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Awards & Scholarships

conference scholarships

Society Conference Scholarship

Scholarships are available to pay for conference registration fees. They’re given based on a statement of financial need and a review of written work. Scholarships are not limited to students. To apply for one, log into the Web Portal Submission System and on your User Menu page, click on “Award and Scholarship Information”.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship please provide us with a short paragraph describing why you need the support, and what you think is special about the contribution you will make to the conference, or take home from the conference to your community. In reviewing scholarship applications, we will have access to the paper or papers you may have submitted, so you do not need to repeat that content.  If you have not submitted a paper to the conference or Student-Organized Colloquium, you will need to submit some material showing work you have done in System Dynamics. After the conference submission deadline (and before the scholarship deadline) you can upload your work as an “other” type.

If you are awarded a scholarship you will be contacted soon after the notifications of paper acceptances have been sent. Scholarships are funded by the System Dynamics Society and through the Sponsor-A-Scholar program.

Contact Us if you have any questions

Deadline: April 4, 2023

Opens: Jan 24, 2023

Student Chapter Conference Scholarship

Scholarships are available to pay for Conference or Summer School registration. They are based on a statement of financial need and a review of a personal statement. This is independent of the System Dynamics Society’s scholarship and you may apply to both.

This full scholarship will cover registration fees, and awardees who are not yet members of the System Dynamics Society will get a one-year membership covered.


  • Current undergraduate students
  • Current graduate students (Ph.D. or Masters)
  • Recently graduated within the past two years

Note: You do not need to submit a piece of work to either the Student-Organized Colloquium or the International System Dynamics Conference to be eligible to apply.

Deadline: TBD, 2023

Barry Richmond Scholarship Award

Established in 2007 by isee systems to honor and continue the legacy of its founder, Barry Richmond. Barry was devoted to helping others become better “Systems Citizens”. It was his mission to make Systems Thinking and System Dynamics accessible to people in all fields and professions. It is presented annually to a deserving Systems Thinking/System Dynamics practitioner whose work demonstrates a desire to expand the field or to apply it to current social issues. Applicants are considered based on quality of work as well as financial need. The recipient receives a $1,000 cash scholarship to help offset the cost of attending the International System Dynamics Conference.

Deadline: TBD, 2023

Prize: $1000

society awards

Jay Wright Forrester Award

The Jay Wright Forrester Award is presented as often as once annually for the best contribution to the field of System Dynamics during the preceding five years.

Papers, articles, books, research or consulting reports, theses or other written material that have been published or are in publishable form in the English language, in the original or after translation, are eligible for consideration.

Deadline: March 21, 2023

Prize: $5000

System Dynamics Applications Award

The System Dynamics Applications Award is presented by the Society as often as every year for the best “real world” application of System Dynamics.

The best application is based primarily on demonstrated measurable benefit to an organization through the use of System Dynamics, and secondarily for new ideas that improve the art of applying System Dynamics, or for relating work to existing System Dynamics literature and/or other disciplines. The work must have been conducted within ten years of the submission deadline. 

Deadline: March 21, 2023

System Dynamics Lifetime Achievement Award

The System Dynamics Society occasionally recognizes people for making a significant contribution to a field or a practice over an extended period of time. This is the only award of the Society that is based on a body of work done over lifetime and not on a single article.

Outstanding Community Service Award

The System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award recognizes individuals that have, on a volunteer basis, made exceptional contributions to the Society over an extended period of time.

conference paper awards

Dana Meadows Award

The Dana Meadows Award of the System Dynamics Society is given annually for the best paper by a student presented at the annual System Dynamics Conference. Established in 2001, the prize celebrates and recognizes high-quality student work in the field of System Dynamics. In addition to an Award winner, several papers may be selected for honorable mention. 

Deadline: March 21, 2023

Opens: Jan 24, 2023

Prize: $2500

Lupina Young Researchers Award

Given to outstanding papers dealing with health-related topics, authored by students or recent (past 5 years) graduates and presenting at the conference. The award is sponsored by the Lupina Foundation of Toronto, Canada and presented by the Health Policy Special Interest Group of the Society. 

Deadline: March 21, 2023

Opens: Jan 24, 2023

Prize: C$ 5000

other scholarships

Eberlein System Dynamics Graduate Scholarship

Open exclusively  to students registered full-time in a graduate program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary. To be eligible, students must be applying the methodology of System Dynamics to a novel area such as the social and environmental sciences including public policy; or the development of new teaching techniques.

Deadline: TBD

Prize: C$ 3500

2022 conference award winners

Yaman Barlas

Lifetime Achievement Award

Yaman has made lasting contributions in reaserch, in teaching, in nurturing and mentoring students who themselves have gone on to become leaders in the System Dynamics field. He has also made important contributions in service to the System Dynamics Society as an organizer of conferences, a leader in the Society governance, and as the editor of the System Dynamics Review.

Birgit Kopainsky

Outstanding Service Award

Birgit was the first female President of the System Dynamics Society. She serves on numerous commitees having created the learning committee and has agreed to be a program chair twice already. Her implementation force has been immensely helpful to thrust the Society forwards.

Sara Metcalf

Outstanding Service Award

Sara is Vice-President of Meetings of the System Dynamics Society and has done a herculean work in making the virtual and then hybrid conferences being a success. Her mind boggling attention to detail is also perceived in the many committess she proactively contributes to.

Nefel Tellioglu

Dana Meadows Award

"Modelling the effect of within-host dynamics on the diversity of a multi-strain pathogen" with colleagues.

Pei Shan Loo

Lupina Young Researchers Award

"Cholera response model: Yemen Al-Hudaydah"

Mariana Torres Arroyo

Barry Richmond Scholarship Award

"How Can Food Donation Policies Improve Fresh Produce Rescue and Reduce Waste?"

all award winners