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WPI Registration 2

WPI Real World Dynamic Models micro-course 2

Real World Dynamic Models

The online, on-demand Real World Dynamic Models micro-course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)  covers several models that capture real-world dynamic phenomena like oscillations, growth, and decline, and delays in business organizations, markets, and sports.  This is the second micro-course of WPI’s System Dynamics Foundations series, which includes a total of 3 micro-courses.

The course is available to the public for $199. Society members receive a $25 discount.

Society Member Discount Code

Whoops, this discount code is available for members only. If you have a membership, please log in. If not, you can definitely get access! Join or Renew today!.


If you have any trouble registering for the WPI course, please contact WPI’s IT department will follow up to resolve the issue.