Papers by Thread
27th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
July 26-July 30, 2009      Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Business Applications

Boettcher, Kevin   A Systems-Oriented Analysis of the Corporate Tax Department Data Collection Work Process   Abstract Paper Supporting

Caicedo, Santiago with Fabio Diaz Pabon   Too early, too quickly: Impact of short-term decisions in fleet renewal programs   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dai, Xin with Jing-hua Xiao and Kang Xie   Growth of Enterprise Information Technology Application: System Dynamics Model and Empirical Evidence   Abstract Paper Supporting

El-Tagy, Ahmed   Managing Marketing Multi-Channel Conflict to Maximize Profit in The Egyptian Consumer Electronics market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fukushima, Shiro with Kaoru Yamaguchi   Is Japanese Manufacturing Style (so-called Monozukuri) really robust? - A Causal Loop Diagram and Modeling Approach -   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gambardella, Pascal   Application of Strategy Dynamics: Starbucks Corporation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Geistauts, George with Elisha Baker and Ted Eschenbach   Causal Loop Modeling of Ethics Force Structures: An Exploration   Abstract Paper

Koul, Saroj with K. R. Divakar Roy   Human Resource Planning in a Shore-based Integrated Steel Plant: A SD Model   Abstract Paper

Linard, Keith   Application of System Dynamics to Unsealed Road Maintenance Management   Abstract Paper Supporting

Nilsen, Trond with Brian Houle, Douglas Kuzenski and Arpan Sheth   Exploring the Dynamics of Music Piracy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Uriona Maldonado, Mauricio with Adriano Coser and Gregorio Varvakis   Modeling Knowledge Reuse in Technical Support Operations   Abstract Paper

Roy, K. R. Divakar with Saroj Koul   Financial Performance Appraisal of a Steel Plant: An SD Model   Abstract Paper

Rydzak, Felicjan with Winston Ledet and Paul Monus   Sustainable Organizational Change - Can you make the change happen with Large Teams alone?   Abstract Paper

Subroto, Athor with Enzo Bivona   Supporting Small Medium Enterprises planning through the use of a step-by-step System Dynamics model building process   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tehrani, Nasim with Hamed Shakouri and Mohammad Hossein Taheri   A simple model to study the MNP impact on dynamic behavior of a two-competitor mobile market: Stability versus Oscillations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yan, Min-Ren   The Market Competitive Behavior in the Project-based Industries   Abstract Paper


Challenges of Terrorism/Insurgencies

Anderson, Edward   Modeling Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies   Abstract Paper

Lofdahl, Corey   Implementing Irregular Warfare Policy Using Modeling and Simulation   Abstract Paper

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio   Improving Performance in Detection Systems: Exploring a Parallel-judgment Structure   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schoenwald, David with Curtis Johnson, Leonard Malczynski and George Backus   A System Dynamics Perspective on Insurgency as a Business Enterprise   Abstract Paper

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon and Pedro Fernandez Soto   Dynamics in domestic terrorist organizations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Weaver, Elise   The Role of Influence Operations in a Counterinsurgency Battle   Abstract Paper Supporting


Complexity/Agent Based/Nonlinear Dynamics

Bernard, Michael   Model the Interaction Between Leaders and Society During Conflict Situations   Abstract Paper

Kortelainen, Samuli with Lauri Lattila   Modeling Strategic Technology Management With a Hybrid Model   Abstract Paper

Liu, Hongliang with Enda Howley and Jim Duggan   Individual Versus Group Rationality: A Coevolutionary Approach to the Beer Game   Abstract Paper

Osgood, Nathaniel   Representing Progression and Interactions of Comorbidities in Aggregate and Individual-Based Systems Models   Abstract Paper

Rafferty, Martin   Butterflies and Buffers   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yucel, Gonenc with Cornelia van Daalen   The Impact of Aggregation Assumptions and Social Network Structure on Diffusion Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Zhang, Qian with Nathaniel Osgood   Local Analysis of Individual-based Viral Dynamic Models with Eigenspace and Eigenvalue Elasticity Analysis   Abstract Paper


Economic Dynamics

An, Lianjun with Dharmashankar Subramanian and Alan King   On modeling some essential dynamics of the subprime mortgage crisis   Abstract Paper

Ansah, John with Stefan Groesser   Economic Growth Accounting: Policy Analysis of Transitional Dynamics   Abstract Link

Arango, Santiago with Felipe Abaunza Osorio   A System Dynamics Model for the World Coffee Market   Abstract Paper

Arango, Santiago with Jaime Andrs Castaneda Acevedo   Capacity Utilization in Electricity Market Behavior: An Experimental Analysis   Abstract Paper

Boudreau, Justin with Eugene Choi, Ravindra Datta, Oljora Rezhdo and Khalid Saeed   Platinum Supply and the Growth of Fuel Cell Vehicles   Abstract Paper

Bueno, Newton   System Dynamics and the role of History in economic growth theory   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chen, Jian Hung with Yijen Chen   A System Dynamics Model of the TFT LCD Industry Development in Taiwan   Abstract Paper

Haller, Reinhard with Anna Mayerthaler and Guenter Emberger   The System Dynamics of the "Invisible Hand": Simulating a Neoclassical Economy   Abstract Supporting

Hansen, Jason   Estimating Impacts of Water Scarcity Pricing   Abstract Paper

Hwang, Sungjoo with Moonseo Park and Hyun-Soo Lee   Korean Real Estate Market Mechanisms and Deregulation of Mortgage Loans: Qualitative Analysis   Abstract Paper

John, Klaus   A System Dynamics Approach to the Bhaduri-Marglin Model   Abstract Paper

Lytchkina, Natalia   Simulation modeling of regions' social and economic development in decision support systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Matheus, Kirsten with Thomas Harbich   Business Dynamics Model for Market Acceptance Considering Individual Adoption Barriers   Abstract Paper

Moosavi Haghighi, M. Hashem   Combination of Econometric Methods and System Dynamics Approach to Improve the Iranian Agricultural Policies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Nguyen, Phuong Linh   The Long Runs Effects of Competitive Undervaluation of Dong Currency on the Economic Growth of Vietnam   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rafferty, Martin with Mahtab Farshchi   A Simulation Modelling of Property Markets: A Case of the UK Housing Market   Abstract Paper

Rahdari, Hossein with Alireza Forouzan, Atefe Ramezankhani and Pouyan Foroughi   Analyzing the Effect of Global Steel Price Fluctuation on Iran's Steel-Maker Stock Prices: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   A System Dynamics Design of the US Economy Exit from the Stern Crisis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sardell, Jason with Oleg Pavlov and Khalid Saeed   Economic Origins of the Mafia and Patronage System in Sicily   Abstract Paper Supporting

Skribans, Valerijs   Influence Of Labor Migration On Latvia's Labor Market   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   Logical vs Historical Time in A Price Adjustment Mechanism   Abstract Paper

Zamanipour, Mehdi   A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing the Effects of Government Policies: A Case Study of Iran's Cell Phone Market   Abstract Paper Supporting



Doyle, James with Khalid Saeed and Ken Parsons   Design of a Master of Science Degree Program in System Dynamics at WPI   Abstract Paper

Duran Encalada, Jorge with Alberto Paucar-Caceres   A System Dynamic Model to Examine Students' No-continuation Trends: A Mexican and British Cases   Abstract Paper

Fisher, Diana   How Well Can Students Determine Simple Growth and Decay Patterns From a Diagram?   Abstract Paper

Hassan, Junaid with David Wheat   Capturing the Dynamics of a Psychiatric Illness   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael   A Review of System Dynamics Pedagogic Techniques   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit with Stephen Alessi, Matteo Pedercini and Pl Davidsen   Exploratory strategies for simulation-based learning about national development   Abstract Paper

Newton, Paul with Michael Richey and Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh   STEM Pressures from Birth to Globalization: Five Related Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik   Making System Dynamics Cool? Using Hot Testing & Teaching Cases   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Jill Slinger, Cornelia van Daalen, Gonenc Yucel and Wil Thissen   Hop, Step, Step and Jump Towards Real-World Complexity @ Delft University of Technology   Abstract Paper

Quigley, Michael with Brian Dangerfield   The Economics of Education: is it Profitable to be Ignorant?   Abstract Paper

Ryder, William   A System Dynamics View of the Phillips Machine   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sanchez, Hernando with Brian Wells and Joanne Attridge   Using System Dynamics to Model Student Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin   Towards the use of model structure analysis for designing flexible learning itineraries   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schoenberg, William   The Effectiveness of Force Directed Graphs vs. Causal Loop Diagrams: An experimental study   Abstract Paper

Skaza, Heather with Krystyna Stave   A test of the relative effectiveness of using systems simulations to increase student understanding of environmental issues   Abstract Paper

Sterman, John   Does formal system dynamics training improve people's understanding of accumulation?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Strohhecker, Jrgen   Does a Better Understanding of Accumulation Indeed Predict A Higher Performance in Stock and Flow Management?   Abstract Paper

Wang, Wei-Tsong with Chun-Chieh Wang   A Dynamic Model Of Teacher's Adoption Of E-learning System By Integration Of Environment Variables and Teacher Characteristics   Abstract Paper


Energy and Resources

Arango, Santiago with Yris Olaya and Jaime Andrs Castaneda Acevedo   System Dynamics and Laboratory Experiments   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Diego Falsini and Giulia Oliveri   Energy Management in Residential Buildings: a system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Balnac, Kailash with Chandradeo Bokhoree, Prakash Deenapanray and Andrea Bassi   A System Dynamics Model of the Mauritian Power Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bouza, Manuel with Silvia Ulli-Beer   Endogenous Transformation in the Automobile Industry   Abstract Paper

Di Giulio, Vincenzo with Stefania Migliavacca   Italy facing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: some scenarios by the ICE model   Abstract Paper

Franco, Carlos with Maria Ochoa and Ana Florez   System Dynamics Approach to Biofuels in Colombia   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with John Peipert, Tim Severyn and Gautam Yadma   Modeling the Dynamics of the Energy, Environment, & Poverty Nexus: A Study of Biogas Unit Diffusion in Andhra Pradesh, India   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jaeger, Tobias with Susanne Schmidt and Ute Karl   A system dynamics model for the German electricity market - model development and application   Abstract Paper

Joglekar, Nitin with Eric Graber-Lopez   A Countdown towards Solar Power at Grid Parity: Evolution of Price-Performance   Abstract Paper

Jones, Charles   The Renewable Energy Industry in Massachusetts as a Complex System   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kim, Gyu Rim   Analysis of Global Food Market and Food-Energy Price Links: Based on System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Liu, Chin-Yen with James Burns and Balaji Janamanchi   The National Energy Dilemma: Models for Policy Evaluation   Abstract Paper

Moxnes, Erling   Peak oil, biofuels, and long-term food security   Abstract Paper

Musango, Josephine with Alan Brent and Andrea Bassi   South African Energy Model: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Pate, Ron with Stephen Conrad and Aldo Zagonel   Systems modeling and analysis for commercial pathways assessment of oil crop based biofuels in Hawaii   Abstract

Rahdari, Hossein with Mohammad Amin Zargarzadeh, Hamed Nozari and Leila Soltani   Gasoline Rationing Plan in Iran: A Symptomatic Solution   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rocha dos Santos, Joaquim with Marcelo Ramos Martins, Abraham Sin Oih Yu and Paulo Tromboni Nascimento   Renewable Energy: A Framework to Model a Brazilian Case of Success (Part I)   Abstract Paper Supporting


Environment and Ecology

Adl, Atefeh with Jamshid Parvizian   Drought and Production Capacity of Meat: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Bier, Asmeret   Dynamic Simulation of a Thermal Water Quality Trading Program and Implications for Policy Design   Abstract Paper

Bivona, Enzo with Sonia Herrera Daza   Implementing a sustainable CSR Strategy through a System Dynamics Perspective: evidences from a Colombian case-study   Abstract Paper

Dudley, Richard   A Little REDD Model: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation   Abstract Paper Supporting

El Sawah, Sondoss with Alan McLucas and Jason Mazanov   Communication about Water Management in the Australian Capital Territory: A System Dynamics Modelling Approach   Abstract Paper

Ford, Andrew with Asmeret Bier   Simulating a Thermal Water Quality Trading Market for Classroom Education   Abstract

Gastelum Reynoso, Gabriela with Enrique Palou Garcia and Aurelio Lopez Malo   System Dynamics: A Complementary Tool for Predictive Microbiology   Abstract Paper

Guneralp, Burak with Michael Reilly and Karen Seto   An Operational Framework for Seeing and Simulating Feedbacks in Land Change Science   Abstract Paper Supporting

Heng, Wenyu with Majie Wang and Xingjie Dai   Exercise in application of System Thinking in the water purification system   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jones, Andrew with John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck and Elizabeth Sawin   Using C-ROADS to Support Analysis of International Climate Change Proposals   Abstract Link

Kibira, Deogratias with Sanjay Jain and Charles McLean   A System Dynamics Framework for Sustainable Manufacturing   Abstract Paper

Lee, Tsuey-Ping with Chin-Hsueh Wang   The Change in Residents' Participative Behavior in Polluted Areas: A System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract Paper

Lei, Kampeng with Zhou Shaoqi, Lianggang Lu, Lam Chikin and Shek Kiu Chan   The Analysis and Simulation of the Materials Inflow and Outflow of Macao   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lowry, Thomas with Robert Taylor   Visualizing Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in Google Earth Using Powersim   Abstract Paper

Luna-Reyes, Luis with Jorge Duran Encalada and Erick Bandala   Exploring Alternatives for Sustainable Development in Tamiahua Wetlands   Abstract Paper Supporting

Meadows, Dennis   What Models Are Required To Understand Global Limits To Growth In The Next Two Decades?   Abstract

Svensson, Mats with Hitesh Soneji   Sustainability and System dynamics: some case studies   Abstract

Winz, Ines with Gary Brierley   Mental Models in Urban Stormwater Management   Abstract Paper

Winz, Ines with Gary Brierley   Simulating Pollution from Urban Stormwater in Project Twin Streams Catchment, Auckland, New Zealand   Abstract Paper



Cooper, Kenneth with Gregory Lee   System Dynamics Applications Award Recipient: "Managing the Dynamics of Projects and Changes at Fluor"   Abstract Presentation Link

Moxnes, Erling   Presidential Address  Speech


Health Policy

Chahal, Kirandeep with Tillal Eldabi and Abhijit Mandal   Understanding the impact of whiteboard on A&E department operations using hybrid simulation   Abstract Paper

Dangerfield, Brian with Norhaslinda Zainal Abidin   The Identification of Potential Policy Intervention Points in the Battle against Childhood Obesity   Abstract

Demirezen, Emre with Yaman Barlas   A Simulation Model for Bloodcholesterol Dynamics and Related Disorders   Abstract Paper Supporting

Erdil, Nadiye with C. Robert Emerson   Simulation Modeling of Electronic Health Records Adoption in the U.S. Healthcare System   Abstract Paper

Homer, Jack with Kristina Wile, Justin Trogdon, Diane Orenstein, Bobby Milstein, Philip Huang, Karina Loyo, Patricia Mabry and Lawton Cooper   How best to reduce cardiovascular risk? Dynamic modeling to integrate public health and medical science   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik   Cholera in Zimbabwe   Abstract Paper

Sardiwal, Sangeeta   Evaluating the Effect of Integrated Health and Social Care Information Systems on Delayed Discharging of Patients   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stringfellow, Margaret with Meghan Dierks and Nancy Leveson   Healthcare Industry Incentive Structures Pressure System Operators to Operate in a High-risk State   Abstract Paper


Information Science

Luna-Reyes, Luis with J. Ramon Gil-Garcia   Using Institutional Theory and Dynamic Simulation to Understand Complex E-Government Phenomena   Abstract Paper Supporting

van Oorschot, Kim with Kishore Sengupta and Luk van Wassenhove   Dynamics of Agile Software Development   Abstract Paper Supporting

Otto, Peter with Martin Simon   Coordinating quality care: A policy model to simulate adoption of electronic health records   Abstract Paper

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Thanujan Ratnarajah   Deciding on Software Pricing and Openness Under Competition   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tignor, Warren   Agile Project Management   Abstract Paper


Infrastructure Dynamics and Resiliency

LeClaire, Rene with Gary Hirsch and Alisa Bandlow   Learning Environment Simulator: A Tool for Local Decision Makers and First Responders   Abstract Paper


Methodology: Alternative Approaches

Andersen, David with George Richardson, Colin Eden and Fran Ackermann   ScriptsMap: A Tool for Designing Multi-Method Strategy Workshops   Abstract

Bayer, Steffen with Sally Brailsford   Examining the role of simulation models in health planning   Abstract Paper

Komanapalli, Golda   Verifying Influence Diagrams using Dimensional Analysis   Abstract Paper

Triantis, Kostas with Hazhir Rahmandad and Warren Vaneman   Systems Engineering: Have we lost our Competitive Edge? A Consideration of the Dynamics of Systems Engineering Projects   Abstract Paper

Tulinayo, Fiona with Andreas Groessler, Stijn Hoppenbrouwers and Patrick van Bommel   Complementing System Dynamics with Object-Role Modeling   Abstract Paper

Weitert, Christian with Peter Milling   Radical innovations from a dynamic capabilities point of view - A Hybrid-Modeling Approach to Generate Pseudo-Empirical Data   Abstract Paper


Methodology in SD

Bleijenbergh, Inge with Hubert Korzilius and Piet Verschuren   The Validity and Utility of Participatory Research Strategies   Abstract Paper

Chaudhari, Gaurav with Robert Sturges and Corina Sandu   On the underlying structure of system dynamics models   Abstract Paper

Graham, Alan   Methodological Changes Needed to Meet the World's Grand Challenges   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan with Markus Schwaninger   A Validation Methodology for System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Huang, Jinjing with Enda Howley and Jim Duggan   The Ford Method: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach   Abstract Paper

Mashayekhi, Ali with Soheil Ghili and Arash Pourhabib   Real Estate Cycles: A Theory Based on Stock-Flow Structure of Durable Goods Markets   Abstract Paper

Mojtahedzadeh, Mohammad   Objective Analysis of Subjective Feedback Structures: The Problem of Consistency in Explaining Model Behavior   Abstract Paper

Osgood, Nathaniel   SILVER: Software in Support of the System Dynamics Modeling Process   Abstract Paper

Ozgun, Onur with Yaman Barlas   Discrete vs. Continuous Simulation: When Does It Matter?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser   What's in a mental model of a dynamic system? On the conceptual structure and approaches to model comparison   Abstract Paper

Tan, Burcu with Edward Anderson, James Dyer and Geoffrey Parker   Using Binomial Decision Trees and Real Options Theory to Evaluate System Dynamics Models of Risky Projects   Abstract Paper


Military Applications

Melhuish, James with Nicholas Pioch and Andrew Seidel   Improving Military Strategy using Predictive Agents with Embedded Mental Simulation Models   Abstract Paper


Operations Management/Supply Chains

Chuang, Howard Hao-Chun   Psychological Safety and Group Learning: Cycle-Time Reduction for Collaborative Product Development   Abstract Paper

Chumai, Roengchai   System Dynamic Modeling of Plant Maintenance Strategy in Thailand   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lehr, Christian with Peter Milling   From Waste to Value - A System Dynamics Model for Strategic Decision Making in Closed-Loop Supply Chains   Abstract Paper

Poles, Roberto with France Cheong   Inventory Control in Closed Loop Supply Chain using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper


Organizational Dynamics

Black, Laura with Don Greer   You meant what? Socially constructing meaning with ongoing interactions   Abstract Paper

Ceresia, Francesco   A Model of Goal Dynamics in Organizations: a case study   Abstract Paper

Clark, Thomas with Mary Jones and Robert Zmud   Post Adoptive ERP Use Behaviors: A Dynamic Conceptualization   Abstract Paper

Dick, Marcel   Reducing income volatility through better resource-sharing policies: The case of the investment banking industry   Abstract Paper

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid with Laura Black, Don Greer and David Andersen   Path Dependency and the Role of Delays in Creating Shared Understanding in Dyadic Communication   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gharibi, Mirmojtaba   Dynamics of Workforce in Iranian National Petrochemical Company   Abstract Paper Supporting

Groessler, Andreas with Alexander Zock   Supporting Long-term Personnel Planning of a Service Provider   Abstract Paper

House, Jody with Laura Black   The Hero and the Warrior in New Venture Growth   Abstract Paper

Lubyansky, Alexander   An Expanded Feedback View of Decision Maker Mental Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lyneis, John with John Sterman   Green, Simple, and Profitable: The Paradox of Failed Best Practices in University Building Maintenance   Abstract Paper

Mandal, Abhijit with Aida Hajro   Integration in cross-border mergers and acquisitions   Abstract Paper

Morrison, J. Bradley   The Problem with Workarounds is that They Work   Abstract Paper

Pala, zge   Dynamics of Escalation of Commitment   Abstract

White, Chris   The Simulation of Idea Propagation in Organizations   Abstract Paper

Zimmermann, Nicole   Dynamics of Organizational Adaptation, Inertia, and Routines: Generic Contributions from a Study of Change   Abstract Paper


Participatory Approaches to Modeling and Simulation

Andersen, David with George Richardson, Colin Eden and Fran Ackermann   Using Stakeholder Goals and Dynamics to Surface Feedback Loops   Abstract

Beall, Allyson with Andrew Ford   Reports from the Field: Assessing the art and science of participatory environmental modeling   Abstract Paper

van den Belt, Marjan   Multi-scale Integrated Modelling for Sustainable Adaptive Systems   Abstract Paper

Fokkinga, Brigit with Inge Bleijenbergh and Jac Vennix   Group model building effectiveness: a qualitative method to assess changes in mental models   Abstract Paper

McCardle-Keurentjes, Marleen with Etinne Rouwette, Jac Vennix and Eric Jacobs   Is Group Model Building worthwhile? Considering the effectiveness of GMB   Abstract Paper

Slinger, Jill with Gonenc Yucel and Erik Pruyt   Communicating model insights using interactive learning environments   Abstract Paper

Stave, Krystyna with Marcia Turner   Experimental Comparison of System Dynamics versus Traditional Facilitation   Abstract Paper

Sveen, Finn Olav with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Jose Gonzalez   Using Conceptual System Dynamics Simulation Models to Initiate Exploration of and Discussion about Incident Reporting Systems   Abstract Paper

Tabacaru, Mihaela with Birgit Kopainsky, Agata Sawicka and Krystyna Stave   How can we assess whether our simulation models improve the system understanding for the ones interacting with them?   Abstract Paper



Doyle, James with Khalid Saeed and Jeanine Skorinko   Personal versus Situational Dynamics: Implications of Barry Richmond's Models of Classic Experiments in Social Psychology   Abstract Paper

Groessler, Andreas with Etinne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   Intuitive vs. Deliberate Decision Making a Dynamic Setting: An Experimental Approach   Abstract

Saeed, Khalid   Stray dogs, street gangs and terrorists: manifestations of a latent capacity support system   Abstract Paper

Skarin, Bruce with Oleg Pavlov, Khalid Saeed and Jeanine Skorinko   Modeling the Cycles of Gang and Criminal Behavior   Abstract Paper Supporting


Public Policy

Backus, George with Jeff Amlin   A History of Making Energy Policy   Abstract Paper

Deegan, Michael   Developing Causal Map Codebooks to Analyze Policy Recommendations: A content analysis of floodplain management recommendations   Abstract Paper

Derwisch, Sebastian with Birgit Kopainsky   Foreign Direct Investment and Spillovers in Seed Sector Development   Abstract Paper

Georgantzas, Nicholas with Evangelos Katsamakas and Dominik Solowiej   Giddens Globalization: Exploring Dynamic Implications   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid with John Lyneis and George Richardson   Why and How Small System Dynamics Models Can Help Policymakers: A Review of Two Public Policy Models   Abstract Paper

Gharakhani, Aref with Ali Mashayekhi   Towards a better understanding of pension systems   Abstract Paper

Glass, Robert   Pandemic Influenza and Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) Engineering   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with David Ford   Real Options Approach for Innovation Implementation Strategies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ji, Sae-Hyun with Moonseo Park and Hyun-Soo Lee   Policies for Improving Design-Build Delivery System in Korea   Abstract Paper

Kaggwa, Martin with Jasper Steyn and Anastassios Pouris   Sustaining industrial growth in Africa: A reflection on South Africa's automotive industry support model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kelic, Andjelka with Aldo Zagonel   Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Career Attractiveness   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit with Sebastian Derwisch   Model-based exploration of strategies for fostering adoption of improved seed in West Africa   Abstract Paper

Lee, Man-Hyung   Dynamic Interrelationship between Administrative Consolidation and Segregation: Korean Example   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lopez, Luis with Porfirio Guevara   Judicial Process Dynamics   Abstract Paper

MacDonald, Roderick   A System Dynamics Perspective of the New York State's Aggravated DWI Law   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mayerthaler, Anna with Reinhard Haller and Guenter Emberger   A Land-Use/Transport interaction model for Austria   Abstract Paper Supporting

Milstein, Bobby with Jack Homer and Gary Hirsch   The HealthBound Policy Simulation Game: An Adventure in US Health Reform   Abstract Paper

Moxnes, Erling   Are advice adhered to? Populist versus activist or expert advice.   Abstract Paper

Parvizian, Jamshid with Shakiba Khademolqorani and Mohamad Hossein Askari Tabatabaei   System Dynamics Modeling of Emigration and Brain Drain   Abstract Paper

Pierson, Kawika   Modeling the Cyclical Nature of Aggregate Airline Industry Profits   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik   The Soft Drugs Debate in the Netherlands: A Qualitative System Dynamics Analysis   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik   Saving a Bank? Cracking the Case of the Fortis Bank   Abstract Paper

Stiens, Eric   Structural Racism and System Dynamics: A Theory and Methodology for Addressing Racial Disparities   Abstract Paper

Sturtevant, Dan with J. Bradley Morrison   America Disrupted: Dynamics of the Technical Capability Crisis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Taylor, Timothy with David Ford, Shari Yvon-Lewis and Eric Lindquist   Science, engineering, and technology in the policy process for natural systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Teekasap, Pard   Cluster Formation and Government Policy: System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

White, J. Chris with Margaret Rush and Walter Schaffer   Workforce Modeling for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)   Abstract Paper



Alvarez, Ainara with Jos Torres, Ana Lauge and Jose Mari Sarriegi   Russian-Ukrainian Gas Conflict Case Study   Abstract Paper

Conrad, Stephen with Felicia Duran, Gregory Conrad, David Duggan and E. Bruce Held   Modeling the Employee Life Cycle to Address the Insider Threat   Abstract Paper

Lauge, Ana with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Jos Torres   The Dynamics of Crisis Lifecycle for Emergency Management   Abstract Paper

Medina-Borja, Alexandra with Yesenia Cruz and Joaqun Medin Molina   Understanding the Role of Victims' Non-Discretionary Factors in Hurricane Evacuation Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Radianti, Jaziar with Jose Gonzalez and Eliot Rich   A Quest for a Framework to Improve Software Security: Vulnerability Black Markets Scenario   Abstract Paper

Sveen, Finn Olav with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Jose Gonzalez   The Role of Incident Reporting in Reducing Information Security Risks   Abstract Paper

Wiik, Johannes with Jose Gonzalez, Pl Davidsen and Klaus-Peter Kossakowski   Chronic Workload Problems in CSIRTs   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wiik, Johannes with Jose Gonzalez, Pl Davidsen and Klaus-Peter Kossakowski   Persistent Instabilities in the High-priority Incident Workload of CSIRTs   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wiik, Johannes with Jose Gonzalez, Pl Davidsen and Klaus-Peter Kossakowski   Preserving a balanced CSIRT constituency   Abstract Paper Supporting



Alvarez, Ainara with Jos Torres, Ana Lauge and Jose Mari Sarriegi   Russian-Ukrainian Gas Conflict Case Study   Abstract Paper

Graham, Alan   Four Grand Challenges for System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Grasl, Oliver   Key performance indicators in professional service firms - a dynamic perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Howick, Susan with Colin Eden   Supporting Strategic Conversations: The Significance of the Model Building Process   Abstract Paper

Hsueh, Joe with David Miller and John Sterman   Clean Technology Startup Management Flight Simulator   Abstract Paper

Rockart, Scott with Shayne Gary and Elena Vidal   Decision Rules and Organziational Dynamics   Abstract

Schurer, Jennifer with Peter Hovmand   The Role of Proactive Strategic Planning in Punctuated Organizational Change: Revisiting Sastry's Model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Walrave, Bob with Kim van Oorschot and Georges Romme   The rise and fall of product innovation strategy: a simulation model   Abstract Paper

Wang, Wei Yang with Ya-tsai Tseng   A SD-Based Reflective Strategy Development Process   Abstract Paper




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