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MINDS Cast Ep. 3 –Escape from Model Land – How Mathematical Models Can Lead Us Astray and What We Can Do About it – w/ Erica Thompson (London School of Economics)

Mathematical models are used to support many kinds of decisions, but they do not produce perfect predictions of the future. Erica will talk about some mathematical and social challenges for the use of models in decision-making, drawing on examples from climate change and Covid, and consider what best practices look like for responsible modeling in politically-charged contexts.

Dr. Erica Thompson holds the position of Senior Policy Fellow specializing in the Ethics of Modeling and Simulation at the London School of Economics Data Science Institute.

Her research focuses on leveraging mathematical and computational models to guide decision-making in practical contexts. Dr. Thompson has dedicated her efforts to developing mathematical and statistical techniques for assessing and interpreting models. Additionally, she explores essential philosophical inquiries concerning the true significance of model outputs and the integration of models with expert judgement in decision-making processes.

Don’t miss out this exciting discussion!

Organized by MINDS

This event is organized by MINDS, a student-led peer mentoring initiative for System Dynamics students at the University of Bergen.

Zoom Details:

Topic: MINDS Cast Ep. 3 – Escape from Model Land w/ Erica Thompson (London School of Economics)
Time: Mar 7, 2024 04:00 PM Oslo

Meeting ID: 640 8130 8083
Password: 2f9yK9j8