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Planning and Managing Performance Improvement Programs

11 am NY | 4 pm London | 12 am Beijing | Time Converter

Planning and Managing Performance Improvement Programs

Organizations of all types and sizes undertake programs of effort and spending to improve their performance on issues from health & safety to Net-Zero efforts to “digital transformation”. The British Standards Institution (BSI) publishes ISO “Management Standards” for such programs, but must show potential adopters exactly how implementing these standards leads to the benefits claimed. Case examples reveal a common dynamic structure for the discovery and capture of improvement opportunities. The pace of that process is enhanced by strong leadership and the visibility of early wins, but inevitably slows as the population of potential opportunities is drained. The underlying structure and the process by which it is exploited turns out to be quite generic, and applicable to a wide range of improvement programs. BSI has used ‘serious games’  built on these principles to promote the adoption of its standards, notably to encourage the implementation of net-zero programs by businesses and other organizations.

About the Speaker

Kim Warren is an experienced strategy professional, teacher, and publisher of online courses and teaching resources on business modeling – fast becoming a mainstream capability for executives, consultants, and business students. He was awarded the Jay Wright Forrester Award by the International System Dynamics Society in 2005 and was the Society’s President in 2013.