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Name Pages Year Title
Abdel-Hamid 522 1984 The Dynamics of Software Development Project Management: An integrative System Dynamics Perspective
Anderson 189 1997 The Effects of Business Cycles on Capital Supplier Productivity and Technological Capability
Bakken 255 1993 Learning and Transfer of Understanding in Dynamic Decision Environments
Behrens 271 1975 A Policy Structure for Monetary Control Decisions
Black 259 2002 Collaborating Across Boundaries: Theoretical, Empirical, and Simulated Explorations
Diehl 310 1992 Effects of Feedback Structure on Dynamic Decision Making
Eberlein 283 1984 Simplifying Dynamic Models by Retaining Selected Behavior Modes
Fiddaman 360 1997 Feedback Complexity in Integrated Climate-Economy Models
Ford 342 1995 The Dynamics of Proj. Management: An invest. of the Impacts of Proj. Process & Coordination on Performance
“Forrester, N” 268 1982 A Dynamic Synthesis of Basic Macroeconomic Theory: Implications for Stabilization Policy Analysis (D-3384)
Garet 475 1979 The Implementation of Social Policy: An Assessment of Organizational Capability
Goncalves 190 2003 Demand Bubbles and Phantom Orders in Supply Chains
Graham 361 1977 Principles on the Relationship Between Structure and Behavior of Dynamic Systems (D-2785)
Hines 205 1987 Essays in Behavorial Economic Modeling (D-4645)
Homer 649 1983 A Dynamic Model for Analyzing the Emergence of New Medical Technologies
Kampmann 478 1992 Feedback Complexity and Market Adjustment: An Experimental Approach
Killingsworth 181 1972 Application of Contraction Mappings to the Control of Nonlinear Systems
Kim 432 1993 A Framework and Methodology for Linking Individual and Organizational Learning: Applications in TQM·
Low 537 1977 Financial Market Dynamics: An Analysis of Credity Extension and Savings Allocation
Lyneis 203 1974 The Impact of Corporate Financial Policies On Corporate Growth And Profitability (D-2265)
Mashayekhi 437 1978 Strategy of Economic Development in Iran: A Case of Development Based on Exhaustible Resources
Mass 285 1974 Generic Feedback Structures Underlying Economic Fluctuations
Meadows 174 1969 The Dynamics of Commodity Production Cycles: A Dynamic Cobweb Theorem
“Miller, J” 239 1974 Dynamics of Urban Land Rezoning (D-1974)
Morecroft 349 1979 Influences from Information Technology on Industry Cycles (A Case Study in Manufacturing Industry)
Morrison 155 2003 Co-Evolution of Process and Content in Organizational Change: Explaining the Dynamics of Start & Fizzle
Oliva Pue 186 1996 A Dynamic Theory of Service Delivery: Implications for Managing Service Quality
Ozveren 267 1989 Analysis and Control of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems: A State Space Approach
Paich 161 1994 Boom and Bust: Decision making in a Dynamic Market Environment
Randers 336 1973 Conceptualizing Dynamic Models of Social Systems: Lessons from a Study of Social Change
Repenning 157 1996 The Improvement Paradox: Three Essays on Process Improvement Initiatives
Richardson 2 1984 The Evolution of the Feedback Concept in American Social Science
Richmond 423 1979 Government Growth in a Fixed Economy
Rockhart 140 2001 Calling Spirits from the Deep: Competying for and through Sophisticated Customers
Runge 426 1976 Labor-Market Dynamics: An Analysis Of Mobility and Wages (D-2360)
Saeed 416 1980 Rural Development And Income Distribution: The Case Of Pakistan
Sastry 245 1995 Time and tide in organizations: Simulating change processes in adaptive, punctuated, and ecological theories of organizational evolution
Senge 421 1978 The System Dynamics National Model Investment Function: A Comparison to the Neoclassical Investment Function
Shaffer 490 1976 Court Management and the Massachusetts Criminal Justice System
Sterman 1053 1981 The Energy Transition and the Economy: A System Dynamics Approach, Vol. 1
Swanson 174 1969 Resource Control in Growth Dynamics
Taylor 442 1999 Modeling Paper Material Flows and Recycling in the US Macroeconomy
Name Pages Year Title
Abrams 168 1984 Parameter Sensitivity Analysis in System Dynamics
Achi 253 1982 A System Dynamics Model of a Professional Organizatiion: The Dynamics of Personnel Policy
Ames 81 1966 A Model of Hiring Practices and Implementation Decisions in a Research Oriented Organization
Bagley 148 1951 Electronic Digital Machines for High-Speed Information Searching
Bates 110 1960 A Dynamics Study of Self-Induced Seasonal Cycles
Ballmer 133 1960 Copper Market Fluctuations: An Industrail Dynamics Study
Bamford 131 1991 A Case Study in Managing Corporate Growth
Basile 203 1975 A Socio-Economic Model of the United States: Evaluation of Transition Policies
Beaumariage 133 1960 A Dynamic Model Study of a Military Product Development Organization
Becker 120 1970 An Analysis of National Urbanization Problems/Policies and Existing/Propsed New Town
Bellin 120 1981 The Founding, Growth and Development of Technically Based New Enterprises
Benton 181 1959 An Investigation of Price Propagation in an Industrial Production-Distribution System
Blackman 96 1966 The Growth Dynamics of an Industrial Research Laboratory in the Aerospace Industry
Blitz 131 1957 Digital Computers as Simulators of Dynamic Industrial Problems
Boyce 72 1989 Interactions of Sales and Manufacturing in a High Tech Firm
Brau 94 1990 A Computer-based Case Study of Sun Microsystems
Brekel 46 1994 A System Dynamics Analysis of the Steel Industry
Brougham 71 1999 S.D. and Process Improvement: Can the U.S. Navy Acquisition Community Learn from Industry Behavior?
Brown 131 1997 World Dynamics in the 21st Century
“Brown, J.” 132 1992 A System Dynamics Analysis of Total Quality Management Implementation False Starts (D-4297)
Callahan 58 1994 The Dynamics of Quality Improvement
Cárdenas 87 1995 Illegal Firms, Drug Dealing, and the Effectiveness of Enforcement
Carstens 126 1966 The Eddect of Managerial Capability on the Growth of the Firm: An Industrial Dynamics Study
Chevalley 166 1991 From Central Command Economies to Free Markets: The Transition of Central Europe
Choi 77 1999 System Dynamics Approach to Address Urban Youth Homicide
Choudhari 84 1997 The Dynamics of Competitive Society (D-4677 )
Christman 142 1950 Study of Automatic Control by Digital Computers
Cohen 185 1971 Spin-Off Organizations: A Study of Enterprises Spun-off From the M.I.T. Community
Consunji 84 1983 Purchasing Strategy: A Key Factor for Success in the Computer Industry
Daniels 169 1984 Exploring the Dynamics of Welfare: A S. D. Model of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children Program
Day 83 1960 A Dynamic Model of a Weapons Logistic System
deReynier 105 1960 Production Information Flow and Decision Making in Naval Shipyards
Diab 152 1981 Foreign Investment in the Building Industry in Kuwait: A System Dynamics Approach
Dondé 83 1997 Policy Analysis for Mexico City Based on a System Dynamics Model
Dougherty 69 1992 The Use of Dynamic Modeling in Intra-national Conflict Negotiations
Douthit 44 1996 The Long Wave: Theory, Evidence & Status
Dunlop 166 1960 The Application of Dynamic Analysis to Management Decisions in Aviation
Engelsman 129 1991 Search for Chaotic Signatures in Economic Data
Fairaizl 119 1973 A Model of Interpersonal Dynamics Within the Community Health Team
Fakhoury 126 1984 J.I.T. and M.R.P. Production and inventory Control Systems: Comparative and Simulation Analysis
Fey 170 1961 The Stability and Transient Response of Industrial Organizations
Finan 256 1993 System Dynamics Analysis of an Ordering System Used for Commercial Aircraft Manufacture
Finch 84 1962 Factors that Influence Changes in Cost and Time Schedules of Research and Development Contracts
Flint 100 1986 A Role-playing Simulation for the Planning and Control of a Multiple-product Salesforce
Floribert 46 1993 Dynamics of Diffusion and Competition in the Market for Software
Folk 96 1974 A System Dynamics Representation of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Theory
Foster 233 1970 The Dynamics of Blood Sugar Regulation
“Forrester, J.” 93 1945 Hydraulic Servomechanism Developments
Frashure 99 1964 Electric Generating Equipment Industry Fluctuations: An Industrial Dynamics Study
Frasier 171 1972 Crime and Punishment: A System Dynamics Analysis
Friis 155 1990 Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: Computer Simulation Applied to Corporate Strategy for a Small Book Publisher
Fryling 90 1964 The Dynamic Problems of Introducing a Comptetitive Product to the Market
Genta 135 1989 Understanding the Boston Real Estate Market: A System Dynamic Approach
Gerald 117 1987 Teaching the Dynamics of Time Management
Glass 77 1992 Designing a Hands-On Approach to Calculus (D-4317)
Goldstein 110 1983 Long Waves and War Cycles (D-3483)
Goodman 94 1972 Elementary System Dynamics Structures
“Graham, G.” 81 1986 Behavioral Modeling and Sim. Of Production Planning in an Electronics Components Firm
Greer 223 1963 A Gaming Approach to Management Eduction
Hadley 176 1958 Towards a Dynamic Model of the National Economy
Halbower 50 1991 System Dynamics Applied to Pre-College Education: A Guide for Physics Teachers
Harlow 57 1972 Exploring Rent Control with Urban Dynamics
Hartman 107 1973 Limits to Growth of Physics
Hastings 112 1969 Resource Allocation Decisions in a Public Utility: An Industrail Dynamics Study
Hernandez 55 1991 Learning in Real Estate: The Role of the Development System in Causing Oversupply
“Hirsch, G.” 110 1971 Societal Response to Social Problems
“Hirsch, M.” 163 1965 A Behavioral Model of Professional Performance
Howard 87 1961 The Dynamics of Growth of a Small Company
Hunter 101 1964 The Effect of Transportation on the Growth of a City
Hurford 131 1960 Application of Industrial Dynamics to the Growth of the Fuel Manufacturing Industry for Nuclear Thermal Electric Power Plants
Ichihara 120 1965 A Dynamic Model of Textile Industry
Jannsen 203 1961 A Dynamic Model of a Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Company
Jarmain 151 1962 Dynamics of the Florida Frozen Orange Concentrate Industry
“Jones, A.” 126 1997 Sustaining Process Improvement in Product Development: The Dynamics of Part and Print Mismatches (D-4685)
“Jones, C. R.” 109 1968 A Dynamic Analysis of a Company’s Interaction with the Aerospace Market
“Jones, M.” 72 1957 Analysis of the Causes of Inventory and Production Oscillations in a Retail-Wholesale-Factory Distribution System
Kane 237 1963 A Model-oriented Approach to Studying the Structure and Performance of a Research and Development Organization
Katz 117 1958 An Operations Analysis of an Electronic Systems Firm
Kelly 301 1970 The Dynamics of R & D Project Management
Kennedy 197 1962 An Analysis of the Air Force Hi-Valu Logistic System: An Industrial Dynamics Study
Khan 135 1997 System Dynamics Modeling of Generic Quality Improvement Programs (D-4688)
Khilnani 28 1974 Parameter Sensitivity in Non-linear Models
Kinsley 180 1959 The Managerial Use Of Industrial Dynamics As Illustrated By a Company Growth Model(D-3659)
Knoll 194 1995 A System Dynamics Model for the Diffusion of a New Technology
Konner 99 1993 Computer Simulation Applied to a Fast-Growing Oregon Winery
Krasnow 164 1958 The Dynamics of Production and Distribution in the Rayon and Acetate Sector of the Textile Industry
Laird 112 1970 A Dynamic Feedback Theory of Political Value Change
Larsen 122 1969 An Evaluation of Managerial Strategies for Dealing with Work Pressure in a Project Oriented Environment
Leach 34 1995 Development of a Total Quality Management Flight Simulator
Ledet 248 1992 Balancing Time-To-Marekt, Customer Understanding and Creative Innovation
Lenz 168 1959 A Development of Explicit Methods in Technological Forecasting
Lett 157 1961 An Industrial Dynamics Analysis of a Defense Product Development Organization
Li 30 2000 Computerized Beer Distribution Game Management Flight Simulators: A Review
Luebke 99 1962 Develoopment of a Top-level Management Game Based on Industrial Dynamics
“Lyneis,J.” 82 1970 Corporate Growth as Influenced by Engineering and Marketing Resource Allocation
Lynes 79 1966 An Industrial Dynamics Approach to Interpersonal Behavior Systems
Maguire 105 1960 Techniques of Industrial Dynamics Applied to a Small Manufacturing Company – A Case Study
Mahoney 55 1960 Effects of a Labor Sector on the Production Distribution System
Marcus 112 1971 The Inventory and Distribution Policies of a Large Industrial Rubber Goods Firm
Martignone 123 1994 Model Building for Internal Negotiations in a Large Retail Bank
“Martin, J.” 64 1983 The Expanding Functional Integration of Manufacturing
“Martin, W.” 163 1975 A Policty Model of Prepaid Group Practice Growth Potential
McCarthy 183 1981 Success versus Survival: The Dilemma of High Technology Firms
McPherson 78 1965 Organization Change: An Industrial Dynamics Approach
“Miller, R.” 177 1963 Dynamics of Product Growth in a Competitive Market
Moissi 158 1989 Decision Making in the Insurance Industry: A Dynamic Simulation Model And Experimental Results (D-4029)
Mullen 173 1990 The Merits of a Long Term View: An Analysis of Strategic Planning Time Horizons
Mullaney 104 1961 The Dynamic Behavior of an Aerospace Company
Nee 91 2002 Urban Dynamics: An Application to Singapore
Nelson 75 1957 Economic Factors in Further Automation of the Oil and Chemical Industries
Niemi 127 1962 Industrial Dynamics: Case Study of a Maiil Order Firm
Nord 167 1962 Growth of a New Product
Olmstead 138 1960 The Generation of a Market for a New Product in the Electronics Industry
Packer 105 1963 The Impact of Resource Acquisition Pollicies on Corporate Growth
Papian 85 1950 A Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory Unit
Pathak 139 1968 System Analysis of the Process of Implementing an Innovation
Payette 106 1970 Financial Management and Corporate Growth: An industrial Dynamics Study
Pedersen 108 1967 The Analysis of Feedback Systems
Perrine 112 1968 The Dynamics of Transition in a Large Government Research and Development Center
Peters 79 1971 A Health Dynamic Model – Phase I
Pettit 161 1958 Economic Models
Pringle 116 1965 An Investigation of R & D Marketing Strategy
Rabins 81 1979 System Dynamics Modelling Of The Automobile With A View To Labor Stabilization (D-3078)
Raff 105 1960 Dynamics of the Tankship Industry
Reichelt 178 1990 Halter Marine: A Case Study of the Dangers of Litigation
Reyff 105 1980 A System Dynamics Approach to Long-Range Railroad Equipment Planning
Rigler 152 1986 A Competitive Study of the HMO Industry in Massachusetts
Roane 96 1974 Organization Dynamics
Robinson 128 1995 Critical Examination of Models and Simulations to Support Air Warfare Training: Blue Flag
Rocky 79 1961 A Description of the Factors Involved in Planning a Program for a Research and Development Project
Rote 50 1986 Interest Rate Dynamics in the Post-war Period and the Long Wave Theory of Real Interst Rates
SaintGenies 224 1965 Voting Behavior
Sakata 183 1965 A Dynamic Study of Mass Production
Saylor 147 1987 A Machiavellian Interpretation of Political Dynamics
Schlager 277 1961 A Systems Analysis of the Copper and Aluminum Industries: An Industrial Dynamics Study
Scholl 75 1991 The Dynamics of System Dynamics: Past and Future
Schroeder 96 1972 Lowell Dynamics: Preliminary Applications of the Theory of Urban Dynamics
“Senge, P” 189 1972 The Use of Additively and Multiplicatively Separably Functions in Systems Modeling
Seville 130 1994 Moving Beyond The Model: A Framework for Integrating System Dynamics into Organizational Policy Making
Shimada 67 1997 Urban Dynamics: An Application to Mexico City
“Smith, D.” 39 1996 FeedbackStructure underlying Microsfot’s Success
“Smith, H.” 132 1963 An Industrial Dynamics Study of the Growth of a New Product
“Smith, R.” 73 1960 A Dynamic Model of Advertising Competition
Steinhoff 119 1971 Short Term Manpower Deployment: An Industrial Dynamics Study
Stiffler 73 1987 Overcoming Barriers to Effective Use of Simulation as a Strategy Analysis Tool
Stuart 124 1987 On the Limit to Growth – An Update
Teplitz 101 1965 Spin-Off Enterprises from a Large Government Sponsored Laboratory
Thomas 132 1980 Planning for Discontinuities
Thompson 97 1985 Artificial Skin: Its Path to Adoption
Troup 228 1972 Hospital Emergency Services: Modeling a Dynamic System
Twine 134 1973 A Dynamic Systems Analysis of Defensive Medicine
Vaturi 135 1962 Establishing Industries in Underdeveloped Countries
Wachold 89 1963 An Investigation of the Technical Effectiveness of a Gov. Research, Development, Test and Eval. Org.
Wainer 164 1965 The Spin-off of Technology from Government-sponsored Research Laboratories: Lincoln Laboratory
Walter 129 1959 An Analysis Relating Lead Time and Market Penetration in the Auto Industry
Weber 57 1957 The Dynamic Behavior of Business Systems by the Simulation Technique
Weibel 133 1962 An Industrial Dynamics Study of Management Product Policies
Weidner 90 1968 The Failure of Intuitive Solutions
Weil 90 1967 Capital Market Development in Emerging Nations
Welles 190 1963 An Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of a Research and Development Organization
Wesolowski 201 1964 The Impact of the 1962 New Drug Regulations on Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Wick 121 1975 The Management Side of Ministry
“Wilcox, J.” 55 1965 A Heuristic Model of Production and Investment
Wilcox 147 1967 The Multiplier-accelerator Model Reformulated
Wile 93 1994 Theories of Organizaitonal Change: A System Dynamics Perspective
Witzburg 116 1974 The Anatomy of Defensive Medicine: A System Dynamics Analysis
Zamudio-Ramírez 325 1996 Economics of Automobile Recycling