Conference Proceedings
The 30th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
St. Gallen, Switzerland --
July 22-26, 2012

ISBN 978-1-935056-10-2

Papers, workshops and other presentations and events presented at the conference are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author, chair or presenter. To find a paper by an author who is not the first author, simply search on the author's name. Papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from Supporting materials are usually archives or models which may require additional software (details). Links, when shown, were supplied by the authors and were current at the time of publication. In addition, there is a color version of the printed abstract proceedings given to conference attendees.


Aamir, Munaf with Vanessa Vargas   Model of Drivers of Fear-Induced Consumer Avoidance Behaviors Post-Incident   Abstract Paper

Adom-Mensah, Yaw   Towards an optimal rate of general budget support in developing countries   Abstract

Akkermans, Henk with Kim van Oorschot   Pilot error? Managerial decision biases against concurrency as explanation for delays in new aircraft development programmes   Abstract

Alessi, Stephen with Birgit Kopainsky and Erling Moxnes   Teaching Resource Management with Web-Based Models and Multi-Player Games   Abstract Paper

Alexiev, Victor   Measuring Group Model Building Intervention Impact Through Preference Elicitation   Abstract Paper

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro, Ruth Raquel Almaguer Navarro, Pedro Dagoberto Almaguer Navarro and Beatriz Eugenia Navarro Vazquez   POLLEN learning lab to improve the public education system and PISA   Abstract Paper Supporting

Altamirano, Mónica with Karen Meijer, Lija van Vliet and Arjen Ros   An exploration of the added value of Systems Analysis and System Dynamics for assessing the importance of innovative concepts   Abstract Paper

Ansah, John with Robert Eberlein, Sean Love, James Thompson and David Matchar   Serving the Long-term Care Needs of an Aging Population   Abstract

Ansah, John with David Matchar, Sean Love, Rahul Malhotra, Angelique Chan and Robert Eberlein   Simulating the Impact of Long-term Care Policy on Family Eldercare Hours   Abstract

Arenas, Fernando   Stocks of Knowledge and Organizational Performance: A Dynamic Relationship   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Andrea Centra, Vittorio Cesarotti, Angelo De Angelis and Clarissa Retrosi   Military Workforce Dynamics and Planning in the Italian AirForce   Abstract Paper

Atzori, Alberto Stanislao with David Ford, Luis Tedeschi and Antonello Cannas   Policy Modeling for Greenhouses Gas Emissions on Dairy Cattle Sector: the Importance of the Milk Production Improvement   Abstract Paper

Auping, Willem with Erik Pruyt and Jan Kwakkel   Analysing the Uncertain Future of Copper with Three Exploratory System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Baitello, André with Marcelo Ramos Martins   Organizational learning effects in productivity: a dynamic hypothesis proposal for shipyard learning   Abstract Paper Supporting

Balaporia, Zahir with Mike Zeimer   Games for Learning in Freight Transportation Systems   Abstract Paper

Barnabe, Federico with Cristiano Busco, Maurizio Lambri and Gianfranco Zatta   Matching Role Playing, Balanced Scorecards and System Dynamics modelling in management training: the “Strategic Micro-Factory”   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bean, Michael   Developing Business Simulation Games for a Mainstream Audience   Abstract Paper

Beck, Abby with Krystyna Stave   Understanding Urban Quality of Life and Sustainability: Model Development and Validation   Abstract Paper

Bier, Asmeret   Organizational Participation in Cooperative Cyber Security   Abstract Paper

Bishwas, Sumant with Sushil Sushil   Knowledge Management and Related Emerging Issues in Organizations: A Systems Thinking using Feedback Loop Analysis   Abstract Paper

Bisilkas, Marios with Aurora Garcia-Gallego and Ivan Barreda Tarrazona   Services as an Alternative Path to Sustainability   Abstract Paper

Bisilkas, Marios with Ivan Barreda Tarrazona and Aurora Garcia-Gallego   A Model of the Sustainability Requirements Dynamics for New Product Development   Abstract Paper

Bizik, Gustav with Marek Susta   Cortisol Dynamics in Various Stress-Related Disorders   Abstract

Blaskovich, Frank   Oil Policy Regret Analysis With System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Browne, Chris with Haley Jones and Paul Compston   Is it Really Greener in the Cloud? An Investigation of Energy Trends in Cloud Computing (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Buendia, Fernando   Expansion Economies: The Growth of the Firm through its Globalization   Abstract Paper

Buendia, Fernando   The Reward System in Art Markets: a System Dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Campos-Lopez, Enrique with Alena Urdiales-Kalinchuk, Arturo Inda-Cunningham, Helue De la Barrera-Gomez and Avelino Hernandez-Corichi   Spore: an Action-Learning Support System for Incubating Regional Cooperative Innovation Networks   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cardenas, Laura with Isaac Dyner and Carlos Franco   Making progress towards defossilisation: modelling low-carbon policy for power generation   Abstract

Carena, Augusto   Midday in Athens. A Socratic Dialogue about Systems   Abstract Paper

Chaim, Ricardo   ERM quantitative risk analysis methods and techniques applied to a small commercial bank   Abstract Paper

Chaudhuri, Saikat with Abhijit Mandal   High-Value Outsourcing: Impact of Team Structure and Capabilities on Complex and Uncertain Off-shoring Projects   Abstract Paper Supporting

Choi, Jeong Hwan with Seongpil Ko and Jeong Dong Lee   Research on make or buy decision making strategy using System Dynamics: Focused on Korea’s military improvement project   Abstract Paper

Chuang, Howard Hao-Chun with Rogelio Oliva and Olga Perdikaki   Retail Sales Generation: A Methodological Comparison of Econometric Estimation and Calibration   Abstract Paper

Colvin, Meagan with Peter Hovmand   Students as System Thinkers: Scaling-up and Sustaining Innovations in Schools   Abstract Supporting

Corcoran, Stan with Alan Graham, William Arthur and David Peterson   A Competitor’s Strategy Unclothed: How Indirect Measurement Justified Not Fighting an Insurance Price War   Abstract Paper

Das, Dillip   Planning and Management of Regional Infrastructure for Tourism Development in Orissa State, India   Abstract Paper Supporting

de Gooyert, Vincent with Christian Erik Kampmann   Revisiting the Roberts-Levin Patient Dropout Model (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

de Groen, André with Erik Pruyt and Harry Boumeester   Dutch social housing sector reforms: Exploring the effects on low income households   Abstract Paper

De Marco, Alberto with Anna Cagliano and Carlo Rafele   Forecasting the Diffusion of a Mobile Service for Freight Distribution   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dianati, Kaveh with Roland Maximilian Happach   The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Homicide Rate towards the End of the 20th Century - A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Doganca, Zerrin with Ali Saysel   An Interview Protocol for Assessing Students’ Understanding of Dynamically Complex Environmental Problems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Domenge Munoz, Rogerio   Power Generation Capacity Planning Under Ecological, Security and Economic Criteria: The Mexican Case   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   An Extended SIR Model to Explore the Impact of Syndromic Data Sources on Social Distancing Policy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Duran Encalada, Jorge with Erick Bandala and Alberto Paucar-Caceres   A System Dynamics Approach to Assess Global Climate Change in Quantity/Quality Water along the U.S.-Mexico Trans-Border Region   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with James Thompson   Chronological Aging in Continuous Time   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eker, Sibel with Cornelia van Daalen   Uncertainties in the Development of Unconventional Gas in the Netherlands   Abstract Paper

El Halabi, Ezzat with Matthew Doolan and Michael Cardew-Hall   Extracting Variables and Causal Links from Interview Data   Abstract Paper

Elias, Arun with Saji Mathew   Offshore IT outsourcing between India and New Zealand: A Qualitative System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper

Elmasry, Shady with Mohamed Shalaby and Mohamed Saleh   A System dynamics simulation model for scalable-capacity manufacturing systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Enos, James   Dynamics of Reconstruction Projects   Abstract Paper

Enos, James   Learning with Loops: Applying Feedback to Teaching System Dynamics to Undergraduates   Abstract Paper

Eren, Aysen   A System Dynamics Model of a Local Economy with Bi-Currency System   Abstract Paper

Escalante, Nicolas   Model Conceptualization for Sustainable Waste and Resource Management Policy Design in Low and Middle-Income Countries   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eskinasi, Martijn   Collected System Dynamics works on recent real estate dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eslamifar, Gholamreza with Amir MohammadShirazi and Ali Mashayekhi   A System Dynamics model to achieve sustainable production of oil in Iran   Abstract Paper Supporting

Farr, Warren   Using System Dynamics to Create Durable Business Strategy- US Air Conditioning Industry Case Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Featherston, Charles with Matthew Doolan   A Critical Review of the Criticisms of System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fischer, Helen with Christina Degen   Stock-flow failure can be explained by the task design   Abstract Paper

Ford, Andrew with Thuy Nguyen and Allyson Beall   Modeling Support for National Park Planning: Initial Results from a Case Study of Glacier National Park   Abstract Paper

Gaynor, Alan   Different Kids—How Typical Schools Are Built to Fail and Need to Change: A Structural Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Georgantzas, Nicholas   Time out politics: transforming time into space   Abstract Paper Supporting

Golnam, Arash with Ron Sanchez, Gorica Tapandjieva and Alain Wegmann   Choosing the Right Tool for the Job: A Framework to Compare the Effectiveness of Problem Structuring Methods in System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Gomez Diaz, Mauricio with Navid Ghaffarzadegan and Richard Larson   Unintended Effects of Changes in NIH Appropriations: Challenges for Biomedical Research Workforce Development (Barry Richmond Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gramlich, Dieter with Mikhail Oet   Systemic Financial Feedbacks - Conceptual Framework and Modeling Implications   Abstract Paper

Grassmann, Winfried with Jin Zhang, Roland Dyck and Nathaniel Osgood   A System Simulation Model for Type 2 Diabetes in the Saskatoon Health Region   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan with Roman Tschupp   Quality of System Dynamics Research: Evidence and Recommendations for Model-Based Studies   Abstract Link

Groessler, Andreas with Jürgen Strohhecker   Tangible Stock/Flow Experiments -- Addressing Issues of Naturalistic Decision Making   Abstract Paper

Haag, Hans-Christian with Meike Tilebein   Integrating System Dynamics in a Strategic Foresight Process for Firms in Production Networks   Abstract Paper

Hackett, Stian   Fuel taxes as an energy saving policy – potential misperceptions of dynamic effects   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hadjis, Andreas with George Papageorgiou   Planning via System Dynamics Models; Strategy Dynamics of Market Evolution   Abstract Paper

Hamarat, Caner with Erik Pruyt and Jan Kwakkel   Adaptive Policymaking under Deep Uncertainty: Optimal Preparedness for the next pandemic   Abstract Paper

Hamza, Kanar with Karl Rich and David Wheat   The role of System Dynamics approaches in aquatic disease management: an application to sea lice control in Norway   Abstract Paper

Handel, Oliver with Aziiz Sutrisno   Dynamic Aging Population in Germany: A case study about demographic change   Abstract Paper Supporting

Happach, Roland Maximilian with Guido Veldhuis, Jac Vennix and Etiënne Rouwette   Group Model Validation   Abstract Paper

Hayward, John   Model Behavior and the Strengths of Causal Loops: Mathematical Insights and a Practical Method   Abstract Paper Supporting

Heslop, Benjamin   Modelling Collaboration to optimise Innovation   Abstract Paper Link

Heyder, Monika with Alessandra Goetz, Susanne Schmidt, Maria Sipowicz, Pablo Viejo Garcia and Simon Aulagnier   Climate Change Actions in the Urban Context: A Tool for Decision Makers   Abstract Paper

Hidayatno, Akhmad with Armand Moeis, Nuzul Achjar and Aziiz Sutrisno   Communicating Complexity in Indonesia’s Electricity Economics and Market Development Using System Dynamics Based Game   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hirsch, Gary with Khalid Saeed, Karl McCleary and Kevin Myer   Deceased Donor Potential for Organ Transplantation: A System Dynamics Framework   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary with Jack Homer, Bobby Milstein, John Sterman, Christina Ingersol, Leigh Scherrer, Laura Landy and Elliott Fisher   ReThink Health Dynamics: Understanding and Influencing Local Health System Change   Abstract Paper

Ho, Yu-Feng with Hsiao-Lin Wang and Cheng-Chih Liu   System Dynamics and Genetic Artificial Neural Network Models for the Monitoring and Early Warning of Urban Housing Market   Abstract Paper

Holmberg, Stig with Daniel Dubois   SDA: System Dynamics Simulation of Inter Regional Risk Management Using a Multi-Layered Model with Delays and Anticipation   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with Alissa Nelson and Kenneth Carson   Understanding Social Determinants from the Ground Up   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hovmand, Peter with Matthew Kreuter and James Dearing   Designing Public Health Dissemination and Delivery Systems   Abstract Paper

Hughes, Christopher   Modeling Movie Release Strategies   Abstract Supporting

Ip, Edward with Mark Wolfson, Douglas Easterling, Erin Sutfin, Kimberly Wagoner, Jill Blocker, Kathleen Egan, Hazhir Rahmandad and Shyu-Huei Chen   Agent-based modeling of College Drinking Behavior and mapping of feedback mechanism of alcohol reduction   Abstract Paper

Joffe, Michael   Competition Between Firms – System Dynamics and Other Approaches   Abstract Paper Supporting

John, Klaus   Linking Economic Modeling and System Dynamics: A Basic Model for Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Regulation   Abstract Paper

Kaiser, Jasmin with Peter Buxmann   Toward a Dynamic View on Client Dependence in IS Outsourcing Relationships: A Qualitative System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Kapmeier, Florian with Jörg Gerigk   "Small changes can cause big problems over time": Insights from a Systems Thinking Intervention on Ecosystems with 4th graders   Abstract Paper

Karanfil, Özge   Revisiting the Dynamics of Collapse: Globalization, Economic Growth & Rising Inequalities in the 19th century Ottoman Empire   Abstract

Keijser, Bas with Jan Kwakkel and Erik Pruyt   How to Explore and Manage the Future? Formal Model Analysis for Complex Issues under Deep Uncertainty   Abstract Paper Supporting

Keith, David with John Sterman and Jeroen Struben   Understanding Spatiotemporal Patterns of Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Adoption in the United States (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Supporting

Kendall, Merrill   The Wizard of Oz & System Dynamics' Application to System Test   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael   System Dynamics Models of Information Systems Investment Appraisal   Abstract

Khetriwal, Deepali with Rolf Widmer, Markus Schwaninger and Lorenz Hilty   Application of System Dynamics to Assess Mass Flows of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)   Abstract

Khosla, Karan   “Strategy Dynamics of a Social Enterprise in India” – Impacts of System Dynamics on conventional strategy formulation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kieckhafer, Karsten with Katharina Wachter, Joachim Axmann and Thomas Spengler   Model-based Decision Support for Future OEM Power-train Portfolios: Academic Solutions for Practical Requirements   Abstract Paper

Kim, Amy with Vahid Faghihi, Amir R. Hessami and David Ford   Designing Perpetual Sustainability Improvement Programs for Built Infrastructures   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kim, Dong-Hwan with Khalid Saeed   Institutional political dynamics: political cycles between the liberal and the conservative   Abstract Paper

Koca, Deniz with Harald Sverdrup   Using Casual Loop Diagrams & Systems Analysis to Explore Alternative Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Seyhan River Basin   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit with Maria Saldarriaga   Assessing understanding and learning about dynamic systems   Abstract Paper

Kovari, András with Erik Pruyt   Prostitution and Human Trafficking: A model-based exploration and policy analysis (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Kovriga, Svetlana with Nina Abramova   Criterial Approach to Verification at Cognitive Mapping of Ill-Structured Situation Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Krail, Michael with Wolfgang Schade   Reducing the Climate Impact of Transport – Technologies and Policies for Road Transport   Abstract Paper

Kuehn, André with Simon Gloeser   System-Based Feedback Analysis of E-Mobility Diffusion in China   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kuhlberg, Jill with Peter Hovmand and Gautam Yadama   Transdisciplinary Learning in Rural India: Reflections and Considerations from an Intensive Two-Week Course   Abstract

Kumar, Ashwani with Kwong Meng Teo and Amedeo Odoni   A Systems Perspective of Cycling and Bike-sharing Systems in Urban Mobility   Abstract Paper

Kunc, Martin   Modeling Start-ups using System Dynamics: Towards a generic model   Abstract Paper

Kunc, Martin   System Dynamics and Innovation: A complex problem with multiple levels of analysis   Abstract Paper

Kwakkel, Jan with Jos Timmermans   Exploratory System Dynamics: a directed search for limits to global water use   Abstract Paper

Kwakkel, Jan with Jill Slinger   A System Dynamics Model-Based Exploratory Analysis of Salt Water Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers   Abstract Paper

Lafond, Daniel with Ashley Beattie, Michel DuCharme and Sébastien Tremblay   Collaborative Decision Making in a Simulated Stability Operations Exercise: A Prototype Decision Support Tool   Abstract Paper

Lee, Carmen with James Thompson and Robert Eberlein   The cause of growing foreign-trained nurse concentration and its impact   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lee, Man-Hyung with Nam Hee Choi, Won-Gyu Ha and Jong-Hoon Yoo   Should Korea’s Barn Swallows Be on the Red List of Threatened Species?: Population Dynamics Combined with Ecological Changes (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract

Leopold, Armin with Bo Hu, Klaus Arto and Irina Dolgopolova   Germany's Electricity Industry in 2025: Evaluation of Portfolio Concepts   Abstract Paper

Lerch, Christian with Thomas Schmall and Matthias Gotsch   Linking Innovation and Service Productivity - An analysis of interactive effects in knowledge-intensive business services   Abstract Paper

Levin, Ilya with Tzur Levin   Hybrid Models in Developing System Thinking   Abstract Paper

Li, Anson with Tiru Arthanari and Yuhua Zhou   Leveraging Supply Chain Relationships – A System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract

Li, Anson with Kambiz Maani   A Supply Chain Paradox   Abstract Paper

Logtens, Thomas with Erik Pruyt and Govert Gijsbers   Societal Aging in the Netherlands: Exploratory System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lopez, Luis with Roy Zuniga   The Dynamics of a Judicial Service Supply Chain: A case study   Abstract Paper

Lowry, Thomas with Sean McKenna, Teklu Hadgu and Elena Kalinina   Using System Dynamics for Uncertainty Analysis and Integrated Risk Assessment in Geothermal Energy Development   Abstract Paper

Luger, Johannes with Alexander Zimmermann and Stefan Groesser   The Dynamics of Ambidextrous Decision Making   Abstract Link

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Stephen Conrad, Andrew Cox and M. Samsa   Modeling Aviation Security Processes: Dynamics of the Introduction of New Technology in a Complex Socio-technical System   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with M. Samsa   An Action-Perception Theory of Trust and Confidence in Government   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Charles Macal and David Sallach   Energy Security Dynamics   Abstract

Mavrommati, Georgia with Kostas Bithas and Panayiotis Panayiotidis   A System Dynamics Bioeconomic Model for Ecologically Sustainable Economic Development in Coastal Ecosystems   Abstract Paper

McDowall, Richard   How Do “Short Sharp Shock” Punishments Affect the Prison Population? A System Dynamics Study of the London Riot Sentences   Abstract Paper

Meng, Xiang with Nathaniel Osgood   Design of the System Dynamics Longitudinal Analysis System: Quantifying the Hidden Trajectories of System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Menon, Balagopal with Biswajit Mahanty and D. Rama Rao   Assessment of Technical Manpower Requirements in Agriculture Sector in India   Abstract Paper

Mikulskiene, Birute with Birute Pitrenaite   Participatory policy modelling for operational policy stream: the stakeholders and public administration perspective   Abstract Paper

Milling, Peter with Andreas Harbig, Leonard Malczynski, Erik Pruyt, Craig Stephens and Nicole Zimmermann   Shaping the Future of System Dynamics: Challenges and Opportunities   Abstract

Minato, Nobuaki with Risako Morimoto   System Dynamics Analysis on a Management of Airline-Airport Coexistence with a Load Factor Guarantee   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mohammed, Iman with Erik Pruyt and Anne-Marije Zwerver   Speeding Up Energy Transitions: Gaming Towards Sustainability in The Dutch Built Environment   Abstract Paper

Mollona, Edoardo   Interpreting unfolding paths of privatisation in the steel industry   Abstract

Momodu, Abiodun with Timothy Oyedepo Oyebisi and T. O. Obilade   Modelling the Nigeria’s Electric Power System to Evaluate its Long-Term Performance   Abstract Paper Supporting

Morrison, J. Bradley   The Efficiency Trap in Process Improvement and the Critical Role of Learning by Doing   Abstract

Movilla Blanco, Santiago   Analysis of adaptation processes to offset the climate change effects on farming systems in Kenya   Abstract

Moxnes, Erling   Sustainable development: from discounting to simulation   Abstract

Moxnes, Erling   The Tragedy of Overshoots   Abstract Paper

Mueller, Matthias with Silvia Ulli-Beer   How can the Diffusion of Energy-Efficient Renovations be Accelerated? Policy Implications from a System Dynamics Modeling Study   Abstract Paper

Mutallip, Ahmet with Hakan Yasarcan   A Parametric Analysis of the Effect of a Material Supply Line Delay in Stock Management   Abstract Paper

Nakajima, Yosuke with Toshiyuki Yasui, Yoshiaki Ohkami and Naohiko Kotake   Modeling a Policy for Managing Polio Vaccine in Japan: Scenario Planning Based on System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Nazari, Morteza with Masoomeh Khandan   Stories For Teaching Systems Thinking: Development and Implementation Guide   Abstract Paper

Nazari, Morteza with Ali Mashayekhi   Modeling Arabian Upraise, a System Dynamics Approach: Egypt case study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Neugebauer, Felix   Taylor Ruling Brazil – a System Dynamics Model for Monetary Policy Feedback   Abstract Paper Supporting

Nicholson, Charles with David Parsons   Dynamic Analysis of Policy Options for Mexico’s Sheep Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ogunlana, Stephen   Decent Work: Modelling of workers' willingness to work in construction   Abstract

Olaya, Camilo   Models that Include Cows: The Significance of Operational Thinking   Abstract Paper

Ormazabal, Marta with Eliot Rich and Jose Mari Sarriegi   Exploring Environmental Management Evolution through Maturity States and Behavior Over Time Graphs   Abstract Paper

Osgood, Nathaniel with Yuan Tian   15 Things System Dynamics can Learn from Software Development   Abstract Paper

Owlia, Mohammad with Hossein Dastkhan   An Application of System Dynamics in Electricity Supply Systems: Case of Yazd Regional Electricity Company in Iran   Abstract Paper

Ozgun, Onur with Yaman Barlas   Effects of Delay, Nonlinearity and Feedback on the Overall Complexity of a Stock Management Game   Abstract Paper

Ozgun, Onur with Yaman Barlas   Systemic Complexity of a Growth Management Game: Comparative Analysis of Decision Heuristics and Experimental Results   Abstract Paper

Papachristos, George with Emmanuel Adamides   System dynamics modelling for assessing promotion strategies of biofuels used in land transportation   Abstract Paper

Papachristos, George   Case study and System Dynamics research: Complementarities, pluralism and evolutionary theory development   Abstract Paper

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick with Isaac Dyner   Can We Reverse the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Trend Using Cooperation? Model-based Management for Effective Cooperation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick with Isaac Dyner   Ozone Depleted and Depletion of Cooperation: Model-based Management Assessment to Make Collective Action Sustainable Overtime   Abstract Paper Supporting

Parvan, Kiavash with Hazhir Rahmandad and Ali Haghani   Estimating the impact factor of undiscovered design errors on construction quality   Abstract Paper Supporting

Paucar-Caceres, Alberto with Diane Hart and Ricardo Rodriguez-Ulloa   Using Soft Systems Methodology and System Dynamics in Mining Operations in Peru: Initial Findings for a Boundary Critique   Abstract

Peterson, David with Mariano Blanc   Money Multiplier Dynamics and Banking Liquidity Cycles   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pieters, Angele with Kim van Oorschot and Henk Akkermans   Care & Cure Combined: Using Simulation to Develop Organization Design Theory for Health Care Processes   Abstract Paper Supporting

Protil, Roberto with Reginaldo Barreiros   Strategic Control of Agro-Industrial Cooperatives: A Strategic Map Proposal   Abstract Paper

Protil, Roberto with Alfredo Kugeratski Souza   Economic Evaluation of Agronomic Research In Agricultural Cooperatives: Proposal of a Dynamic Scorecard Model   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik   Making System Dynamics Cool IV: Teaching & Testing with Cases & Quizzes   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik with Jeroen Coumou   Developing Scenarios for Deeply Uncertain Dynamically Complex Risks: Exploring Plausible Futures of Lyme Disease (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Caner Hamarat and Jan Kwakkel   Integrated Risk-Capability Analysis under Deep Uncertainty: an Integrated ESDMA Approach   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Jan Kwakkel   A Bright Future for System Dynamics: From Art to Computational Science and More   Abstract Paper

Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem with Pĺl Davidsen   Conceptualizing Human Centered Development -The Case Pakistan   Abstract Paper

Raaijmakers, Stefan with Hubert Korzilius, Etiënne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   The effect of individual characteristics of decision making and judgment on stock-flow performance   Abstract Paper

Rafiei Sakhaei, Mohammad Hussein with Masoud Jabbari   Modeling the Impacts of Middle East and North Africa Unrest on the Global Oil Price   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir with John Sterman   Reporting Guidelines for Simulation-based Research in Social Sciences   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir   Modeling the dynamics of human body growth and maintenance   Abstract Paper Supporting

Raines, Neus   How Can Mitigation and Adaptive Capacities to Climate Change Be Best Enhanced in Spain? A Human Values Evolutionary Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ran, Weijia   A System Dynamics Approach to Exploring Sustainable Tourism Development   Abstract Paper Supporting

Richardson, George   Sliding Goals in Student Achievement?   Abstract Paper

Rieg, Robert   Dynamics of value-based management – – does shareholder value cause short-termism?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rochat, Laurent with Ann van Ackere   The impact of competitive interactions on category penetration and purchase frequency of mature FMCG categories   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rodrigues, Lewlyn with Farahnaz Motlagh, Deepak Ramesh and Vasanth Kamath   System Dynamics Model for Remanufacturing in Closed Loop Supply Chains   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rodrigues, Lewlyn with Farahnaz Motlagh, Sunith Hebbar and Vasanth Kamath   System Dynamics Based Perspective to Reliability Centered Maintenance   Abstract Paper Supporting

Romanenko, Eduard   Employing System Thinking for Building Shared Vision in a Youth-led NGO   Abstract Paper

Rozman, Crtomir with Karmen Pazek, Andrej Skraba, Jernej Turk and Miroljub Kljajic   Determination of Effective Policies for Ecological Agriculture Development with System Dynamics – Case Study in Slovenia   Abstract Paper

Rust, Tom with Khalid Saeed, Isa Bar-On and Oleg Pavlov   Re-designing policy and process in health care service delivery: a System Dynamics case study (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Insights into Income Policy for Enhancing Employment and Stability of Capital Accumulation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sadreddin, Arman with Jamshid Parvizian   The crises of water and population: The case of central Iran   Abstract Paper

Santos, Erico with Pĺl Davidsen   Modelling Ethanol Supply, Demand and Price in the Brazilian Macro Economy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Santos, John with Francisco Cassuce, Roberto Protil and Newton Bueno   Analyse Of Tax Competition In Brazil Using the System Dynamic Approach   Abstract Paper

Saryazdi, Mohammad with Mohammad Owlia and Jamal Hosseini Azabadi   A System Dynamics Approach for Knowledge Management and Business Excellence: An Application in Iran   Abstract Paper

Schade, Burkhard   Future Development of 2nd generation Biofuels in Transport considering Learning Rates   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser   Learning to Think in Circles: Improving Mental Models of a Dynamic System   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin with Camilo Olaya   Modeling as Autonomous System: Varela Meets Darwin   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schlyter, Peter with Ingrid Stjernquist and Harald Sverdrup   Handling complex environmental issues. Group modeling as a deliberative platform at the science-policy-democracy interface   Abstract Paper

Schmid, Lukas with Justus Gallati, Katrin Huegel and Marcel Loher   Success Dynamics - a Concept for building System Dynamics Models as Decision Support within Strategic Management   Abstract Paper

Schmidt, Susanne with Tobias Jaeger and Ute Karl   The Transition of the Residential Heat Market in Germany - A Dynamic Simulation Approach   Abstract Paper

Schoenberg, William with Michael Bean   Designing Simulations for use in Higher Education   Abstract Paper

Schwenke, Markus with Stefan Groesser   Different Concepts of Dynamics in Strategy Research (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract

Scott, Rodney with Robert Cavana, Donald Cameron and Kambiz Maani   Evaluation of group model building in a strategy implementation context: a New Zealand government case study   Abstract Paper

Sechrist, Michael with Chintan Vaishnav, Daniel Goldsmith and Nazli Choucri   The Dynamics of Undersea Cables: Emerging Opportunities and Pitfalls   Abstract Supporting

Shepherd, Simon with Chandra Balijepalli   A dynamic model of two competing cities: the effects of competition on tolls and land use   Abstract Paper

Skaza, Heather with Kent Crippen and Kristoffer Carroll   Exploring Barriers to Implementing System Dynamics Tools for K-12 Sustainability Education   Abstract Paper

Skraba, Andrej with Radovan Stojanovic, Simon Berkowicz, Raffaele de Amicis, Giuseppe Conti, Doron Elhanani and Davorin Kofjac   Modeling of the Air-Pollution Emergency Situations Control and Geographical Information Processing for Rescue Decision Making   Abstract Paper

Skribans, Valerijs   European Union Economy System Dynamic Model Development   Abstract Paper

Soloukdar, Alireza   Designing and Analysis a Dynamic Model of World Class Manufacturing in Iranian Automotive Industry   Abstract Paper Supporting

Somogyvari, Marta   Ex Ante and Ex Post Sustainability of Energy Choices   Abstract Paper Supporting

Somogyvari, Marta with Tibor Kiss, Viktor Kiss and József Vajda   Heating or Transporting   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sorci, Pietro   Dealing with Public Debt Burden: A System Dynamics Approach to Implement Sustainable Financial Policies in the Italian State   Abstract Paper Supporting

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon and Pedro Fernandez Soto   Interrelations Between Demography and Economy: The Decline of Fertility Rate, an Analysis With System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon and Pedro Fernandez Soto   Road safety strategies: An analysis with System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Stasinopoulos, Peter with Paul Compston and Haley Jones   Policy Resistance to Fuel Efficient Cars and the Adoption of Next-Generation Technologies   Abstract Paper

Stave, Krystyna   What Can Students Learn from Simple Simulations about Accumulations?   Abstract Paper

Sterman, John   Web-based Simulations for Strategy and Sustainability: The MIT Sloan LearningEdge Management Flight Simulators   Abstract Paper

Stjernquist, Ingrid with Harald Sverdrup, Peter Schlyter, Salim Belyazid, Deniz Koca and Ulrika Jonsson-Belyazid   Searching for the magnificent mountain landscape – environmental management in the Swedish mountain areas   Abstract Paper

Subroto, Athor   Using System Dynamics Approach to Support Sustainable Growth Of Small And Medium Enterprises’ Quantity In Indonesia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Subroto, Athor   Understanding Complexities in Public Policy Making Process Through Policy Cycle Model: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Suetake, Toru   SD Model of Romeo and Juliet   Abstract Paper

Sverdrup, Harald with Deniz Koca and Vala Ragnarsdottir   The WORLD model: Peak metals, minerals, energy, wealth, food and population   Abstract Paper

Sverdrup, Harald with Deniz Koca and Christer Granath   Modelling the gold market, explaining the past and assessing the physical and economical sustainability of future scenarios   Abstract Paper

Sverdrup, Harald with Peter Schlyter   Modeling the survival of Athenian owl tetradrachms struck in the period from 526 BC to 42 AD, from 526 BC to the present   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sverdrup, Harald with Vala Ragnarsdottir, Thomas Wood and Ulrik Sverdrup   Modelling the initiation, progress, symptoms, expressions and possible treatment of multiple sclerosis   Abstract Paper

Takahashi, Shinsuke   Water Cycle Analysis System Dynamics Model for Designing Optimal Water Reclamation Scheduling   Abstract Paper

Takahashi, Yutaka with Nobuhide Tanaka   Fallacy of “Decomposition”: Cooperation rather than Competition inside Organizations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tanyolac, Togay with Hakan Yasarcan   Control Heuristics for Soft Landing Problem   Abstract Paper

Thompson, James with John Ansah, Carmen Lee and Robert Eberlein   Strategic implications of workplace policies on nursing capacity planning   Abstract Paper Supporting

Trailer, Jeff   Strategic Planning Model & Tools for a State University College   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tseng, Ya-tsai with Wei Yang Wang   A System Dynamics Model of Evolving Supply Chain Relationships and Inter-firm Trust   Abstract Paper

Turen, Ufuk with Yunus Gokmen, Hakan Dilek and Yavuz Ercil   Is Ability of Solving Complex Stock-Flow Problems Associated with Ability of Solving Simpler Ones? An Experiment in Turkey   Abstract Paper

Uchino, Akira with Kinya Machida   Accounting Dynamics -- Rethinking about Theoretical Framework   Abstract Paper

Uehara, Takuro with Yoko Nagase and Wayne Wakeland   Using System Dynamics to Contribute to Ecological Economics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ullah, Muhammad with Tiru Arthanari and Anson Li   Enhancing the Understanding of Corruption through System Dynamics Modelling   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ulli-Beer, Silvia with Benjamin Boksberger, Manuel Bouza and Alexander Wokaun   Assessing threats and opportunities of induced technology change: Long and short term cycles in the carmaker industry   Abstract Paper

Uriona Maldonado, Mauricio with Ricardo Pietrobon, Gregorio Varvakis and Elias Cesar de Carvalho   A Preliminary Model of Innovation Systems   Abstract Paper

van Nistelrooij, Bert with Etiënne Rouwette, Ilse Verstijnen and Jac Vennix   Power-leveling as an effect of group model building   Abstract Paper

van Staveren, Suzanne with Inge Bleijenbergh, Hubert Korzilius and Jac Vennix   A problem of a shortage of female managers or a problem of a surplus of male managers?   Abstract Paper

Veldhuis, Guido with Hubert Korzilius   Seeing with the Mind - The Role of Spatial Ability in Inferring Dynamic Behaviour from Graphs and Stock and Flow Diagrams   Abstract Paper

Wakeland, Wayne with Alexandra Nielsen and Teresa Schmidt   System Dynamics Modeling of Medical Use, Nonmedical Use and Diversion of Prescription Opioid Analgesics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wang, Shoujin with Ying Qian, Yuening Li and Shengxin Chen   Customer Lifetime Value Promotion Strategy Analysis Based on System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper

Wang, Wei Yang   To Grow or Not to Grow? A Multiple-Cases Study on the Growth Dynamics in Medical Care Software Firms   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim with Robert Thurlby   Understanding and Managing the Threat of Disruptive Events to the Critical National Infrastructure   Abstract Paper

Westbrook, Jessica with Leonard Malczynski   System Dynamics of the Competition of Municipal Solid Waste to Landfill, Electricity, and Liquid Fuel in California   Abstract Paper

Wheat, David   Modeling Fertility in Lithuania: A Preliminary Report   Abstract

Wunderlich, Philipp with Andreas Groessler   Using System Dynamics to analyze innovation diffusion processes within intra-organizational networks   Abstract Paper

Yadav, Neetu with Sushil Sushil and Mahim Sagar   Dynamics of Strategic Initiatives and Expected Performance: An Application of Flexible Strategy Game-card   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   On the Monetary and Financial Stability under A Public Money System - Modeling the American Monetary Act Simplified   Abstract Paper

Yang, Yang with Hefeng Tong and Xu Zhang   Simulating the Impact of Different Control Policy on Private Car in Beijing: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yasarcan, Hakan with Togay Tanyolac   A Soft Landing Model and an Experimental Platform as an Introductory Control Design Tool   Abstract Paper

Yavas, Mustafa with Gizem Bacaksizlar   Financial Sustainability of Social Security Institutions in the Presence of Aging Populations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yucel, Gönenç   A novel way to measure (dis)similarity between model behaviors based on dynamic pattern features   Abstract

Zilouchian, Emad with Arturo Cardenas Martinez, Saeed Koochak-Yazdi and Hani Murad   Industry Analysis: The Fastener Supply Chain in Aerospace Industry   Abstract Paper Supporting


Bean, Michael with William Schoenberg   Creating and Publishing Online Simulations   Abstract Link

Beloshapko, Alena with Andrei Borshchev and Vladimir Koltchanov   Getting Started With AnyLogic and Multimethod Simulation Modeling Workshop   Abstract

Egner, Joanne with Jeremy Merritt   Creating Simulations for the Web with STELLA and iThink   Abstract

Egner, Joanne with Karim Chichakly   Getting Started with STELLA and iThink   Abstract

Fiddaman, Thomas   Building and Analyzing Models with Vensim   Abstract Link

Fiddaman, Thomas   Calibration and Optimization in Vensim   Abstract Link

Fisher, Diana   Introducing Change over Time Lessons for Math and Science Pre-College Classes   Abstract

Fisher, Diana   Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course   Abstract Link

Malczynski, Leonard   Getting Started with Powersim Studio   Abstract Link

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Mark Jusko   System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc)   Abstract Paper Link

Morecroft, John   Metaphorical Models for Managing the Transition from Industrial Growth to Sustainability   Abstract Supporting

Richardson, John with Rehan Ali   Learning by Doing - A Path to Creating Original System Dynamics Modeling Projects   Abstract Supporting

Warren, Kim   Helping non-SD professionals and students gain the benefits of System Dynamics, easily and quickly   Abstract

Warren, Kim with Christina Spencer   NEW: Sysdea online modeling for educators, students, practitioners and non-SD professionals (replacing MyStrategy)   Abstract Link

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   An Introduction to Macroeconomic Modeling - Accounting System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Zagonel, Aldo with Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh, Ricardo Chaim and Lorena Cadavid   A hands-on, case-study demonstration of the modeling process, from problem definition to policy implications   Abstract Paper Supporting

Other Presentations and Events

Armenia, Stefano   SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract Paper

Bier, Asmeret with Leonard Malczynski   Environmental SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Browne, Chris with Nicolas Escalante   PhD Colloquium   Abstract Link

Cavana, Robert   Economics Chapter Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Chaim, Ricardo with Isaías Custodio and Aldo Zagonel   Brazil Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract Paper Supporting

Duggan, Jim   Model Analysis Roundtable and SIG-MA Annual Meeting   Abstract

Dyner, Isaac with Stian Hackett   Energy SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Ford, David with Martin Schaffernicht, Paulo Goncalves, Ricardo Chaim and Aldo Zagonel   The use of the Society's capacity development funding: the Brazilian Chapter experience   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ford, David   Presidential Address  Speech

Gallati, Justus with Lukas Schmid   Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian   German Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Kennedy, Michael with Carol Frances, Richard Langheim and P. Jeffrey Potash   Education SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Khosla, Karan   India Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Link

Kim, Dong-Hwan   Korea Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lane, David with Robert Eberlein, Andrew Ford and Roberta Spencer   Outstanding Service Award Announcement   Abstract Link

Li, Anson   Australasia Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lounsbury, David with Ralph Levine   Psychology SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lychkina, Natalia   Russian Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Edward Anderson   Conflict, Defense, and Security SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Travis Franck, Robert Muetzelfeldt and Mark Bragen   Tools for System Dynamics Roundtable   Abstract

McKelvie, Douglas with John Swanson   UK Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Morrison, J. Bradley with Jenny W. Rudolph, and John S. Carroll    Jay Wright Forrester Award Ceremony   Abstract Acceptance Speech Materials Videos of Presentation Link

Ozgun, Onur   Student Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Perez Salazar, Gloria   Latin America Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik   Health Policy SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik   Benelux Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract Paper

Rahn, R. Joel   Dana Meadows Award Announcement   Abstract Paper Link

Rogers, Jim with Edward Gallaher, Geoff McDonnell, Özge Karanfil and Warren Farr   Biomedical SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and First Annual Meeting   Abstract

Uchino, Akira   Japan Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Yan, Haiyan   China Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

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