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The Organizational Responsibility Model for Public Companies

The Organizational Responsibility Model for Public Companies

Name Brazilian state of Minas Gerais
Authors/Consultant Passos GF, Chamovitz I, Theodoulidis B

In order to sustain its fast growth in the future, Brazil is looking for a new engine that hinges on the expansion of opportunities for learning and working. In Brazil, public companies face budget constraints and difficulties in hiring staff. Inadequate staff capacity set down workers’ motivation blocking attempts to increase productivity. However, implementing a new economic model for capacity expansion requires institutional innovation. Public companies are faced with the challenge to achieve a balanced growth of resources, one which at the same time achieves targets but does not overstretch capacities.

A model has been constructed for the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and is helpful to meet this challenge. This Organizational Responsibility Model, developed for a public company, integrates system dynamics and agent based modeling. It captures the relations between human resources capacity, hiring, motivation, training, knowledge management and financial. The model has helped to standardize contracting services throughout public companies and aligned services by facilitating operational agreements. Part of the model is ready for simulation here (the model).


PASSOS, G.F. CHAMOVITZ, I. Modelo De Responsabilidade Organizacional, Aplicado Em Empresa Pública De Tecnologia Da Informação E Fundamentado Em Dinâmica De Sistemas. In: IX Congresso Nacional de Excelência em Gestão – CNEG 2013, 2013, Rio de Janeiro – RJ.
PASSOS, G.F. CHAMOVITZ, I., THEODOULIDIS, B. Organizational Responsibility Model: Dealing with demand for services higher than installed capacity. Article accepted for presentation at the IEEE SMC 2013 Conference (SMC: Systems Science), October, 2013.
System Dynamics Admins
System Dynamics Admins