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Student Chapter Meeting May

We welcome all students to join us for this Student Chapter meeting! We want to provide students with an opportunity to generate ideas for Student Chapter activities, plan the Student Chapter Meeting at ISDC 2024 and fundraising campaign/raffle, and network with your peers.

The Student Chapter provides networking and career-development opportunities for students, early career system dynamicists, and people new to the field.

Student Chapter objectives:

  • Extend and unify the knowledge of feedback systems among students, early career system dynamicists and people new to the field all over the world
  • Promote the development of System Dynamics and the interchange of knowledge and research in all related fields
  • Organise Student-Organized Colloquium in order to promote the communication between the students and the practitioners of the field
  • Intensify the communication between and form a basis for cooperation amongst the graduate students in their research
  • Generate interest in System Dynamics among undergraduate students
  • Create a space to help SD students get into contact with field-related graduate studies and job opportunities