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MIT Alumni System Dynamics: Action Learning in Breakout Sessions & Speed Networking

In this two-part online interactive event, spend the first half exploring topics and open discussions in short breakout sessions led by breakout leaders and room participants on system dynamics, real-world applications, and the adoption of artificial intelligence, including GPTs and LLMS. Each topic will be rotated every 10 minutes. The remaining session will become an interactive automated speed networking breakout.

We encourage you to participate, share, and ask questions. All experiences are welcome, and you don’t need to be an experienced System Dynamics practitioner or academic.

To register, RSVP, or learn more, visit the event page:

Summer School in Systems Dynamics in French

5 days in June
– to understand System thinking, Systems Dynamics
– to use systems dynamics modeling and Systems Dynamics Participatory Modeling
– to create scenarios and narratives about post-growth and degrowth issues
– to play serious games involving Systems Dynamics (Fish Banks, Into the Loop, iSDG…)



Climate Cafe – Feedback Loops On Tuesday, November 15th at 6:30 pm our topic will be the award-winning short film series Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops.
Richard Gere narrates these 5 short but critically important films that explain how environmental feedback loops work and why they’re important to understand if we are to successfully address global warming.
Their creators – Bonnie Waltch, former WGBH Senior Series Producer for NOVA, and Melanie Wallace, Emmy award-winning film producer – will introduce us to the films and answer your questions. (Note: because our Cafes are 1 hour the entire films will not be shown, but you can watch them by clicking HERE).
You’ll also learn about a project our District Environmental Action Group is developing to get these films and materials out to clubs and individuals. Climate Cafe – Feedback Loops

Fossil fuel emissions from human activity are driving up Earth’s temperature—yet something else is at work. The warming has set in motion nature’s own feedback loops which are raising temperatures even higher. The urgent question is: Are we approaching a point of no return, leading to an uninhabitable Earth, or do we have the vision and will to slow, halt, and reverse them?

Join them as former PBS producer Melanie Wallace and freelance filmmaker Bonnie Waltch discuss their series of five short films focused on climate feedback loops. Narrated by Richard Gere, the programs explain in detail how environmental feedback loops work and why they’re important to understand if we are to successfully address the warming of our planet. Bonnie & Melanie’s mission is to offer teachers around the world these educational films and supporting materials for free.