Sessions by Thread
28th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
July 25-July 29, 2010      Seoul, Korea

Business Applications

Poster: Business Applications

Dynamics of Business Models - Long-ranging Impact Assessment of Business Models in the Capital Goods Industry, by Christian Lerch, Gregor Selinka Abstract Paper

Construction Industry Forecasting System Dynamic Model, by Valerijs Skribans Abstract Paper

Ambidextrous Effects of Relational-specific Investments in the OEM Transactions, by Chao-Ching Chang Abstract Paper Supporting

Specifying main effective factors on domestic steel Price: Case study of Iran steel market, by Mehdi Mirghaderi, Mohammad Hossein Askari Tabatabaei, Jamshid Parvizian Abstract Paper

The Player Number Growth in Online Social Games, by Richard Brammer, Bernd Viehweger Abstract Paper Supporting

Impacts of Corporate IT Investment Strategies on Operational Performance Based on Intellectual Capital Framework, by Yi-Wen Liao Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Analysis of Organizational Accidents: A Review of Current Approaches, by Yang Miang Goh, Peter Love, Daniel Lo Abstract Paper

Testing Pecking Order Theory and Trade-off Theory - A System Dynamics Approach, by Muhammad Azeem Qureshi Abstract Paper Supporting

Workshop: Getting Started with STELLA and iThink, by Joanne Egner, Mark Heffernan Abstract


Complexity/Agent Based/Nonlinear Dynamics

Parallel: Agent-Based Modeling, Dynamics Control, and Systems Thinking, chaired by Andrei Borshchev

Using System Dynamics and Agent-based Modeling to Simulate a Proxy War for Resources, by Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Michael North, David Sallach, Eric Tatara, Mark Altaweel Abstract

Controlling the Direction of a Model Helicopter, by Oylum Seker, Hakan Yasarcan Abstract Paper

A Systems Thinking Approach To Investigating Delayed Discharges In The UK, by Sangeeta Sardiwal Abstract Paper

Poster: Agent-Based Modeling and System Dynamics

Understanding the Effects of Rework and Change of Scope on Productivity and Project Performance Using Systems Thinking, by Stephen Warhoe Abstract Paper

HIV Transmissions by Stage under Dynamic Sexual Partnerships, by Jong-Hoon Kim Abstract Paper

Workshop: Getting Started with AnyLogic - a Multi-Method Simulation Modeling Tool, by Andrei Borshchev Abstract Paper Supporting Link


Economic Dynamics

Plenary: Economic Policy, chaired by Robert Cavana

Economic Development, Creative Destruction and Urban Dynamics: A Proposal for Rethinking Developmental Agendas, by Khalid Saeed Abstract Paper

On the Liquidation of Government Debt under A Debt-Free Money System - Modeling the American Monetary Act, by Kaoru Yamaguchi Abstract Paper

Parallel: Decision-Making in Markets, chaired by Joern Ewaldt

A platform to produce hybrid models in order to manage risks and uncertainties on financial and actuarial organizations, by Ricardo Chaim, Rosalvo Streit Abstract Paper

Growth and Competition Dynamics of Online Game Market in Taiwan, by Wei Yang Wang, Ya-tsai Tseng Abstract Paper

Dynamics of Technology Spillover through Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand under R&D Consortia Policy, by Pard Teekasap Abstract Paper

Parallel: Growth and Development, chaired by Souleymane Bah

System Dynamics Implementation of an Extended Brander and Taylor-like Easter Island Model, by Takuro Uehara, Yoko Nagase, Wayne Wakeland Abstract Paper

Negotiating Fiscal Sustainability against Socio-Economic Development: A Model-Based Policy Analysis, by John Ansah Abstract Paper

Dynamics in economic growth: A perspective from System Dynamics, by M. Dolores Soto-Torres, Ramon Fernandez-Lechon, Pedro Fernandez Soto Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Public Debt Issues, chaired by Carmine Bianchi

An Institutional Dynamics Model of the Euro zone Crisis: Greece as an Illustrative Example, by Domen Zavrl Abstract Paper

Modeling the Dynamics of Poverty Trap and Debt Accumulation, by John Ansah Abstract Paper

The Dynamics of Public Indebtedness in Ghana, by John Ansah Abstract Paper

Parallel: Housing and Capital Markets, chaired by M. Dolores Soto-Torres

The Structural Crisis of Capital Accumulation in the USA and Its Causa Prima, by Alexander Ryzhenkov Abstract Paper Supporting

System Dynamic Approach for Analyzing Cyclic Mechanism in Land Market and Their Effect on House Market Fluctuations, by Hanieh Mohammadi, Reza Kazemi, Hesam Maghsoudloo, Erfan Mehregan, Ali Mashayekhi Abstract Paper

Poster: Economic Policies and Markets

A System Dynamics Model of Individual Patterns and Strategies for Labor Market Reintegration, by Bo Hu, Hans-Rolf Vetter Abstract Paper

Modeling Transportation Public - Private Partnerships, by Ricardo Chaim Abstract Paper

Self-Organizing Market Structures, System Dynamics, and Urn Theory, by Fernando Buendia Abstract Paper

Exploring Sustainable Policies for Xidi, the World Heritage Village, by Xu Honggang, Shanshan Dai Abstract Paper

Poster: Money & Finance Poster Session

Estimating the Home-Purchase Cost of Seoul Citizens, by Deokkyo Oh, James Burns Abstract Paper

Effects of Government Intervention in Interest Rates: Case of Iran, by Alireza Abdollahzadeh, Hossein Rahdari, Fariba Seyed Jafar Rangraz, Jafar Pashami, Nazanin Karimi Abstract Paper Supporting

The Current Debt Crisis - A System Dynamics Analysis, by Klaus John Abstract Paper

May Economic Bubbles be Good Sometimes? A Theoretical Investigation of How Bubbles Affect Privatization in Developing Countries, by Seyed Vahid Razavi, Serima Nazarian, Soheil Ghili, Mohsen Bahramgiri Abstract Paper Supporting

The study of inflation effects on Iran Large Industrial Workshops profit: combiniaion of system dynamics and econometrics, by Nemat Falihi Pirbasti, Marzieh Hanjani Abstract Paper

Workshop: An Introduction to Macroeconomic Modeling - Accounting System Dynamics Approach, by Kaoru Yamaguchi Abstract



Parallel: Pedagogy, chaired by Michael Bean

What is learned in system dynamics education: a competency-based representation based upon Bloom’s taxonomy, by Martin Schaffernicht, Patricio Madariaga Abstract Paper Supporting

Making System Dynamics Cool II: New Hot Teaching and Testing Cases of Increasing Complexity, by Erik Pruyt Abstract Paper

Essential Skills for System Dynamics Practitioners - A Delft University of Technology Perspective, by Wouter Meyers, Jill Slinger, Erik Pruyt, Gonenc Yucel, Cornelia van Daalen Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Pedagogy Research, chaired by John Richardson

Can people learn behaviours of stock and flow using their ability to calculate running total? An experimental study, by Tony Phuah Abstract Paper Supporting

Assessing the effect of systems simulations on systems understanding in undergraduate environmental science courses, by Heather Skaza, Krystyna Stave Abstract Paper

Stock and Flow Failure: Initial Stock and Priming, by Cleotilde Gonzalez, Ignacio Martinez-Moyano Abstract

Poster: Pedagogy/Pedagogy Research

Creating Learning Laboratories for Sustainable Development for UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, by Nam Nguyen, Ockie Bosch and Kambiz Maani Abstract Paper

Going Green Globally with Strategic Sustainability Systems, by Paul Miesing, Linda Krzykowski, Eliot Rich Abstract Paper

How the concept of organisational value highlights corporate performance drivers, by Didier Cumenal Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Education Policy

Investigating through ISI Papers Published in Iran and Their Qualities Using Dynamic Approach, by Hessam Kazari, Shahab Poshtkouhi, Ali Hassanpoor Abstract Paper Supporting

Other: Education Poster Display

Education Poster Display Session Description, by Michael Kennedy Abstract


Getting Started with Vensim, by Robert Eberlein Abstract

Optimizing with Vensim, by Robert Eberlein Abstract

Create a Multiplayer Online Simulation Game, by Michael Bean, William Schoenberg Abstract Link


Energy and Resources

Parallel: Planning for Energy and Business Opportunities, chaired by Namsung Ahn

An Investigation on The Process of Modification of Subsidy Policy, by Reza Kazemi, Masoud Tavazoei, Nikrooz Nasr, Ali Mashayekhi Abstract Paper

Policy Analysis for the Transformation of Switzerland's Stock of Buildings. A Small Model Approach, by Matthias Mueller, Silvia Ulli-Beer Abstract Paper Link

Inductive Modelling of an Entrepreneurial System, by Michael Yearworth Abstract Paper

Parallel: Fresh Water Management and Policies, chaired by Seetharam Kallidaikurichi

Conflict dynamics in a dam construction project: A case study, by Braj Mahato, Stephen Ogunlana Abstract Paper

The system dynamic study of regional development of Manas Basin Under the constraints of water resources, by Shanshan Dai, Lan Hai Li, Xu Honggang Abstract Paper

Parallel: Sustainability Issues and Energy Technology Change, chaired by Silvia Ulli-Beer

Scarcity of Minerals and Metals: A Generic Exploratory System Dynamics Model, by Erik Pruyt Abstract Paper

Raising the Quality of Human Life - A Least Cost Route to Reducing Carbon Emissions: Insights from a System Dynamics Model, by Karan Khosla, Ashok Khosla Abstract Paper

Substantiating endogenous models on induced technology change, by Silvia Ulli-Beer, Alexander Wokaun Abstract Paper

Parallel: Cooperation and Fluctuation in Energy Supply, chaired by Santiago Arango Aramburo

Dynamics of CO2 Mitigation in Electric Power Industry Through Replacements and Early Retirements, by Ali Saysel, Mustafa Hekimoglu Abstract Paper

Boom and Bust Cycles in Wind Energy Diffusion Due to Inconsistency and Short-term Bias in National Energy Policies, by Katherine Dykes, John Sterman Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Energy and Resources

A System Dynamics Energy Model for a Sustainable Transportation System, by Stefano Armenia, Fabrizio Baldoni, Diego Falsini, Emanuele Taibi Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Analysis of Water Resource Carrying Capacity in Shandong Province of China, by Huanhuan Qin, Amy Sun, Baoxiang Zhang, Chunmiao Zheng Abstract Paper

Understanding the implication of investing in biodiesel production in South Africa: a system dynamics approach, by Josephine Musango, Bamikole Amigun, Alan Brent Abstract Paper

Modeling a National Power Crisis in Support of A Crisis Lifecycle Model, by Eliot Rich, Josune Hernantes, Leire Labaka, Ana Lauge, Jose Mari Sarriegi, Finn Olav Sveen Abstract Paper


Environment and Ecology

Plenary: The Environment, chaired by Erling Moxnes

The Road from Copenhagen: Supporting International Climate Negotiations with the C-ROADS Simulation, by John Sterman, Andrew Jones, Thomas Fiddaman, Elizabeth Sawin, Travis Franck Abstract Link

Greening the Economy with New Markets: Lessons from System Dynamics Simulation of Energy and Environmental Markets, by Andrew Ford Abstract Paper

Parallel: Climate and Adaptation, chaired by Ik Jae Chung

A Qualitative System Dynamics Analysis of the Effects of an Emissions Trading Scheme on the New Zealand Forestry Value Chain, by Robert Cavana, Thomas Adams Abstract Paper

A Dynamic Simulation Model of Carbon Circulation and Methane Feedbacks in Anthropogenic Climate Change, by Yesim Atag Akpinar, Ali Saysel Abstract Paper Supporting

A Conceptual Framework for Dynamic Modeling of Sustainable Development for Local Government in Latvia, by Arnis Lektauers, Jekabs Trusins, Inese Trusina Abstract Paper

Parallel: Natural Resource Management, chaired by Klaus John

Fishing Industry Dynamics: Is fish farming sustainable? An Exploratory Study of the Chilean Salmon Industry, by Martin Kunc, Lorenzo Andrade Abstract Paper

A system dynamics model for marine cage aquaculture, by Pierre-Alexandre Chateau Abstract Paper Supporting

Dynamic Assessment of Rural Dairy Cooperative Feasibility to Improve Livelihoods in South-Central Mexico, by Keenan McRoberts, Charles Nicholson, Robert Blake, Terry Tucker, Gabriel Diaz Padilla Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Water Resource Management

Lake to Puddle: A System Dynamics Approach to Social, Economic, and Environmental Consequences of Water Use in Udaipur, India, by Ashka Dave, Colleen Kinneen, Kimberly Newcomer Abstract Paper Supporting

A System Dynamics Strategic Planning Model for a Municipal Water Supply Scheme, by Ezekiel Adeniran Abstract Paper

China Water Dynamics - Modeling of China’s Water Resources, by Ranran Wang Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Environmental Decision Support

Modeling and Simulation of Ecological Footprint of Macao, by Kampeng Lei, Shek Kiu Chan, Jing Cao, Shaoqi Zhou Abstract Paper Supporting

The Livelihood-Energy-Conservation Nexus: Intervention strategies to promote conservation in forest villages, by Daniel Conner, Allison Deal, Gautam Yadama, Kumar Rupam Abstract Paper Supporting

Modeling Causes and Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Emission in a City, by Young Lee Abstract Paper


Health Policy

Parallel: Biology and Epidemiology, chaired by Erik Pruyt

Modeling Propagation of Infectious Disease as a Connected Network, by Lianjun An, Young Lee Abstract Paper

Simulating the spread of resistance to antibiotics, by Nabil Mikati Abstract Paper

The Influenza A(H1N1)v Pandemic: An Exploratory System Dynamics Approach, by Erik Pruyt, Caner Hamarat Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Health Service Delivery, chaired by Chanyeong Kwak, Tae Hoon Moon

Modelling the Effect of the Allocation of Social Worker Duties on Delayed Discharges using System Dynamics in the UK, by Sangeeta Sardiwal Abstract Paper

Integrated Healthcare Delivery and Health Insurance Models for Studying Emergency Department Utilization, by Lianjun An, Ching-Hua Chen-Ritzo Abstract Paper

Understanding the dynamics of planning and providing accommodation services for people with Intellectual Disability, by Lynette Lee, Mark Heffernan, Geoff McDonnell Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Health Posters

A system dynamics analysis to determine willingness to wait and pay for inclusion of data standards in clinical research, by Luciana Cofiel, Guilherme Zammar, Amrapali Zaveri, Jatin Shah, Elias Cesar Araujo de Carvalho, Meredith Nahm, Gustavo Kesselring, Ricardo Pietrobon Abstract Paper Supporting

Towards a model-based Tool for Evaluating Population-level Interventions against Childhood Obesity, by Brian Dangerfield, Norhaslinda Zainal Abidin Abstract Paper

Pandemic Dynamics with Social Effects: Rapid Model Prototyping with Fuzzy Logic, by Adam Ng, Sean Lam, Mong Soon Sim Abstract Paper

Dynamics of Glucose-Insulin Regulation: Insulin Injection Regime for Patients with Diabetes Type I, by Canan Herdem, Hakan Yasarcan Abstract Paper

National mapping of biomedical research resources through voluntary researcher participation - a mixed design study, by Jatin Shah, Guilherme Zammar, Dimple Rajgor, Shreyasee Pradhan, Tam Cam Ha, Ricardo Pietrobon Abstract Paper Supporting

The New Flu Pandemic (A/H1N1): An Exploratory System Dynamics Approach, by Erik Pruyt, Caner Hamarat Abstract Paper


Methodology in SD

Plenary: Model Formulation Process, chaired by Robert Eberlein

System Dynamics Problem Definition as an Evolutionary Process Using Ambiguity Concept, by Ali Mashayekhi, Soheil Ghili Abstract Paper

Improvised Facilitation: A Third Leg on the Group Model Building Stool, by David Andersen, George Richardson Abstract Paper

Plenary: Tuesday Morning PLENARY SESSION: Learning From Low Fidelity and High Fidelity Models, chaired by John Richardson

Limits to Growth and Industrialisation - Insights from small and metaphorical system dynamics models and simulators, by John Morecroft Abstract Paper

A Simulation System for HPAI Diseases Control, by Sangman Kwak, Miae Kwak, Sangjin Lee Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Parallel: Modeling Approaches, chaired by Robert Eberlein

Automating the comparison of mental models of dynamical systems, by Martin Schaffernicht, Stefan Groesser Abstract Paper Supporting

Automated Assessment of Learners' Understanding in Complex Dynamic Systems, by Birgit Kopainsky, Pablo Pirnay-Dummer, Stephen Alessi Abstract Paper

Improving operations management by synthesizing participant knowledge and system data, by Etiënne Rouwette, Jac Vennix Abstract Paper

Parallel: Understanding Model Behavior, chaired by Imrana Umar

An Eigenvector Approach for Analysing Linear Feedback Systems, by Jinjing Huang, Enda Howley, Jim Duggan Abstract Paper

Sensitivity Analysis of System Dynamics Models by Behavior Pattern Measures, by Mustafa Hekimoglu, Yaman Barlas Abstract Paper

An Extension of Loop Deactivation in the Behavioral Method, by Jinjing Huang, Enda Howley, Jim Duggan Abstract Paper

Parallel: Model Building - Structure and Data, chaired by Etiënne Rouwette

The Concerted Run on the DSB Bank: An Exploratory System Dynamics Approach, by Erik Pruyt, Caner Hamarat Abstract Paper

Integrating System Dynamics and Enterprise Modeling to Address Dynamic and Structural Complexities of Choice Situations, by Arash Golnam, Ann van Ackere, Alain Wegmann Abstract Paper

Sensitivity Analysis of Oscillatory System Dynamics Models, by Mustafa Hekimoglu Abstract Paper

Poster: Methodology In System Dynamics

Tackling the Mess: Causal-Loop Conceptualization of Solid Waste Management Systems through Cross-Impact Analysis, by Camilo Olaya, Nathalia Torres Abstract Paper

SD Approaches for Feedback Dynamic Complexity Analysis, by Cuixia Wang, Ren'an Jia, Xiaojing Jia Abstract Paper

Regional System Dynamics Conference - A Way to promote the Application of SD in Developing Countries, by Qifan Wang Abstract

Mental Models of Dynamical Systems: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead, by Stefan Groesser, Martin Schaffernicht Abstract


System Dynamics Model Documentation Tool (SDM-Doc), by Ignacio Martinez-Moyano Abstract Link

Build Your Own Free Web Simulation in 3 Hours, by Michael Bean, William Schoenberg Abstract Link


Methodology: Alternative Approaches

Poster: Contextualizing System Dynamics Modeling

The social role of simulation models, by Steffen Bayer, Timothy Bolt, Maria Kapsali, Sally Brailsford Abstract Paper

A Game-Theoretic Frame Work for Studying Dynamics of Multi Decision-maker Systems, by Mohammad Rasouli Abstract Paper Supporting

Formal Modeling, Computer Simulation and Grounded Field Research to Conduct Enquiry in Managerial Sciences, by Edoardo Mollona Abstract Paper

A generic framework for hybrid simulation in healthcare, by Kirandeep Chahal, Tillal Eldabi Abstract Paper


Operations Management/Supply Chains

Parallel: Process Improvement Dynamics, chaired by Elisabeth Andersson

Competitive Dynamics of Business Process Improvement, by Shu-Jung Yang, Yan Emma Liu Abstract Paper

Managing the Dynamics of Process Improvement: Production, Improvement, and Learning, by J. Bradley Morrison Abstract Paper

Better Healthcare through Better Design of Healthcare Research and Development, by Peter Hovmand Abstract Paper

Parallel: Control Theory Applications to System Dynamics, chaired by Valerie Gacogne

Controlling Workforce in Response to Demand Disturbances in Services Supply Chains, by Young Lee, Lianjun An, Daniel Connors Abstract Paper

Supplier Capacity Decisions Under Retailer Competition and Delays: Theoretical and Experimental Results, by Paulo Goncalves, Santiago Arango Aramburo Abstract Paper

Understanding Supply Chain Replenishment Decisions, by Rogelio Oliva, Luis Herrero, Santiago Kraizelburd, Noel Watson Abstract

Poster: Improved Operations: Reliability, Electronic Data Interchange and Reduced Bullwhip

Using System Dynamics to Estimate Reductions in Lifecycle Costs Through Investments in Improved Reliability, by William Killingsworth, Stephen Speciale, Nelson Martin Abstract Paper

The Role of Overhaul in Reducing Lifecycle Costs and Maximizing the Return on Investments to Improve Reliability, by William Killingsworth, Stephen Speciale, Nelson Martin Abstract Paper


Organizational Dynamics

Parallel: Organizational Dynamics 1, chaired by Nicole Zimmermann

Dynamic Decision-Making, Learning and Mental Models, by Anson Li, Kambiz Maani Abstract Paper

The Use of Group Model Building for Analysing Event Causality within the Nuclear Industry, by Neil Carhart, Michael Yearworth Abstract Paper

A Generic Model of Organizational Inertia, Attention, and Change, by Nicole Zimmermann, Peter Milling Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Organizational Dynamics 2, chaired by Laura Black

Investigation on dynamics of structure change in organizations: The Cultural aspect, by Seyed Vahid Razavi, Mahdi Hashemian, Reza Kazemi, Masoud Tavazoei, Ali Mashayekhi Abstract Paper

Modeling the Evolution of Public Industry R&D Institute - the Case of ITRI, by Jian Hung Chen, Yijen Chen Abstract Paper

Applying the Goal Setting Practice in the Dynamic Balance Scorecard Learning and Growth Perspective, by Francesco Ceresia, Giovan Battista Montemaggiore Abstract Paper

Poster: Organizational Dynamics

Adaptation on Rugged Landscapes: Competitive Strategies in the Presence of a Common Objective, by Marios Bisilkas Abstract Paper Supporting

Organizational Flexibility: A dynamic evaluation of Volberda's theory, by Amaia Sopelana, Martin Kunc, Olga Rivera Hernaez Abstract Paper

Modeling Dynamics of gaining expertise in a call center, by Nasim GhanbarTehrani Abstract Paper

Dynamics of Organizational Learning in Catching-Up Process, by Atefe Ramezankhani, Reza Kazemi, Ali Mashayekhi Abstract Paper

Accessibility of Norwegian Municipalities Websites: A Qualitative System Dynamics Approach, by Ahmed Abdeltawab Abdelgawad, Mikael Snaprud, John Krogstie Abstract Paper

Under What Conditions Does Employee Ownership Work? A Model of Ownership Structure and High Performance Work System, by Joe Hsueh, John Sterman Abstract Paper


Participatory Approaches to Modeling and Simulation

Parallel: Stakeholder Involvement in Development, chaired by Etiënne Rouwette

The System Dynamics of Forest Cover in the Developing World: Researcher vs. Community Perspectives, by Laura Schmitt Olabisi Abstract Paper

Stakeholder Dynamics, by George Richardson, David Andersen Abstract Paper

Combining Group Model Building and Participatory Rural Appraisal in Southeast Rural India, by Peter Hovmand, Gautam Yadama, Nishesh Chalise, Annaliese Calhoun, Daniel Conner Abstract Paper

Poster: Participatory Approaches

Scriptapedia: A Digital Commons for Documenting and Sharing Group Model Building Scripts, by Annaliese Calhoun, Peter Hovmand, David Andersen, George Richardson, Timothy Hower, Etiënne Rouwette Abstract Paper



Parallel: Community Driven Dynamics, chaired by Sungsook Cho

Community Driven Modeling of Social-Ecological Systems: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh, India, by Gautam Yadama, Peter Hovmand, Nishesh Chalise, Papagni Cell, Foundation for Ecological Security Abstract Paper

Church Growth via Enthusiasts and Renewal, by John Hayward Abstract Paper Supporting

Using Dynamics Modeling to Promote Effective Tobacco Treatment Practices in Community-Based Primary Care Settings, by David Lounsbury, Ralph Levine Abstract Paper Supporting


Public Policy

Parallel: Crime & Enforcement, chaired by Elizabeth Ong

Dynamics of Enforcement and Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and Implications for Innovation Incentives, by Sebastian Derwisch, Birgit Kopainsky Abstract Paper

Theorizing About Crime: Elements for a Contribution of System Dynamics to Criminology, by Camilo Olaya, Isaac Beltran, Marcela Salinas Abstract Paper

Refinement of Supply and Demand Model for Vulnerability Black Market, by Jaziar Radianti, Eliot Rich, Jose Gonzalez Abstract Paper

Parallel: Urban Dynamics & Housing, chaired by Akira Uchino

The Relevance of Urban Dynamics to Singapore’s Success Story: Lessons for Moving Beyond the Crisis, by John Richardson, Elizabeth Ong Ling Lee Abstract Paper Supporting

Housing Affordability: A study of real estate market in Iran, by Yashar Atefi, Farzad Minooei, Rambod Dargahi Abstract Paper

Poster: Public Administration

How to Guarantee Effectiveness of National Rental Housing Policies Applying SD Approaches?: Focused on Residential Development, by Yoo-Jeong Ahn, Man-Hyung Lee Abstract Paper

Policy Agenda Setting Process and Causal Map Analysis: a case of the Green Growth in Korea, by Eunkyu Lee, Ji-Young An, Dong-Hwan Kim Abstract Paper

A Dynamic Approach for Evaluating the Validity of Mortgage Lending Policies in Korean Housing Market, by Sungjoo Hwang, Moonseo Park, Hyun-Soo Lee Abstract Paper

Political Dynamics Determined by Interactions Between Political Leaders and Voters, by Asmeret Bier, Michael Bernard, George Backus, Richard Hills Abstract Paper

University-Industry partnerships with a focus on BRIC countries: A systems perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly, by Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Mauro Maldonato, Ricardo Chaim, Ricardo Pietrobon, Gregorio Varvakis Abstract Paper

Dynamics of Lean Accounting Innovation on Future Performance: May “Accelerated” Accounting Lead Astray?, by Chester Labedz, John Gray, James Thompson Abstract Paper Supporting

Estimating the number of welfare facilities for the elderly in Korea with system dynamics, by Deokkyo Oh, James Burns Abstract Paper

Poster: Managing Infrastructure

Humanitarian Crisis: when Supply Chain really matters, by Fabio Diaz Pabon, Catherine Espinoza, Martha Namen Leon, Maria Palacio, Rafael Cuervo Abstract Paper Supporting

Poster: Climate Change, Energy & Sustainability

Modeling Sustainability of Renewable Energies in Rural Areas: A Case Study for Iran, by Hanieh Mohammadi, Ali Mashayekhi, Kave Mirasadallahi, Alireza Kamranianfar Abstract Paper

Bottom-up and top-down approaches in energy efficiency estimation., by Vincenzo Di Giulio, Stefania Migliavacca Abstract Paper

IQuaL: a dynamic model for assessing the impact of public policies on sustainable development, by Stefania Migliavacca, Vincenzo Di Giulio, Luciano Canova Abstract Paper


Qualitative System Dynamics/Eastern Philosophy and Systems Thinking

Plenary: Philosophical Foundations Underlying System Dynamics Practice, chaired by Moonseo Park

Reflections on the Foundation of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics, by George Richardson Abstract Paper

Eastern Thought and Systems Thinking, by Young-Pyo Kim Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Qualitative System Dynamics and Public Policy, chaired by Haiyan Yan

What Can Formal Modeling Add to Qualitative Systems Thinking? A Simulation Model of the Shift the Burden System Archetype, by Joe Hsueh Abstract Paper

Systems thinking for sustainable tourism in the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve of Viet Nam, by Thanh Mai, Kambiz Maani Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Model for Transportation Infrastructure Investment and Cultural Heritage Tourism Development, by Jie Jiang, Jun Li, Xu Honggang Abstract Paper Supporting

Parallel: Systems Thinking in the East, chaired by Doahoon Kim

Systems Thinking and the Eastern Martial Arts, by Adam Ng, Che Han Lim Abstract Paper

Understanding System Dynamics with Eastern Philosophy, by Dong-Hwan Kim Abstract Paper

Systems Thinking, Dependent Co-Arising and Mental Model in Decision Making, by Arun Bajracharya Abstract Paper

Poster: Qualitative System Dynamics

Hegelian Philosophy and System Dynamics, by Hadi Akbarzadeh Khorshidi, Marzieh Soltanolkottabi Abstract Paper

Exploring the management of social enterprise from systemic perspective: the application of Deleuze's Theory of Assemblage, by Jae Eon Yu Abstract Paper



Parallel: SMITe (Security/Military/Insurgency/Terrorism), chaired by Rolf Hasanen

Comparing Discrete Simulation and System Dynamics: Modeling an Anti-insurgency Influence Operation, by Wayne Wakeland, Una Medina Abstract Paper

Using Small Models for Big Issues: Exploratory System Dynamics Modelling and Analysis for Insightful Crisis Management, by Erik Pruyt Abstract Paper

System Dynamics Applied to Combat Models (Lanchester Laws), by Oscar Bull Abstract Paper

Poster: SMITe (Security/Military/Insurgency/Terrorism)

Modeling passenger flow at hub airports: Implications for security, infrastructure investment, and stress levels at airports, by Nelson Henrique, Ignacio Martinez-Moyano Abstract Supporting

Influence Diagram Supporting the Implementation of Adaptive Campaigning, by Daniel Bilusich, Fred Bowden, Svetoslav Gaidow Abstract Paper

Proactive vs. reactive investment in information security management: an SD analysis, by Ying Qian, Jose Gonzalez Abstract

Terrorist incidents and counter terrorist policies: A System Dynamics model, by M. Dolores Soto-Torres, Mar Pajares-Mena, Ramon Fernandez-Lechon, Pedro Fernandez Soto Abstract Paper Supporting

Toward a new Federal Police force in México: an analysis of critical processes through System Dynamics, by Gloria Perez Salazar, Camilo Olaya Abstract Paper



Parallel: Model Supported Case Studies: Organizational Change; Urban Policy; and Succession in Family Firms, chaired by Seung-Jun Yeon

Using System Dynamics to Investigate How Belief Systems Influence the Process of Organization Change, by Miles Yang, Showing Young, Shyh-Jane Li, Yu-Ying Huang Abstract Paper

Dynamics Model of Housing Market Surveillance System for Taichung City, by Yu-Feng Ho, Hsiao-Lin Wang, Cheng-Chih Liu Abstract Paper

Roles Differentiation in Family Firms Succession: The Impact of Private banking and Private Equity, by Gianluca Colombo, M. Vincenzo Piantedosi Abstract Paper

Poster: Industry and Competitive Studies

Systemic strategy development and implementation using the example of a lead brokerage financial service provider, by Paul Flachskampf, Klaus Henning Abstract Paper

Competition in the shipbuilding industry: sustaining competitive advantage in the global economy, by Naima Samuel, Namsung Ahn, Mahasuwan Peyanard, Polawat Pupipat, Shanna Zhong Abstract Paper Supporting

The importance of keeping engineers and knowledge workers inside on organisations’ performances, by Yutaka Takahashi, Nobuhide Tanaka Abstract Paper Supporting

The Process of Strategic Innovation: A System Dynamics Approach, by Carmine Garzia Abstract Paper

Rats, Black Swans, and Personal Careers - an Investigation of “Go with the flow” and “Deviate from common behaviour” Strategies, by Andreas Groessler Abstract Paper Supporting

Workshop: Clean Technology Startup Management Flight Simulator, by Joe Hsueh Abstract


System Dynamics Society
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