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System Dynamics Models

FEATURED simulations

Try limiting global warming by creating your own scenario.

Estimate potential health impacts of community-level interventions.

Choose from four scenarios to deepen your understanding of policy implementation.

MORE simulations

This is a list of simulations and games that use System Dynamics principles.    Don’t forget to also explore the Model Repositories database below as only some, but not all, have been included in our database.

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Click on “View larger version” at the bottom to see complete information. Click on READ to get redirected to the simulation link.


The model repositories listed below are maintained by organizations and/or individuals external to the Society, thus the Society makes no claims about the quality of individual models featured in the repositories. Also, software companies have developed extensive documentation to guide users on their software and, in this process, created a multitude of models that suit learning purposes.

If you know a System Dynamics model repository that is not listed, add it now!

Click on READ to get redirected to the model repository.

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about models

George Box

Models are explicit representations of the world that allow us to analyze assumptions, relationships, and logic, therefore providing a much better means than our mental models to understand the world. Further, models are amazing visualization tools.

We believe models by others are useful to learn and compare, create dialog, and inspire.

featured GAMES

Models turned into games so everybody can learn having fun!


Experience complexity, lack of information, need for leadership, and the bullwhip effect all at once. Appraised by students and professors alike, the beer game surprises participants for its insights and has caught the attention of many – leading to expansions, variations, and even online forms of presentation.


Fishing in this role-playing game will make you experience the dynamics of cooperation, competition, resource management, and negotiation. Let participants (CEOs, MBA students, or K-12 students) understand the complexities of managing a natural resource and find strategies do so efficiently – and apply their gained knowledge in changing how we deal with the world’s real natural resources.

Fish Banks Complete Set

My first model

Need help building your first model? Check out the seminars below:

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create a model in Vensim and learn how to escape love pitfalls!

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create a model in Powersim Studio and learn more about the apartment industry.