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The Beer Game – Learn About Supply Chain Management


Welcome to the Beer Game: A Supply Chain Game!

Are you ready to learn about the inner workings of a supply chain and the impact of decision-making on its performance? This game set is the perfect tool for teaching individuals and teams about the complexities of a supply chain.

The Beer Game is a simulation that mimics the supply chain of a beer distributor. Players take on roles such as factory, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer, and make decisions that affect the flow of goods and inventory levels.

With this complete game set, you’ll receive:

  • a 29″ X 100″ vinyl or fabric game board
  • Card decks, pencils, game chips, and order slips
  • A facilitation slide deck, comprehensive instruction manual, and video (electronic)

The Beer Game: A Supply Chain Game is an interactive and engaging way to learn about the importance of communication, coordination, and forecasting in a supply chain. Perfect for classrooms, workshops, and team-building exercises.

Order your complete game set now and experience the excitement of managing a supply chain! We ship internationally via DHL.

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The Beer Game A Production Distribution Role-playing game


The participants are always surprised by the bullwhip effects and the common behaviors exhibited in the ordering and inventory.

Albert Tan

Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Selangor, Malaysia

I am a big fan of the Beer Game. I’ve run it several times in the U.S.A., Italy and Germany. The learning objectives are around leadership. For example: benefits of co-operation and information-sharing; how we behave when the rules are unclear. I always use the game as part of an organizational development intervention. What I’m trying to get across to the audience can’t be taught on a blackboard – it has to be experienced. The Beer Game is the perfect vehicle for allowing me to do achieve this. It has visceral impact on all my audiences; it is always rated 5/5.

Dr. Laurence S. Lyons

Consultant, Coach, Public Speaker, Author. Principal ‘The Metacorp Group’,

One of my tasks was to improve their role as orchestra directors since they rely on a number of internal business partners and were struggling managing them. So I wanted to put the emphasis on the necessity of communicating as openly as possible with business partners. And it worked well.

Francois E. Aubert

International Consultant, Trainer and Business Coach, Geneva, Switzerland

I will continue to utilize the SDS official game boards, the feedback I have is ‘hands-on’ works so much better than other options such as online or PC-based versions. I have delivered an ‘advanced Beer Game’ I created in several college courses, for persons who have played the original. I’m thinking of submitting this for the SDS conference in Cambridge.

Michael Ford

TQM Works Consulting, Port Crane, NY

Learn Supply Chain Management with The Beer Game!

The Beer Game is a revolutionary supply chain simulation that provides hands-on and interactive learning about the complexities of supply chain management. Developed by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, this game has been used by universities and businesses worldwide to teach students and employees about the importance of communication, coordination, and forecasting in a supply chain. By playing The Beer Game, you’ll gain valuable insights into the impact of decision-making on supply chain performance and be better equipped to manage your own supply chain. Order your Beer Game set today and unleash the power of supply chain management!