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System Dynamics and Transportation 2023

The System Dynamics Society Special Interest Group in Transportation (SDS T-SIG) are pleased to announce that the 6th Annual Meeting on System Dynamics in Transportation Modelling will take place online on Thursday 6th July 2023.

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We are pleased to announce that the theme for this webinar will be the use of system dynamics in transport consultancy. We will hear from some leading global transport consultancies on how they apply system dynamics to their projects. We will also have a special session promoting the work of MSc and PhD students, as well as the SIG annual meeting where we can discuss our achievements over the past year and plans going forward, inviting all members to contribute or engage.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

12.00-12.10: Welcome and Introductions
12.10-13.30: Consultant presentations (20 mins each)
13.30-13.50: Panel Discussion
13.50-14.00: Short break / networking
14.00-15:00: Student presentations
15:00-15.45: SIG business
15:45-16.00: Final comments

For further information please contact:

T-SIG lecture series : Qualitative modelling as a participatory approach to transport system analysis

The second lecture is Applications of SD in supporting Transport Strategies for Net-Zero Systems by Design, presented by Mariana Mirabile (OECD). Mariana is an economist with a passion for improving systems based at the OECD Environment Directorate. Mariana has over 10 years of experience in policy analysis on climate change, and expertise in economics, communication, and systems thinking. She has co-developed with OECD colleagues the process Systems Innovation for Net Zero, designed to help countries identify transformative policies able to shape systems that work for people and the planet. Mariana is a partner of Systems Innovation, a community of systems innovators, and before joining the OECD she worked at the World Food Programme supporting the implementation of school feeding programs in developing countries.

ISDC 2022 Transportation SIG Meeting

Transportation SIG Meeting

The 2022 System Dynamics Conference – Frankfurt Germany

Tuesday, July 19

Meeting (213): Transportation Special Interest Group Meeting, chaired by Astrid Guehnemann, Gillian Harrison (S3.01)

Virtual conference attendees will be able to access the meeting through the conference site.

Visit the Transportation SIG webpage for more info.