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Water SIG

As a Special Interest Group (SIG), we will have various academic activities for enhancing collaborations among SD Water modelers and developing the expertise to support water management. We aim to

  1. Hold (at minimum) quarterly online meetings, which will be open to all members (or the public, depending on presenter preferences). These meetings may be presentations or open networking sessions. Presentations can be for seeking comments or collaboration. We will vote online to determine meeting times. We will co-host meetings with other SIGs, Chapters, WPI System Dynamics, the Transboundary Groundwater Resilience Network of Networks, and any other relevant/interested group. 

  2. Maintain a database of members. Please feel free to introduce people to our group. Please join our Slack workspace too.

  3. [Not active] Send seasonal eNews to members; promoting peer’s work in the SD Society; sharing SD modeling research or publications in the water field. CURRENTLY: We will share news through the Slack workspace and suggest news for the 

  4. Organize other forms of activities as proposed by members.

Contact the Water SIG by emailing

Meeting to form the Water SIG at the Albuquerque, NM Conference in 2019