Sessions by Thread
The 2007 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Business Applications

Plenary: Strategic and Project Dynamics, chaired by Rogelio Oliva

Why myopic policies persist? Impact of growth opportunities and competition, by Hazhir Rahmandad Abstract Paper Supporting

System Dynamics Applied to Project Management: A Survey, Assessment, and Directions for Future Research, by James Lyneis Abstract

Parallel: Business Applications in Information & Communication Technologies, chaired by Susan Howick

Structural Interventions in Electronic Networks of Practice: A Dynamic Grid/Group Model of Growth and Decline., by Peter Otto, Martin Simon Abstract Paper

Network Bandwidth Estimation: A System Dynamics Approach, by Anas Tawileh, Stephen McIntosh Abstract Paper

Broadband adoption: the case of rural and remote Scotland, by Susan Howick, Jason Whalley Abstract Paper

Parallel: Industry Dynamics, chaired by Usman Ghani

Modeling of Real Estate Price Oscillations in Istanbul, by Yaman Barlas, Birnur Ozbas, Onur Ozgun Abstract Paper

Forecasting the Diffusion of Innovations by Analogies: Examples of the Mobile Telecommunication Market, by Eva-Maria Cronrath, Alexander Zock Abstract Paper Supporting

Co-opetition for the Diffusion of Resistant Innovations: A Case Study in the Global Wine Industry using an Agent-based Model, by Rosanna Garcia Abstract Paper

Parallel: Business Dynamics, chaired by Sharon Els

Exploring Intellectual Capital Investments Policies in a Call Center through A ‘System Dynamics’ Resource Based View, by Enzo Bivona Abstract Paper

The Value of System Dynamics in the Wider World: an Outside-In View, by Craig Stephens Abstract Paper

New Venture Commercialization of Clean Energy Technologies, by David Miller, John Sterman Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Project Management Dynamics, chaired by Ginny Wiley

Project Controls to Minimize Cost and Schedule Overruns: A Model, Research Agenda, and Initial Results, by Timothy Taylor, David Ford, James Lyneis Abstract Paper Supporting

The Dynamics of Software Testing, by Anas Tawileh, Stephen McIntosh, Brent Work, W.K. Ivins Abstract Paper

The Dynamics of ERP Success, by Margaret Fryling Abstract Paper

Poster: Business Applications

System Dynamics Modelling of Competing UK Construction Firms, by Michael Quigley, Andrew Fleming, Brian Dangerfield, James Kearney Abstract

System Dynamics Modeling of Benefit Realization When Adopting New Software, by Gerrit Heijkoop, Scott Cunningham Abstract Paper

Modeling the Dynamics of the Egyptian Stock Market, by Mohamed Askar, Ahmed Marzouk, Maha Resk Abstract Paper

From Mopping the Floor to Fixing the Plumbing: How KPN Telecom Uses SD to Improve Ramp-ups In its Service Supply Network, by Henk Akkermans, Willem van Oppen Abstract Paper

Transaction Costs and Outsourcing Dynamics: A System Dynamics Approach, by Edoardo Mollona, Alessandro Sposito Abstract Paper Supporting

Scenario Analysis using System Dynamics Modelling:The case of Production Portfolio Change in the Dutch Paper and Board Industry, by Catherine Chiong Meza, G.P.J. Dijkema, Cornelia van Daalen Abstract Paper Supporting

The Dynamics of Technological Substitutions, by Brice Dattee, David FitzPatrick, Henry Weil, Steffen Bayer Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Business Applications

Investigation of Impacts of Dynamic Concurrence on Development Project Manageability, by Jiong You, Qifan Wang, Lizhen Huang Abstract Paper

Forecasting Turning Points in Shipping Freight Rates – Lessons from 30 Years of Practical Effort, by Jorgen Randers, Ulrich Goluke Abstract Paper Supporting

Application of Resilience Analysis in Production Systems – Bombardier Transportation Case Study, by Felicjan Rydzak, Edward Chlebus Abstract Paper

Analyze word-of-mouth effect in terms of macro-behavior: The herd behavior in Chinese market, by Showing Young, Shyh-Jane Li, Yu-Ying Huang, An-ho Tsai Abstract Paper

Nemak: A look in to the future using a Dynamic Balanced Scorecard, by Gloria Perez Salazar, Karla Cabrera, Vissalia Miramontes, Manuel Godoy, Carlos Scheel Abstract Paper

Investments in Operational Attributes and Impact on Outcomes in Training Services, by Kalyan Pasupathy, Kostas Triantis Abstract Paper

Standard Business Architectures for Engaging Management, by Kim Warren Abstract

Poster: Business Applications

Modeling Dynamics of Workforce Absenteeism and Effectiveness of Mitigation Actions During Pandemics, by Lianjun An, Young Lee Abstract Paper

Understanding Family Businesses as Value Creating Systems through System Dynamics, by Gianluca Colombo, Francesco Chirico Abstract Link

The effect of Family Inertia on the Value Creation Process in Family Firms: New Insights from a Simulation Study, by Francesco Chirico, Gianluca Colombo Abstract Paper

Firm Behavior Optimal Control on Mobile Service Market, by Andrey Koblov, Vladimir Shiryaev Abstract Paper

High Level Internet Modeling, by Gerard O'Reilly, Rene LeClaire, Chris White, Alan Weiss Abstract Paper

Modelling and Analysis of Production System of A Steel Plant- A System Dynamics Approach, by K. R. Divakar Roy Abstract Paper Supporting

Complexity/Agent Based/Nonlinear Dynamics

Parallel: Methodological Innovations, chaired by R. Joel Rahn

Computational and Dynamic Complexity in Economics, by J. Barkley Rosser Abstract Paper

Incorporating System Dynamics Modeling into Goal-oriented Adaptive Requirements Engineering, by Yong Du Abstract Paper Supporting

Using Traditional and Agent-Based Toolsets for System Dynamics:, by Nathaniel Osgood Abstract Paper

Parallel: Agent-Based Applications, chaired by Gregory Love

Landscape Dynamics of El Farol attendees, by Canan Atilgan, Güven Demirel, Ali Rana Atilgan Abstract Paper

Agent-Based Modeling as a Tool for Manpower and Personnel Management, by Denis Garagic, Iavor Trifonov, Paolo Gaudiano, David Dickason Abstract Paper Supporting

Analysis of Investor Behavior in an Artificial Stock Market, by Christian Weitert Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Model Analysis and Simplification Techniques, chaired by Thomas Fiddaman

Visualising the Effects of Non-linearity by Creating Dynamic Causal Diagrams, by Willem Geert Phaff, Jill Slinger Abstract Paper

The Effect of Network Topology in Social Diffusion: A System Dynamics Approach, by Micah McCutchan, Enrique Campos-Nanez Abstract Paper Supporting

Lightening the Performance Burden of Individual-Based Models through Dimensional Analysis and Scale Modeling, by Nathaniel Osgood Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Agents and Nonlinear Dynamics

Fifty Years of Table Functions, by Douglas Franco Abstract Paper

Chaotic Behavior in a Modified Goodwin's Growth Cycle Model, by Claudio Tebaldi, Giorgio Colacchio Abstract Paper

Mitigating the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains using Grammatical Evolution, by Michael Phelan, Seán McGarraghy Abstract Paper

Workshop: Multiscale Modeling in Anylogic6 with Health Examples, by Geoff McDonnell, Nathaniel Osgood, Andrei Borshchev, Özge Karanfil, Güven Demirel, Mark Heffernan, David Lyell, Rosemarie Sadsad Abstract Link

Economic Dynamics

Parallel: Economic Applications of SD, chaired by Michael Radzicki

Economic Transition Management in Iranian Cement Industry, by Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Amir Tajrishi, Niyousha Hosseinichimeh Abstract Paper Supporting

Pandemic Influenza Mitigation Strategies and their Economic Impacts, by Mary Ewers, Lori Dauelsberg Abstract Paper

A Communication Model with Limited Information-Processing Capacity of Recipients, by Oleg Pavlov, Robert Plice, Nigel Melville Abstract

Parallel: Market Dynamics, chaired by Malcolm Brady

Advertising effectiveness and spillover: simulating strategic interaction using advertising, by Malcolm Brady Abstract Paper

Self-organizing Markets, by Fernando Buendia Abstract Paper

Non-Equilibrium Industry Dynamics with Knowledge-Based Competition: An Agent-Based Computational Model, by Myong-Hun Chang Abstract Paper

Parallel: Growth and Institutional Economics, chaired by Michael Radzicki

Controlling Employment, Profitability and Proved Non-Renewable Reserves in a Theoretical Model of the U.S. Economy, by Alexander Ryzhenkov Abstract Paper Supporting

Understanding Recent Developments in Growth Theory, by Lars Weber Abstract Paper

In Defense of System Dynamics: A Response to Professor Hayden, by Michael Radzicki Abstract Paper

Parallel: Development Economics, chaired by Klaus John

An Investigation of the Innovation Performance in the Capital Goods Sector in Colombia: Using the System Dynamics Approach, by Ana Maria Mora Luna, Pål Davidsen Abstract Paper Supporting Link

The Dynamic Impact of the Cost of Doing Business on SME’s in the Economy of Egypt, by Ahmed Salama, Khaled Wahba, Samir Makary Abstract

Blending planning and learning for national development, by Matteo Pedercini, Birgit Kopainsky, Pål Davidsen, Stephen Alessi Abstract Paper

Parallel: Macroeconomics, chaired by Souleymane Bah

Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Dynamics - SD Macroeconomic Modeling (4) -, by Kaoru Yamaguchi Abstract Paper

A system dynamics model about public corruption: the influence of bribes on economic growth, by M. Dolores Soto-Torres, Ramon Fernandez-Lechon, Pedro Fernandez Soto Abstract Paper Supporting

Dynamics of a Democracy Deeply in Debt: Simulation Studies of Federal Revenue and the Capacity of the U.S. to Service its Debt, by James Burns, Balaji Janamanchi Abstract Paper

Poster: Economics

The Economics of Biomass-to-Liquids Fuels, by Klaus John Abstract Paper

Towards a System Dynamics Model of De Soto’s Theory on Informal Economy, by Camilo Olaya, Fabio Diaz Pabon, Santiago Caicedo Abstract Paper

A macroeconomic systemic model for the Brazilian economy, by Newton Bueno Abstract Paper Supporting

The Complexity Challenge: A Case for Model-based Management, by Markus Schwaninger, Kristjan Ambroz, Camilo Olaya Abstract Paper

Meeting: Economics Roundtable: Teaching Economics with SD, by Oleg Pavlov, David Wheat Abstract


Parallel: Special Convened Session: Celebration of System Dynamics in K-12 Education; Honoring Jay Forrester, chaired by Lees Stuntz

Celebration of System Dynamics in K-12 Education; Honoring Jay Forrester, by Lees Stuntz Abstract

Do school students learn more about the environment from a system dynamics model by themselves or with a partner?, by Kate Thompson, Peter Reimann Abstract Paper

System Dynamics in K-12 Education: Lessons Learned, by Lees Stuntz, Debra Lyneis Abstract Paper

Two Loops, Three Loops, Four Loops: Pedagogic Issues in Explaining Epidemic Dynamics, by Debra Lyneis, James Lyneis Abstract Paper

Parallel: Education: University, chaired by C. Sherry Immediato

The Feedback Method of Teaching Macroeconomics: Is it Effective?, by David Wheat Abstract Paper

Individual Learning Style and Systems Tool Preferences, by Sheldon Friedman, Steven Cavaleri, Mike Raphael Abstract Paper

A System Dynamics Approach to Improving An Advising System for Business School Undergraduates, by John Voyer, Susan Bassi Brown, Nathan Gage, Dmitry Kovalenko, Travis Williams Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Education

Evaluating System Dynamics as a Tool for Teaching History, by Margarita Cruz Barrientos Abstract Paper

Achievements teaching Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics to Graduate students through e-learning, by Gloria Perez Salazar, Carlos Scheel, Maria Martinez Medina Abstract Paper

Extending the Industry Evolution Management Flight Simulators: Golf and Solar Industries, by John Lyneis, Matthew Forrester, Joe Hsueh, John Sterman Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Learning Environment in Teaching Supply Demand Interactions, by Ali Mashayekhi, Keyvan Vakili, Hamid Foroughi Abstract

The Climate Bathtub Sim: An Interactive Simulator to Teach Stock-and-Flow Mechanics of Global Warming, by Peter Senge, Andrew Jones, Linda Sweeney, John Sterman, Juan Martin Garcia, Michael Tempel, Thomas Fiddaman Abstract

Meeting: Education

K-12 Open Discussion, by Lees Stuntz Abstract

Education Roundtable / PK-20+, by Michael Kennedy, Carol Frances Abstract

Workshop: Education

Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course (new chapter on delays), by Diana Fisher Abstract

Teaching Your Children System Dynamics/Systems Thinking, by Diana Fisher, Debra Lyneis, Lees Stuntz Abstract

Energy and Resources

Parallel: Electricity markets, chaired by Allyson Beall

An experimental study on the construction of electricity power stations in China, by Qian Hu Abstract Paper Supporting

Investment Incentives in the Korean Electricity Market, by Jung-Yeon Park, Namsung Ahn, Yong-Beum Yoon, Kyung-ho Koh, Derek Bunn Abstract Paper

Mental Models in an Emerging Industry: The Photovoltaic Industry in Massachusetts, by Charles Jones Abstract Paper

Parallel: Fish, wetlands, and Maya population, chaired by Jennifer Mathieu

Maya Apocalypse: Warfare-Punctuated Equilibrium at the Limit of Growth, by Tom Forest Abstract Paper Supporting

Modeling the Wetland Mitigation Process: A New Dynamic Vision of No Net Loss Policy, by Todd BenDor Abstract Paper Supporting

A Systems Dynamics Model of Fish Populations in Western Lake Superior, by Stuart Sivertson Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Energy and development, chaired by Katherine Steel

Threshold 21 (T21) USA: Behavior Description, by Andrea Bassi Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Models for Generation Expansion Planning in a Competitive Framework: Oligopoly and Market Power Representation, by Juan Sanchez, Julian Barquin, Efraim Centeno, Alvaro Lopez-Pena Abstract Paper

The Choice Between Grid and Off-grid Electrification in Kenya and its Impact on System Development, by Katherine Steel Abstract Paper

Parallel: Diffusion of Alternative Fuel Vehicles, chaired by Jeroen Struben

Developing a diffusion model of competing alternative drive-train technologies (cadt-model), by Mathias Bosshardt, Silvia Ulli-Beer, Fritz Gassmann, Alexander Wokaun Abstract Paper

Managing the Transition toward Self-Sustaining Alternative Fuel Vehicle Markets: Policy Analysis Using a Dynamic Model, by Derek Supple Abstract Paper

From stylized facts to multiple mechanisms: diffusion analysis of past and present alternative fuel introductions, by Jeroen Struben Abstract Paper

Parallel: Policy Design for Sustainability, chaired by Andrew Ford

Modeling Fishery Regulation & Compliance: A Case Study of the Yellowtail Rockfish, by Wayne Wakeland Abstract Paper Supporting

An investigation into Electricity Subsidy Dynamics by a System Dynamics Approach, by Hoda Vaziri, Mohammad Akbarpour Abstract Paper Supporting

Global Warming and System Dynamics, by Andrew Ford Abstract Paper

Parallel: Emission trading, reliability charges and market power, chaired by Daniel Arthur

CO2 Abatement and Trade with Economic Growth in the Long Term: Experimental Analysis, by Ali Saysel, Firat Incioglu Abstract Paper

A Classroom Simulation of a Tradable Green Certificate Market and Implications for Model Development, by Asmeret Bier, Andrew Ford Abstract Paper

Can a Reliability Charge Secure Electricity Supply? An SD-based assessment of the Colombian power market, by Isaac Dyner, Santiago Arango, Carlos Franco Abstract Paper

Parallel: Gas storage, CO2 sequestration, and bioenergy crops, chaired by Leonard Malczynski

Is A Natural Gas Strategic Reserve for the US Necessary? A System Dynamics-Based Approach, by James Ellison, Andjelka Kelic, Thomas Corbet Abstract Paper Supporting

A Spatial-Dynamic Model of Introducing Bioenergy Crops in Illinois, by Jurgen Scheffran, Todd BenDor, Yun Wang, Bruce Hannon Abstract Paper Supporting

Understanding Carbon Sequestration: A Systems Analysis Tool, by Leonard Malczynski Abstract Paper

Poster: Energy

Natural gas demand and supply in Italy, by Carlo Comaschi, Vincenzo Di Giulio, Eleonora Sormani Abstract Paper Supporting

Managing Risk in Alternative Energy Product Development, by Burcu Tan, Edward Anderson, Geoffrey Parker Abstract Paper

The EU-25 Power Sector: a System Dynamics Model of Competing Electricity Generation Technologies, by Erik Pruyt Abstract Paper Supporting

The Effects of the New Capacity Investment Behavior in the Korea Wholesale Electricity Market, by Hyun-Shil Kim, Namsung Ahn, Jaekook Yu, Yong-Beum Yoon Abstract Paper

A Study of Diesel Vehicle Diffusion in Europe: Calibration and Analysis of a Consumer Acceptance and Adoption Model, by Qi Zhang Abstract Paper Supporting

Meeting: Energy Roundtable, by Isaac Dyner Abstract

Environment and Ecology

Parallel: Fisheries and renewable resource management, chaired by Helen Wolfe

Modeling for Sensitivity Analysis in Endangered Fish Species Management, by Howard Passell, Will Peplinski, Leonard Malczynski, Marty Ennis Abstract Paper

The dynamics of nutrient reduction trading: a simulation-based search for effective poicy design, by Steven Arquitt Abstract Paper

A system dynamics perspective on a global fishing enterprise: the case of tuna ranching industry in Mexico, by Donald Robadue, Raul del Moral Simanek Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Environment - Applications and the Built Environment

Simulation and Analysis of Taichung Urban Ecosystem, by Yufeng Ho Abstract Paper

System dynamics continuous modelling of endangered systems, by Ante Munitic, Merica Sliskovic, Mirko Bilic, Marko Tomasevic Abstract

Disease Modeling with Application to Parasite-borne Diseases, by K. Raman, T. Rajan Abstract Paper

The Use of System Dynamics Simulation in Integrated Water Resources Management, by Ines Winz, Gary Brierley, Robert Cavana Abstract Paper

A system dynamics analysis of intensive pig farming eco-energy system based on the rate variable fundamental in-tree model, by Renan Jia, Cuixia Wang, Xiaojing Jia Abstract Paper

Sustainability Model for the Valsequillo Lake in Puebla, Mexico: Combining System Dynamics and Sustainable Urban Development, by Jorge Duran Encalada, Alberto Paucar-Caceres Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Environment - Methods

Integrating Dynamic Simulation and Risk Analysis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), by Tone Haveland, Steinar Moen, Arne Krakenes, Bjørn Storegjerde Abstract Supporting

Participatory Modeling for Adaptive Management: Reports from the Field II, by Allyson Beall, Andrew Ford Abstract Paper

Participatory Methods in Environmental System Dynamics Projects, by Ines Winz, Gary Brierley, Kambiz Maani Abstract Paper

Meeting: Environmental Roundtable - Environmental Idea Marketplace, by Richard Dudley Abstract

Health Policy

Parallel: Doctors and Doctoring, chaired by Marion McGregor

Jurisdictional Control of Conservative Spine Care: Chiropractic versus Medicine, by Marion McGregor Abstract Paper Supporting

Modeling the Dynamics of Time-pressured Diagnostic Sensemaking, by J. Bradley Morrison, Jenny Rudolph, John Carroll Abstract Paper

A System Dynamics Model of Asthma Care, by Ali Mashayekhi, Peter Boggs Abstract

Parallel: Health System Planning and Policy, chaired by Kimberly Thompson

Introducing System Dynamics Modeling to Health Care in Alberta, by David Cooke, Huiming Yang, Gil Curry, Paul Rogers, Thomas Rohleder, Robert Lee, David Strong Abstract Paper

Reallocating Mental Health Resources in the Borough of Lambeth, London, UK, by Eric Wolstenholme, David Monk, David Todd, Douglas McKelvie, Patrick Gillespie, Denis O'Rourke Abstract Paper

Chronic Illness in a Complex Health Economy: The Perils and Promises of Downstream and Upstream Reforms, by Jack Homer, Gary Hirsch, Bobby Milstein Abstract Paper

Parallel: Disease Progression, chaired by Patricia Craig

Leukemia Dynamics: Understanding the Mechanism of Stem Cell Transplant for the Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) Treatment, by Khaled Wahba Abstract

A Dynamic Simulation Model for Long-Term Hypertension Progression, by Firat Incioglu Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: National and Regional Health Issues

Modeling the Dynamics of Avian Influenza Epidemics and Possible Pandemics, by Burak Eskici, Burak Turkgulu Abstract Paper Supporting

Social structure and health: preliminary work on a system dynamics ‘concept model’, by John Cody, Robert Cavana, David Pearson Abstract Paper

A Dynamic Balanced Scorecard for Managing Health Systems Performance, by David Lyell, Geoff McDonnell Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Modeling for Medicine Price Policy in China, by Jianguo Jia, Jianxun Chu, Yu Lu Abstract Paper Supporting

Is Immunization Demand Equal to Immunization Coverage? A Case Study on Uganda Healthcare Provision, by Agnes Rwashana Semwanga, Ddembe Williams Abstract Paper Supporting

E pluribus unum: Using group model building with many interdependent organizations to create integrated health care networks, by Angele Pieters, Arie Franx, Henk Akkermans Abstract Paper

Moving from Insights to Action with the CDC Diabetes System Model, by Andrew Jones, Jack Homer, Joyce Essien, Bobby Milstein Abstract

Poster: Health Services Planning

Improving Hospital Operations Using Bar-Code Capture Data and System Dynamics Modeling Techniques, by Daniel Goldsmith, Michael Siegel, Masanori Akiyama Abstract Supporting

Using multi-scale systems simulation to evaluate health record solutions to improve medication use by the elderly, by Rosemarie Sadsad, Geoff McDonnell Abstract Paper Supporting

Episode-of-Care Analysis and Tobacco Treatment in Primary Care Settings, by David Lounsbury, Ralph Levine Abstract Paper Supporting

Planning for Adaptability in Healthcare Infrastructure, by Steffen Bayer, Martina Koberle-Gaiser, James Barlow Abstract Paper

Conceptualization and formulation of a UK health and social care system using System Dynamics, by Sangeeta Sardiwal Abstract Paper

The Problem of Delayed Discharge in Labor and Delivery, by Jeff Trailer Abstract Paper

From Hospital Plans to Computer Simulation: A Case Study of the Alfred Centre., by Tim Haslett Abstract Paper

Poster: Health Policy: Disease Progression and Treatment

System Dynamics Highlights the Effect of Maintenance on Hemodialysis Performance, by Ahmad Azar, Khaled Wahba, Abdalla Mohamed Abstract Paper

Leukemia Dynamics:The Role of the Immune System against Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), by Khaled Wahba Abstract

Management of RhD-negative Pregnancies: Do New Technologies Make a Difference?, by Leeza Osipenko Abstract Paper

Meeting: HPSIG: Health Policy Discussion Focused on Chronic Illness and Business Meeting, by Geoff McDonnell, Gary Hirsch, David Rees Abstract Paper Link

Information Science

Poster: Information Science

SMILE and XMILE: A Common Language and Interchange Format for System Dynamics, by Karim Chichakly Abstract Paper Supporting

Modeling Agile Development: When is it Effective?, by Karim Chichakly Abstract Paper Supporting

Open source software development: A systems dynamics model, by Evangelos Katsamakas, Nicholas Georgantzas Abstract Paper

Methodology: Alternative Approaches

Parallel: Methodology: Alternative Approaches - Hybrid Modelling, chaired by Jim Duggan

A Simulator for Continuous Agent-Based Modelling, by Jim Duggan Abstract Paper Supporting

Design for a Multi-Layer Model of Financial Stability: Exploring the Integration of System Dynamics and Agent-based Models, by Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, David Sallach, Mark Bragen, Prakash Thimmapuram Abstract Paper

Qualitative, Quantitative or both?: An Experimental Investigation, by Rajat Dhawan, Marcus O'Connor, Mark Borman Abstract

Poster: Methodology: Alternative Approaches - Steps of Modeling

Uncovering Complex Relationships in System Dynamics Modeling: Exploring the Use of CHAID and CART, by Alexandra Medina-Borja, Kalyan Pasupathy Abstract Paper

Intercollegiate Athletic Departments Performance Assessment, by Michael Schwandt, Kostas Triantis, James Glenn Abstract Paper

Dealing with Uncertainty? Combining System Dynamics with Multicriteria Decision Analysis or with Exploratory Modelling, by Erik Pruyt Abstract Paper Supporting

Two Group Model Building Scripts that Integrate Systems Thinking into Strategy Workshops Facilitated with Group Explore, by David Andersen, George Richardson, Fran Ackermann, Colin Eden Abstract Paper

Poster: Methodology: Alternative Approaches - Alternative Paradigms

Building the World: System Dynamics and Macroengineering, by Kathleen Lusk Brooke, Frank Davidson Abstract Supporting Link

A methodology for Integrating and Synchronizing the System Dynamics and Discrete Event Simulation Paradigms, by Magdy Helal, Luis Rabelo, Jose Sepulveda, Albert Jones Abstract Paper

Theory of Stable Dynamical Systems, by Fritz Gassmann, Mathias Bosshardt Abstract Paper

Workshop: Modelling Agent-Based Systems Using System Dynamics, by Jim Duggan Abstract Supporting


Methodology in SD

Plenary: Awards Ceremony

Jay W. Forrester Award Ceremony, chaired by John Morecroft; presentation by Peter Milling Abstract

Dana Meadows Award Ceremony, by R. Joel Rahn Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Applications Award, by James Lyneis Abstract Paper

Plenary: System Dynamics Pioneers Panel Discussion, chaired by Peter Milling

System Dynamics Pioneers Panel Discussion, by Edward Roberts, Jack Pugh, David Packer Abstract

Plenary: System Dynamics—the Next Fifty Years, chaired by John Sterman

System Dynamics—the Next Fifty Years, by Jay Forrester Abstract Paper

Plenary: Leverage Points in Public Policies, chaired by Andrew Ford

Using system dynamics to analyse policy options for tobacco control in New Zealand, by Robert Cavana, Martin Tobias Abstract Paper

A Hybrid Approach to the Creation of Dynamic Risk Management Models, by Nicolas Dulac, Brandon Owens, Nancy Leveson, John Carroll Abstract Paper

Cyclical behaviour in electricity markets: an experimental study, by Santiago Arango, Erling Moxnes Abstract Paper

Plenary: Looking Back and Planning Ahead, chaired by John Sterman

The emergence of Limits to Growth Scenario 2: The pollution crisis, by Jorgen Randers Abstract Paper

Four Decades and Five Careers in System Dynamics, by Dennis Meadows Abstract Paper

Parallel: Behavioural Analysis, chaired by Enrique Zepeda

A Comprehensive Model of Goal Dynamics in Organizations: Setting, Evaluation and Revision, by Hakan Yasarcan, Yaman Barlas Abstract Paper Supporting

Analytical methods for structural dominance analysis in system dynamics: An assessment of the current state of affairs, by Christian Erik Kampmann, Rogelio Oliva Abstract Paper

Do the Parallel Lines Meet? A Comparison between Pathway Participation Metrics and Eigenvalue Analysis, by Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Formulation and Parameterisation, chaired by Yaman Barlas

Pattern-based System Design/Optimization, by Gönenç Yucel, Yaman Barlas Abstract Paper

Bayesian Analysis of Stochastic System Dynamics, by Rudolf Kulhavy Abstract Paper Supporting

The unavoidable a priori, revisited, or deriving the principles of SD, by Erling Moxnes Abstract Paper

Poster: Model Formulation and Behavioural Analysis

Causality and diagrams for system dynamics, by Martin Schaffernicht Abstract Paper Supporting

Model Analysis Using Statistical Screening: Extensions and Example Applications, by Timothy Taylor, David Ford, Andrew Ford Abstract Paper Supporting

The Dynamics of the Eroding Goals Archetype, by Bill Braun Abstract Paper Supporting

Extending eigenvalue analysis to nonlinear models via incorporating higher order terms of Taylor series expansion, by Mohamed Saleh, Pål Davidsen Abstract Paper Supporting

Secondary Data Analysis in System Dynamics Modeling, by Bahadir Akcam, Deborah Andersen, David Andersen, Anthony Cresswell Abstract

MARVEL - principles of a method for semi-qualitative system behaviour and policy analysis, by Erik van Zijderveld Abstract Paper

A Model of Group Learning Supported by Simulation Experiment, by Mirjana Kljajic Borstnar, Miroljub Kljajic, Andrej Skraba, Davorin Kofjac Abstract Paper

Structure and Behavior Testing Software Demonstration: SiS and BTS II*, by Yaman Barlas Abstract

Poster: System Dynamics - the State of the Field

Inductive and Deductive System Dynamics Modeling, by Andreas Groessler, Peter Milling Abstract Paper

What Constitutes Systems Thinking? A review of practitioner views, by Krystyna Stave, Megan Hopper, Stephanie Fincher Abstract Paper

System Dynamics and Philosophy. A constructivist and expressivist approach., by Margarita Vazquez, Manuel Liz Abstract Paper

Reductionism, Holism and System Dynamics, by Martin Rafferty Abstract Paper

A Research on Systems Thinking Based on Three Dimensions Thought, by Fang Tian Abstract Paper Supporting

Meeting: Special Convened Session: chaired by David Andersen, John Morecroft

How the System Dynamics Society Came to Be: A Collective Memoir, by David Andersen Abstract Paper Link

Workshop: Methodology in SD

Advanced application design with Powersim Studio, by Leonard Malczynski Abstract Link

Why Do Different Methods in Model Analysis Produce Similar Results?, by Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh Abstract

Dynamic Experiments for Learning Basic Modeling, by James Melhuish Abstract Paper Supporting

Military Applications

Parallel: Military: Understanding and Improving Operations, chaired by Laura Black

Developing and fine-tuning dynamic intuition. Experimental evidence., by Bent Erik Bakken Abstract

Improving the Naval Construction Process Through Lean Implementation, by Nathan Minami, Leticia Soto, Donna Rhodes Abstract Paper Supporting

Accumulations of Legitimacy: Exploring Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency Dynamics, by Edward Anderson, Laura Black Abstract Paper

Poster: Military: Organizational and Human Resource Dynamics

Application of System Dynamics to Human Resource Management of Canadian Naval Reserves, by Arif Mehmood Abstract Paper

Development of a Human Resources Transition Simulation Model in Slovenian Armed Forces, by Andrej Skraba, Miroljub Kljajic, Davorin Kofjac, Andrej Knaflic, Iztok Podbregar Abstract Paper

Network Centric Operations and the Brigade Unit of Action, by Nathan Minami, Donna Rhodes Abstract Paper Supporting

Using Feedback to Conduct Crowd Control, by Ivan Taylor, Luminita Stemate, Codrin Pasca, Soni Desai Abstract Paper Supporting

Meeting: Military Roundtable, by Bent Erik Bakken Abstract

Organizational Dynamics

Parallel: Organizational Change, chaired by Lascelles Anderson

Turnover-induced Forgetting, by Luis Lopez, Albert Sune Abstract Paper

System-Dynamical Analysis of Mutability, Rational and Emotional Commitment for Explaining Failure to Change in Organizations, by Nicole Zimmermann Abstract Paper

Dynamics of Innovation Implementation and Organizational Performance in Mental Health Services, by Peter Hovmand, David Gillespie Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Process Improvement, chaired by George Roth

Improving Maintenance Operation through Transformational Outsourcing, by Jacqueline Ye Abstract Paper

The Good, the Bad and the Mediocre: Creating Insightful Stories on Process Improvement, by Markus Salge Abstract Paper Supporting

From Continuous Improvement to Centralized Information: The Life and Times of a Systems Thinking Intervention, by Jason Jay, George Roth Abstract Paper

Parallel: Revisiting Our System Dynamics Roots, chaired by James Thompson

Formal Theory Building for the Avalanche Game: Explaining surprising behaviour using geometrical & human behavioural effects, by David Lane Abstract Paper

In Search of a Mental-Model-Like Concept for Group Level Modeling, by Hyunjung Kim Abstract Paper

Pitfalls in Decision-Making in Complex Systems, by Anson Li, Kambiz Maani Abstract

Poster: Organizational Dynamics

Organization’s Changes Through its Lifecycle; A System Dynamics Approach, by Sara Nazzari, Hamid Foroughi, Navid Ghaffarzadegan Abstract Paper

When Cognitive Institution Collapses: A Case of “Master Kim” through a System Dynamics Model on the Action-Driven Process, by Sang-Joon Kim Abstract Paper

Organizational Growth and Population Dynamics: Strategies for Success, by John Butler, Wai-ming Mak Abstract Paper

The Structure and Dynamics of the Residential Building: Which Mechanisms Determine the Development of the Building Stock?, by Stefan Groesser Abstract Paper Link

Crisis as the Touchstone of Trust: The Story between the Enterprise and Banks, by Yen-Chiang Lee, Showing Young Abstract Paper

IT Project Management, Concept Modeling, and Blind Dates, by Eliot Rich, Mark Nelson, Andrew Whitmore Abstract Paper

Effects of naïve personnel policy on the value of human capital, by Doreen Schwarz Abstract Paper

Towards a Theory of Interorganizational Collaboration: Generic Structures of Cross-Boundary Requirements Analysis, by Luis Luna-Reyes, David Andersen Abstract Paper

Meeting: Partnering for Sustainable Value Chain Network, by Peter Senge, Donald Seville Abstract

Operations Management/Supply Chains

Parallel: Theory Building in Supply Chain Dynamics, chaired by Khalid Saeed

Supply network design and collaboration: a preliminary study, by Tommaso Rossi, Carlo Noe, Margherita Pero, Andrea Sianesi Abstract Paper Supporting

The bullwhip effect in the closed loop supply chain, by Lizhen Huang Abstract Paper Supporting

Trend Forecasting as Derivative Control, by Khalid Saeed Abstract Paper

Parallel: Supply Chain Experiments, chaired by Thomas Spengler

Incorporating Delays in the Decision-Making Interface: An Experimental Study, by Agata Sawicka, Felicjan Rydzak Abstract Paper Supporting

The Logistic Game®, by Alessandro Persona, Fabio Sgarbossa, Maurizio Faccio, Daria Battini Abstract Paper

Parallel: Product Development Dynamics, chaired by J. Bradley Morrison

Dynamics of Project Screening in a Product Development Pipeline, by Nitin Joglekar, Paulo Figueiredo Abstract Paper

Returns in the Corn Supply Chain, by Paulo Goncalves Abstract Paper

Insights from Modeling the Dynamics of Process Improvement, by J. Bradley Morrison Abstract Paper

Parallel: Supply Chain Applications, chaired by Frank Schoeneborn

Beyond Rounding Up the Usual Suspects: Towards Effective Quality Management Policies for Production Ramp-ups in Supply Chains, by Henk Akkermans Abstract Paper Supporting

Responsiveness and Efficiency of Pull-Based and Push-Based Planning Systems in the High-Tech Electronics Industry, by Dennis Minnich, Frank Maier Abstract Paper

Telecommunications Operations Resiliency: Labor Shortages and the Voice Network, by Andjelka Kelic, Elissa Matthews, Walt Beyeler Abstract Paper

Poster: Operations & Supply Chain Management

A Generic Dynamic Model for Managing Channel Conflict in the Egyptian Lubricants Distribution Channels, by Mohamed El-Minisy, Khaled Wahba Abstract

A Generic Pattern for Modeling Manufacturing Companies, by Daniel Chomiakow Abstract Paper Supporting

System Dynamics Modeling for Overtime Management Strategy of Software Project, by Jianguo Jia, Yu Lu Abstract Paper Supporting

Engineering Change Orders influencing manufacturing start-ups, by Jan Juerging Abstract Paper

The Role of Systemic Effects on Project Performance in Multiproject Environments, by Kazem Yaghootkar, Lars-Uno Roos Abstract Paper

Strategic Modelling in a Learning Factory, by Erich Zahn Abstract


Poster: Psychology

Happiness - Cracking the Equilibrium State of People's Well-Being, by Florian Kapmeier, Martin Schmalz, Theodor Ackbarow Abstract Paper Supporting

Modeling Decision Making Biases in the Context of a Market, by Kawika Pierson Abstract Paper Supporting

Decisions in the Construction Process of the Residential Building Environment: Development of a Static and Dynamic Model, by Stefan Groesser, Suzanne Bruppacher Abstract Paper Link

Public Policy

Parallel: Crime & Public Policy, chaired by Aldo Zagonel

Modeling crime control in the Netherlands: insights on process, by Etiënne Rouwette, Paul van Hooff, Jac Vennix, Wouter Jongebreur Abstract Paper

A Dynamic Analysis of Organized Crime in Jamaica, by Jason Wilks, Weishuang Qu, Matteo Pedercini Abstract Paper

Criminal Justice Simulation Model (CJSIM): Technology and the Flow of Criminals in the Criminal Justice System, by Roderick MacDonald, Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Public Policy, chaired by Kristina Wile

Choice of utility functions in integrated assessment: how subjective well-being can influence policy analysis, by Travis Franck Abstract Paper Supporting

The use of SD methodology to develop services for the assessment and treatment of high risk serious offenders in England&Wales, by Douglas McKelvie, Savas Hadjipavlou, David Monk, Samantha Foster, Eric Wolstenholme, David Todd Abstract Paper

Threshold21 Mali: System Dynamics-based national development planning in Mali, by Matteo Pedercini, Siaka Sanogo, Karounga Camara Abstract Paper

Parallel: Equality & Public Policy, chaired by Richard Langheim

The Equity Supply Chain: Is it the Cause of So Few Women in Management and Leadership Positions?, by Richard Dudley Abstract Paper Supporting

Educational quality and equality – why are they so hard to reconcile?, by Martin Schaffernicht Abstract Paper

Women Arrested for Domestic Violence: Unintended Consequences of Pro and Mandatory Arrest Policies, by Peter Hovmand, David Ford, Stavroula Kyriakakis, Ingrid Flom Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Systems Thinking, Mental Models, and Organizational Learning, chaired by Ik Jae Chung

Using Systems Thinking to Improve Organizational Learning in the Public Sector : Perspective of Public Officials, by Tsuey-Ping Lee Abstract Paper

Combining System Dynamics and Ethics: Towards More Science?, by Erik Pruyt, Jan Kwakkel Abstract Paper

What Our Mental Models Retain and What They Don’t: An Experimental Follow-up of System Dynamics Intervention, by Rajat Dhawan, Marcus O'Connor, Mark Borman Abstract

Parallel: Public Policy, chaired by Krystyna Stave

Private-Public Cycle: Testing Hirschman's Theory of Shifting Involvements with a Formal Model, by Min Liu, Cécile Emery Abstract Paper

A Proactive Approach for Particulate Matter Air Pollution Management, by Stephanie Fincher, Krystyna Stave Abstract Paper

A System Dynamics Approach to Analyzing Violence, Death, and Displacement in Darfur, by Jeremy Sato, Bonnie Stansen Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Decision Making and Public Policy, chaired by Cleotilde Gonzalez

Modeling Risk Classification Scheme for System Dynamics Modeling, by Michael Schwandt Abstract Paper

Exploring U.S. Flood Mitigation Policies: A Feedback View of System Behavior, by Michael Deegan Abstract Paper Supporting

Slope of Inflow Impacts Dynamic Decision Making, by Varun Dutt, Cleotilde Gonzalez Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Environmental Policy

NIMBY Dynamics: Location Policy of Crematory Facilities in Korea, by Man-Hyung Lee, Nam Hee Choi Abstract Paper

Green tax, trucker actions, media coverage, misperception and political reversal, by Erling Moxnes Abstract Paper

Poster: Public Policy - Work in progress: Feedback session

Agricultural Production and Income Dynamics in Latvia, by Gints Ozolins, Juris Kalnins Abstract Paper

A System Dynamics Model of Bilateral Intellectual Property Negotiations, by Chao-Yueh Liu, Chun-Shuo Chen Abstract

System Dynamics Modeling of Sustainable Food Security in Pakistan, by Muhammad Qureshi Abstract Supporting

Poster: Public Policy

Fish and Ships – Fishery Dynamics with Bounded Rationality, by John Morecroft Abstract Paper

A Qualitative Analysis of Periodic Maintenance of Roads, by Mónica Altamirano, Juha Aijo, Pertti Virtala Abstract Paper

Understanding the Dynamics of Causal Factors related to Excessive Speeding Behavior of the Drivers, by Arif Mehmood Abstract Paper Supporting

System Dynamics: Publication Metrics (2000-2005), by Warren Tignor Abstract Paper Supporting

Dynamics of Growth in the New Hampshire Prison Population, by Dennis Meadows Abstract

Poster: Socioeconomic Policy

Exploring the Underground Economy through System Dynamics to support Public Decision Makers: a preliminary qualitative analysis, by Enzo Bivona, Francesco Ceresia, Giovan Battista Montemaggiore Abstract Paper

Poster: Strategy & Public Policy

Dynamic Stochasticity in the control of liquidity in Asset and Liability Management (ALM) for pension funds, by Ricardo Chaim Abstract Paper

A preliminary microworld to gain insights in Belgian fishery fleet dynamics., by Hendrik Stouten, Kris Van Craeynest, Aime Heene, Xavier Gellynck, Jochen Depestele, Els Vanderperren, Bart Verschueren, Hans Polet Abstract Paper

Modelling the role of Intellectual Property Management for the development of the agricultural sector in developing countries -, by Sebastian Derwisch, Birgit Kopainsky Abstract

Qualitative System Dynamics

Poster: Qualitative System Dynamics

Tell me ‘why’ or ‘how’ – A Heuristic to Choose between Quantitative and Qualitative Systems Analysis, by Andreas Groessler, Alexander Zock Abstract Paper


Parallel: Information Security, chaired by Ming-pin Wang

An Experience Using System Dynamics to Facilitate an Insider Threat Workshop, by Andrew Moore, Dawn Cappelli, Hannah Joseph, Randall Trzeciak Abstract Paper

A Preliminary Model of the Vulnerability Black Market, by Jaziar Radianti, Jose Gonzalez Abstract Paper

How a System Backfires: From a Redundancy Solution to Redundancy Problems in Security, by Navid Ghaffarzadegan Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Security

Modeling Aviation Security Processes: A Group Model Building Approach, by Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Stephen Conrad, Andrew Cox, Chris Krahe Abstract Paper

Incident Learning Systems: From Safety to Security, by Finn Olav Sveen, Jose Mari Sarriegi, Jose Gonzalez Abstract Paper

Using System Dynamics to Model and Better Understand State Stability, by Nazli Choucri, Daniel Goldsmith, Stuart Madnick, J. Bradley Morrison, Michael Siegel Abstract Paper

Meeting: Security Roundtable, by Jose Gonzalez Abstract


Parallel: SD and the Broader Strategy Field, chaired by Scott Rockart

Application of System Dynamics to Corporate Strategy: An Evolution of Issues and Frameworks, by Henry Weil Abstract Paper

Connecting System Dynamics with Management Disciplines and Methods, by Kim Warren Abstract

System Dynamics and Strategy: Accomplishments and Future Opportunities, by Shayne Gary, Martin Kunc, John Morecroft, Scott Rockart Abstract Paper

Parallel: Mental Models and Managerial Performance, chaired by Shayne Gary

Improving the Software Development Process: A Dynamic Model Using the Capacity Maturity Model, by Ewandro Araujo, Luc Cassivi, Martin Cloutier, Elie Elia Abstract Paper

An evolvable model of organizations: A bistable or quantum approach, by Bill Lawless Abstract Paper

Testing the Effects of a System Dynamics Decision Aid on Mental Model Accuracy and Performance on Dynamic Decision Making Tasks, by Shayne Gary, Robert Wood Abstract Paper

Parallel: Innovation and Growth, chaired by Martin Kunc

Untangling the Origins of Strategic Innovation. A System Dynamics Approach, by Carmine Garzia Abstract Paper Supporting

Achieving Competitive Advantage in a High Turnover, Dynamic Market: A Causal Model Approach, by Thomas Clark, Mary Jones Abstract Paper

To Cluster or Not to Cluster: A Simulation Study of Managerial Practices for Innovating in SMEs, by Martin Kunc Abstract Paper

Parallel: Special Convened Session: Simulation-Based Learning Environments, chaired by Gary Hirsch

Special Convened Session: Simulation-Based Learning Environments, by Gary Hirsch Abstract

Using System Dynamics-based Learning Environments to Enhance System Thinking, by Holger Arndt Abstract Paper Supporting

A Prototype Simulator for Infrastructure Protection: An Application to Decision Support for Controlling Disease Outbreaks, by Rene LeClaire, Donatella Pasqualini, Alisa Bandlow, Mary Ewers, Jeanne Fair, Gary Hirsch Abstract Paper

Does a Balanced Scorecard Management Cockpit Increase Strategy Implementation Performance?, by Jürgen Strohhecker Abstract Paper

Parallel: Strategic Research and Decision Making, chaired by David Todd

Effects of Causal Loop Diagrams on Escalating Commitment, by Özge Pala, Dirk Vriens, Jac Vennix Abstract Paper

Applying System Dynamics in Medicine and Biology, by Erik Mosekilde Abstract

The contribution of system dynamics to cost benefit analysis, by Eric Wolstenholme, David Monk, David Todd Abstract Paper

Poster: Strategy

Modeling Brand Equity in International Nonprofit Organizations: A System Dynamics Approach, by Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, Bernard Simonin Abstract Paper

Path dependence and transients in random and adaptive walks on strategy fitness landscapes, by Emmanuel Adamides, Nikolaos Pomonis, George Papachristos Abstract Paper

Workshop: Strategy

Strategy Dynamics: Introduction and New Developments, by Kim Warren Abstract

Workshop - The Career Simulator - Which ar the key decisions in Career Planning?, by Eduardo Fracassi Abstract Paper Supporting



Peer Review Dialog Meeting, by Martin Schaffernicht Abstract Paper

System Dynamics PhD Colloquium, by Stefan Groesser, Chintan Vaishnav Abstract Link

SDS Membership Roundtable, by Deborah Campbell Abstract

Special Chapter Poster Sessions:

Australasia Chapter Overview & Planned Activities, by Shayne Gary, Geoff McDonnell Abstract

Brazil Chapter Poster Presentation, by Niraldo do Nascimento, Leonardo Reis Abstract Link

China Chapter Poster Presentation, by Bing Wu, Liqin Zhang Abstract Link

Economics Chapter Poster Presentation, by Oleg Pavlov, David Wheat Abstract

German Chapter Poster Presentation, by Switbert Miczka Abstract

Hellenic Chapter - Thinking global, acting local: The activities of the Hellenic Chapter of the System Dynamics Society, by Emmanuel Adamides, George Papaioannou, George Papachristos Abstract

Italian Chapter - SYDIC: System Dynamics Italian Chapter Poster Presentation, by Edoardo Mollona, Stefano Armenia Abstract Paper

Japan Chapter Activity Report, by Michiya Morita, Yutaka Takahashi Abstract Paper Link

Latin American Chapter of the System Dynamics Society, by Martin Schaffernicht, Isaac Dyner, Gloria Perez Salazar Abstract Link

Pakistan Chapter Poster Presentation, by Seema Arif, Ijaz Yusuf Abstract

Psychology Chapter Poster Presentation, by Ralph Levine Abstract

Russian Chapter Poster Presentation, by Leeza Osipenko Abstract Link

Student Chapter Poster Presentation, by Stefan Groesser, Matteo Pedercini Abstract Paper Link

Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation, by Stefan Groesser, Thomas Beck Abstract Link

UK Chapter Poster Presentation, by Brian Dangerfield Abstract

Special SIG Poster Sessions:

Education SIG - The current activities and plans of the SDS Education SIG, by Michael Kennedy, Carol Frances Abstract

Energy SIG: Overview, by Luc Van Den Durpel, Andrea Bassi Abstract Link

Environment Special Interest Group Poster Presentation, by Richard Dudley, Allyson Beall, Tom Forest Abstract Link

Health Policy Special Interest Group Poster Presentation, by Gary Hirsch Abstract

Inter- and Intra-national Conflict SIG, Proposed, by Leonard Malczynski, Edward Anderson Abstract

Security Special Interest Group, by Jose Gonzalez Abstract


Getting Started with AnyLogic Software, by Andrei Borshchev Abstract

Getting Started With Forio Broadcast, by Will Glass-Husain Abstract Link

Getting Started with GoldSim Software, by Rick Kossik Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Getting Started with MyStrategy Software, by Kim Warren Abstract

Getting Started with STELLA and iThink, by Joanne Egner, Karim Chichakly, Paul Gisborne Abstract Paper Supporting

Getting Started with Vensim®, by Robert Eberlein Abstract Link

Methods to Make Your Simulation Run on the World-Wide Web, by Michael Bean Abstract

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