School Introductory Course

Held prior to the conference, the System Dynamics Summer School provides a unique opportunity to learn (or review) the basics of System Dynamics and get exposed to real-world applications of the method. We will record all preparation sessions for viewing. The first week will be on your own to get exposure to software and systems thinking and to start watching the topic lectures. We will use the second week of Summer School week for a live discussion of topics and assignments. We will have a dedicated website for materials, homework, and Q&A. This year’s Summer School will focus on introductory and intermediate topics.

For more information, please visit the Summer School page.

Protected: 2021 Summer School Intermediate Course

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[Economics SIG] Aman Ullah and Ivan Taylor present “The Effect of Institutional Quality on Economic Growth”

Join us online Friday, July 9th Noon – 1PM ET (Boston time. Here is a time converter).

In this Collective Learning Meeting (CLM), the System Dynamics Society’s Economics SIG and WPI System Dynamics host Muhammad Aman Ullah ( and Ivan Taylor ( who will present:

The Effect of Institutional Quality on Economic Growth

Short Description: To present a macroeconomic framework that identifies the structure of institutional quality in developing countries and their linkages to economic growth and income distribution. The objective is to identify leverage points related to institutional quality that can be addressed and thereby, help to optimize policy options that enhance and sustain economic growth.

Question for the Audience: The importance of validity is the central theme of econometric research – Is the typical SD approach efficient in tackling problems of social science research with less emphasis being placed on empirical validity of SD Models.




Call-in details same as:

We will record this presentation.

Discussion on the New WPI System Dynamics Micro-courses

In this Collective Learning Meeting (CLM), WPI System Dynamics will host a:

Discussion on the New WPI System Dynamics Micro-courses

Short Description: We will

  • discuss the structure and status of the self-paced micro-courses and badges
  • demo part of the first micro-course: “System Dynamics Fundamentals”
  • communicate how to sign up for the micro-courses
  • canvass the audience for suggestions.

Questions for the Audience:

  • How likely are you to enroll in a WPI System Dynamics micro-course?
  • What would you like to see in these courses?

Call-in details: