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Ventana Systems

Ventana Systems, Inc Logo

Ventana Systems

Ventana is working on a number of applications that combine models and data to analyze strategies in complex systems:

  • A state COVID19 response model that interprets test statistics and facilitates resource allocation. The model pools information from the 50 US states, and runs in parallel on HPC servers.
  • A city/utility low-carbon strategy model that examines relationships among buildings, energy-consuming devices, electric and other vehicles, and utility rates.
  • A state energy sustainability platform that allows an energy-producing state to explore alternative pathways that serve decarbonization, reliability and employment goals, blending CCS and EOR with emerging PV, solar and storage, including a novel statistical treatment of variability.
  • An assessment of the science base emerging from the Deepwater Horizon accident, with a metamodel of the Gulf of Mexico’s health.
  • Smart City planning, including a metro population model for a major city and a district-level dynamic planning model.

The confluence of challenges we face – COVID, climate, social justice, and political corrruption to name a few, leave us convinced that now, more than ever, technology must support sophisticated, accurate modeling at the breakneck speed of crisis decision making. We remain dedicated to providing tools to support both your most urgent needs and your most important long-term strategies.

Vensim 8.1

The new Vensim 8.1 release begins the rollout of a new graphics framework for model diagrams, with aesthetic and Synthesim improvements.

Vensim DSS can now export models to run in web browsers via WebAssembly. Models run on the client side with no latency, so Synthesim provides a good user experience. There is much more to come on this front. You can try one example at

Vensim Pro and DSS can now combine submodels. This makes group model development easier and facilitates re-use of models.

Ventity 4

Ventity 4.0 will be released prior to the System Dynamics conference. The new version includes many small refinements, like bar charts, new run management options and copy-paste improvements, as well as some major new features. Reusable Components, like super-macros, can be shared within and across models. GIS visualization is improved, and performance loading data and running models is faster across the board.

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