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Systems Thinking Tools: Archetypes

Chapter Event

System Thinking Tools: Archetypes

The Nigerian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society is putting together some seminars to teach system dynamics to beginners across different walks of life. We started with System Dynamics Building Blocks for Beginners (click here to watch the recording).

The seminars will try to address specific, real-life issues and are designed to be easy for anyone to follow. The context and case studies (including models) will reference issues relevant to Nigeria and as such will capture some of the uniqueness of the Nigerian context. However, they can be applied to other countries.

If are you interested in learning how to build simple system dynamics models, participate in group model building, or understand the feedback structures of important systems, then these seminar events are for you.


In this second seminar, Len Malczynski will explain the various archetypes like Fixes that Fail, Growth and Underinvestment and Shifting the Burden in systems thinking and how they can be used to understand a relevant national policy in Nigeria: the Naira Redesign Policy and its widespread effect. We will also look at a process and discover archetypal patterns that may lead to better implementation. (Click here to learn more about this policy).

Details of the seminar can be found on the flyer.

Make sure to RSVP and add the event to your calendar. Click the “Join the Meeting” button on this page to join the Zoom room when it is time.

Systems Thinking Tools: Archetypes an Event organized by the Nigerian chapter of the System Dynamics Society to be held virtually on the 31st of March 2023. More details on the flyer
Systems Thinking Tools: Archetypes

About the Nigerian Chapter

The objectives of the Nigerian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

  • Developing and encouraging educational programs that promote systems thinking at all levels of education in Nigeria.
  • Promoting the development of the field of System Dynamics that will enhance the free interchange of learnings, ideas and meaningful research in all related fields.
  • Identifying, extending and unifying knowledge contributes to understanding feedback systems in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Becoming a body of knowledge in the development of models to help Nigerian public and private institutions.
  • Becoming a significant training centre with the mandate to spread systems thinking and system dynamics education across all the states in Nigeria.

To contact the Nigerian chapter, please send an email to or visit our page.

To watch previous seminar recordings, you can visit our YouTube page. Make sure to subscribe and click the notification button so you are notified when we share a new video.