Create a CD of the 2007 Conference Proceedings

Download the iso file from the following link: (The file is about 150 megabytes, please plan your download time accordingly.)

Regardless of the browser you use, be sure to download or save the .iso file to your computerís hard drive or desktop.

Insert a blank CD in the CD recorder drive.

Use your program of choice to create/burn a CD from the .iso file.

NOTE: The program MUST have a choice to "Record/make/burn CD from Hard Disc Image."
If not, download or purchase a program with that option. Making a copy of the .iso file will only create a CD with the same .iso file and will NOT be a fully functioning CD of the proceedings.

Click here for .jpg file of the Proceedings CD Label to print and adhere to your CD.

If you have trouble creating the CD, please check your computer program or manufacturer help line, or contact your local tech support.

Last edited October 4, 2007 rsl