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Chapters are the Society's arm to disseminate System Dynamics and encourage its use around the globe!

20+ SDS Chapters

Chapters develop workshops, webinars, conferences, competitions, and much more. Join a Chapter to network with system dynamicists in your country and strengthen the field!

Meet our full list of Chapters to check out their websites and social media, and get in contact with representatives.

VP Chapters & SIGs:  Stefano Armenia

AVP Chapters:  Vinícius Picanço Rodrigues

AVP SIGs:  Eduardo Franco

AVP Student Chapter:  Jennifer Johnson

form a chapter

The Society has 20+ Chapters spread around the world with their own initiatives that spread System Dynamics in the local languages!

No Chapter in your country? The guidelines present the step-by-step to form a Chapter, requirements include the development of a charter to be  signed by 10 or more Society members.

NEWS! Taiwanese Society members have formed the Taiwan Chapter!

Min-Ren Yan led the initiative and he is the current president of the Chapter. For more information, check out their webpage.



Strengthening the field fund (stff)

Chapters & SIGs can submit an application for funds to support a project to build the field.

Applications are accepted all year long.

Examples of projects that may be funded (not limited to) are: materials and training in advanced System Dynamics, competition awards and sponsorships, activities that strengthen the relationship to other related organizations.

Latest projects supported by STFF grants

Security, Stability and Resilience SIG

Attracting and supporting Master and PhD students to get involved in the SIG and System Dynamics Society.

Student Chapter

Scholarships for students to attend the 2021 ISDC.

Italian Chapter

Translation of the "Fifth Discipline" book into Italian and its promotional distribution to disseminate ST and SD at high levels in the governmental and private sectors.

meet our chapters

Membership is encouraged but not required to join.  Review the options below and join or update your preferences.

Chapter leadership may update below information by submitting this form.

best practices

Every two months Chapter leadership meets to discuss best practices, get in touch with VP SIGs & Chapters, and give feedback. Watch zoom recordings here.