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Webinar Highlights and Recording: Navigating Client Dissatisfaction

by | Nov 3, 2023

Dennis Sherwood, a stalwart in the consulting industry, recently presented a webinar that peeled back the curtain on the not-so-glamorous aspect of consulting—client dissatisfaction. With over 20 years under his belt and roles in prestigious firms like Deloitte and Goldman Sachs, Dennis brought a wealth of experience to the discussion, centered around a challenging government project that spanned a decade.

The Struggle for Educational Reform: Dennis dove into the intricacies of a flawed examination grading system he audited, which affected countless students’ futures. Despite his comprehensive analysis and solution-oriented approach, he encountered stiff resistance from the powers that be, illuminating the daunting task consultants often face when their findings and client expectations don’t align.

Advocacy in the Face of Resistance: His unwavering commitment to rectify the grading system, even after being turned away, highlights a consultant’s duty to pursue the truth and advocate for change. Dennis’s call to action rallied lawyers, educators, and policymakers to join the fight for transparency and fairness in education.

The Takeaway: Dennis Sherwood’s “Navigating Client Dissatisfaction” session is a testament to the perseverance needed in consultancy, especially when advocating for societal change against entrenched systems. For those inspired by his dedication, Dennis remains open to dialogue and can be reached for further insight at

Watch the recording below

Whoops, this recording is available for members and ticket purchasers only. Please login to verify. If you’re not a member, purchase a membership here. You can also buy a ticket to watch the recording here.


About the Speaker

Dennis Sherwood has championed organizational innovation and creativity for over 20 years through his UK-based consultancy. A fervent advocate of systems thinking, Dennis’s vast experience ranges from being a consulting partner at Deloitte to holding pivotal roles at establishments like Goldman Sachs and SRI Consulting. An acclaimed author, Dennis has authored 15 books on topics spanning innovation, creativity, and systems thinking, with titles such as “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” and “How to Be Creative: A Practical Guide for the Mathematical Sciences.” Join us as Dennis unravels the nuances of client relationships, providing invaluable insights from his distinguished career.

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